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1 Encyclopedia Dramatica

This needs to stay at #1. Sure the reception wikis are a bit over-dramatic, but I have never seen a wiki show sex and porn images and links to literal viruses apart from Encyclopedia Dramatica. Even the original creator of this site says that he hates what it has turned into. If any wiki represented 4chan, it would be this one.
Seriously, Uncyclopedia is way better, as they know how to parody something without inserting sex, porn and virus links.

It's a horrible bullying site. Some of their own victims who have articles written on them have been bullied to suicide and they just updated their pages to mock their deaths! They are HEARTLESS! And who would you force genital mutilation on AN ANIMAL!?

Probably off-topic, but could you please add Nothing Wiki to this list if you can? Because that wiki was very toxic to me and someone on that wiki even made a page that spreads lies about and insults me. That is definitely the worst wiki I’ve edited on (in my opinion).

It was good until the racists of 4chan discovered it and started making disgusting pages and NSFW content.

2 Terrible TV Shows Wiki

Despite some improvement compared to last years, Terrible TV shows wiki still have a lot of flaws that still have yet to be fixed: Some similar problems that Rotten Websites Wiki has, the infamous celebrity page made by pro-Trump, they're too harsh about some show episodes that are similar to some that are well received... Well, plenty of flaw.

They also added The Mighty B!, which wasn't that bad of a show. And the reason it seems to get so much hate is because it was greenlit instead of that stupid Modifyers pilot. If I wasn't banned, I'd spam all their walls telling them to delete the article.

The terrible T.V. Shows wiki can't seem to keep their opinions to themselves, thus upsetting fans of the shows which were added on the wiki sometimes for the stupidest of reasons. There is a lot more wrong about this wiki, however I would rather not explain, because it is blatantly obvious if you are actually mature like me and don't waste your time expressing your opinion on stuff you hate while upsetting fans of that stuff.

(I do try to keep haters safe by telling them not to express their opinion on something they hate otherwise they would get attacked by the fans of that specific thing they don't like.)

This wiki is extremely biased, and probably the worst of the 6 original reception wikis. Also, the positive reception wikis tend to be less toxic than negative ones, though not necessarily less biased.

3 Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki

This wiki obviously has issues. They don't understand the concept of "Dark Humor" and just call something offensive for an absurd reason. They had a wiki article about Social Justice Warriors and why they are bad, but they themselves want things to be morally correct so in summary, thes guys are lying hypocrites considering that they act like SJWs that can't understand a joke. I bet the people who run the wiki are the same type of people who would laugh at a corny pun

As a part of Reception Wikis Community and TheTopTens, I have to agree to the fact that this wiki has suffered from a massive downfall ever since it came on Miraheze. Nowadays, most of the fandoms and hatedoms are either of Fire Emblem characters (even the irrelevant ones) with the most boring reasons or either the fact that how every popular cartoon's fanbase or hatebase with only 4-5 reasons which are all extremely generic such as:
-they treat ____ like a god.
-they hate ______ because he did not like the character.
-they think certain people in a hatedom believe that the <insert item> is worse than Hitler whereas it's only a trait of 1-2 people.
-they make fanart.
This is the reason why I stopped using this wiki. The New Pages section is just awful.
No offense to Reception Wiki buddies but this wiki needs a serious clean-up.

Hypocritical, cyberbullying, over-exaggeration and most of reasons are overused. The wiki ended up by being closed down later.

They blocked Zenko and won't stop public shaming and cyber stalking her. They need to stop. (Zenko is an innocent user who got bullied because of an accident or mistake she made, and she now regrets everything she has done there. Her haters need to leave her alone.)

4 Atrocious YouTubers Wiki

Has some of the most retarded administrators. They forbid all pages about trolls which are the actually atrocious ones, and keep praising every truly garbage youtubers.

the admin who go by the name of EijiZeBoi is giving the lgbt+ a bad rep & probably a autismphobe.

Hows that feedback? 14 year old nolife.

Can we also mention how they added the trailers to the original Sonic movie and Cats even though they have noting to do with YouTube or YouTubers at all.

They call people shot and that they suck because of their fan base and also make fun of them if they have an ED page.

5 Scary Logos Wiki

Back then, Scary Logos Wiki was one of the worst wikis. It was so run-down, and it was filled with spammers making "Logos that scare" categories, you know what I mean. But last year, the wiki got an admin group and it was sorted out. It actually ain't that bad now. Most of the "Logos that scare" categories are now gone, users are generally more supportive, and it ain't as bad as it used to be only a year ago.

Well, if anyone said they like this wiki, THINK AGAIN. Look at it now. Do you see any differences on pages and editing? If so, this website was once happy and jolly, and now its literally Hell's neighbor.

Stuff that's common on this wiki:
Irrelevant categories (like Logos that can't scare me)
Extremely useless pages
The pages on this wiki (There's literally not even a page with a logo on it, pretty much.
Annoying 7 year old kids
Use of the "n-word"
Lots of rudeness and abusive words towards other users.

This wiki is plain trash, ok?

I hate how people make logos look scarier than they actually are, for it's infuriating and immature. The Scary Logos Wiki does just that.

It's funny to see how people run wiki's over mostly old, and even sometimes unfairly factored logos. The only thing needed is the "scare" factor... nah I'm joking. Does this need to exist?

