Best Nvidia Graphics Card Manufacturers

This is a List of the Best Graphics Card Manufacturers for Nivida Geforce Graphics Cards. This is based on build Quality, Overclocking Capacity, Cooling Capability and Support. I Have had Experience For Some of These Brands but not All, also these are just my experiences, So Leave your vote and state 'why' you voted for the specific brand.
The Top Ten

In my experience, EVGA has great build quality, great overclocks, very quiet operation, and amazing technical support. Their best part is their Step-Up Program. This means if a new Nvidia GPU comes out three months after your purchase, you can trade your current graphics card in and get the latest one. For example, if I buy a GTX 770 a month before Maxwell releases to stores, I could trade it in and receive a GTX 860. The reason I originally voted EVGA number 1 is because it ticks all the boxes.

EVGA is the best: sleek, cool, and fast. If you are looking for overclocking, EVGA is the best in it, in my opinion. It's super quiet, and the customer service is amazing.


The most quiet aftermarket coolers you will ever come across are the TwinFrozr coolers. They will make you forget the card is running. However, this comes at a price: the current generation TwinFrozr coolers provide no memory overclock.

Also, my GTX 760 came with no SLI bridge, which was disappointing. And customer services took very long to answer and constantly put me on hold. The issue was fixed, however, which is great.

I have an MSI GeForce RTX 3060 GAMING, and from what I can tell you, it has some really great heatsink temperatures.

3 Asus ASUSTeK Computer Inc., (stylized as ΛSUS) is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

I've only had ASUS and Gigabyte GPUs and liked the ASUS better by far, no question about it. I now have two SLI Gigabyte 1070 Ti GPUs, replacing one ASUS Strix 1070. The only RGB I have control over is GIGABYTE, in a bold lame font, and no color control over the RGB Bridge. My ASUS build had a terrific RGB look. I loved how it looked. It doesn't have a stupid brand name in bold font screaming like an advertisement at me.

I'm not going to say much about the functionality. The Gigabytes overclock better, great in fact, compared to the ASUS. But I just can't get over how stupid these Gigabyte cards look. They ruin the look of my computer. Is it even mine now, or is it just a big flashing/breathing advertisement? So yeah, the Gigabytes performed better, but I have to say I liked ASUS better because of how much better it looked. ASUS looked so much better than Gigabyte that I have to vote ASUS. If it were not so terrible looking, I might say Gigabyte, but the absolute lameness of the RGB just ruins it for me.

4 Gigabyte

This was close to overtaking Asus. Amazing value for money, great cooler, good overclocks. However, their aftermarket coolers are on the louder side.

5 Zotac

My favorite is actually Gigabyte, second is Zotac but this doesn't deserve to be here. At least 5.

6 Palit
7 Galaxy
9 Galax
10 Nvidia

Founders Edition cards look amazing!

Technically, Nvidia would be a graphics card manufacturer too (Founder's Edition).

The Contenders
11 Inno3D
12 Gainward

I don't even understand how Gainward is not top 3, let alone not even on the list. Seriously, this company delivers serious quality. Their cards have impressive lifetime and performance.

13 Colorful
14 Forsa
15 Nvidia (Reference Coolers)
16 KFA2
17 Axle
19 Mllse
20 XFX
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