6 Rotten Websites Wiki

Definitely the worst reception wiki ever and also the most hypocritical one. Speaking of hypocrisy, they can't handle criticism while they do accuse peoples for that. They made a page against "using 'criticism' for doing something else" while most of their so-called criticism are biasing, bashing, cyber-bullying... But the worst part is the "obsessive anti-SJW" page while they're exactly like them: They're pro-Trump that never accepted that anyone say anything against Trump, some of their claims are just fake things they blindly believed (Like when they said some rioters are antifa peoples pretending to be pro-Trump despite it was confirmed to be fake and that they're real pro-Trump) and most of important: They raged about Trump being banned from Twitter despite Trump being banned is justified. There is no redeeming quality in this hypocritical wiki, completely rotted itself. They tried to hard to show they're neither left or right sided, they fail as we easily see ...more

This. Just this. I hate this wiki so much. It's hypocritical, as they have a wiki on Obsessive Anti-SJWs yet they are. They aren't just mildly right-wing, they are right-wing to the point they believe in voter fraud. They also call people SJWs for no reason. One of the reasons for the RationalWiki page was only that they thought there was more than two genders, which proves they are bigoted. This is the worst of the major reception wikis. They also usually don't cite sources, so they could say anything without backlash. They don't know what satire is either, and also are terrible at headings. I could go on forever on how bad the Rotten Websites Wiki is, but then I probably would reach some sort of character limit.

Rotten websites and terrible T.V. show have the worst userbases of these reception wiki: Obsession of hating SJW, too protective of Donald Trump and got triggered about a single bad thing said about him, including one of his drop of popularity of 2019 while a lot of anti-Trump thought it couldn't happen and yet due to Trumps bad actions, it actually did. They're also pro-gun and keep using every poor excuses for defending it, even going to say that's not the first cause of death in the USA while being the first cause of death or no is still not a reason for ignoring the awful increasement of death caused by guns every years (and there is not a single drop.)
Rotten Websites Wiki itself is way too rotten for being a reliable reception wiki. Oh and one last thing: They're offended when peoples say something bad about these wikis, even when they point out the flaws. That mean they can't take criticism while they accuse some websites for that, which is hypocrisy.

The community is horrible. Some take the websites way too seriously. There is even a "talk" about this list on this wiki and users took this list, like some websites, way too seriously. (They called it "an hated list" just because their so-called wikis are on these list (list that has been created last years and that didn't forget to put some other bad wikis) Which mean they're unable to accept anything bad about this wiki even if some peoples said correctly the bad points about that. (Which confirm the fact users can't take criticism against the wikis and call it "hate".)

Also, the wikis keep pushing their hatred of SJW to a complete obsession (Yeah, SJW are bad, but turning the hate on SJW to an obsession doesn't make them better than the SJWs themselves.) the community is very immature (as mentionned above, not taking criticism about the wikis is still an immature act.) Overall, Rotten Website Wiki, if not the worst wiki, is also rotten itself.

7 Family Guy Wiki

Buckimion has a big ego, which is very unprofessional for an admin. And with a generic name like "Kenneth Smith", it'll be hard to find information on him.

Buckimion had been blocked from that wiki for abusing his admin powers. He is stepping down from FANDOM for that reason!

And The FANDOM staff won't do anything about it because they're useless.

The head admin over there has an obsession with FOX.

8 Villains Wiki

Villains Wiki is the highest on my list because it's by far one of the worst, if not the worst wiki out there. This wiki is not friendly for wiki editors, antagonists, or villains and it's too scary for some of them. It is still full of page spammers, people who use the words "Evil" and "Crimes" as insults, and random people who want to clutter up the wiki with pages that aren't even villains. Also, they have several overused nicknamed such as "Evil-doer". Don't use this wiki. Use wikis like Antagonists Wiki, Villains Fanon Wiki, or even Neutral Characters Wiki. Let Villains Wiki die.

This wiki has many flaws and problems... Unlike in Real Life Villains Wiki, it doesn't have a page that lists disallowed pages. It's still full of page spamming and supervillain nerds that (focus too much on the Mega Man X series and) they have far, far way too many pages and categories to the point where it is unnecessary to have anymore. STAY AWAY!

Why the main characters of Date A Live are considered as Villains even they're not?!
Kurumi TOkisaki is the only VIllain to be listed!

This wiki used to be good until the biased fans of this wiki got UNBLOCKED.

9 TheTopTens Wiki

Most useless wiki ever. I don't see which thing could be added here.

Still 14 articles as of May 2018.

Lack of content

10 RationalWiki

It sucks, but it's better than ED though.

There's nothing wrong with this wiki.

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11 Unfavorable Wikis and Users Wiki

Personally, this is probably the worst wiki I've ever contributed and was practically the last straw for me when it came to the Reception Wikis. I'm honestly not sure if I should even return to Miraheze at this point. It's just hard to trust this hosting site when most of the known wikis on that site are drama-infused.

12 Pooh's Adventures Wiki

I'm so sad when they removed Pooh's Adventures of ME.

Should be number 1,the entire fandom is toxic

One of the worst communities ever.

Worst wiki ever!

13 Object Shows Community Wiki

I kept getting banned on this wiki and some users are nothing short of a lame jerks. Also, some of the fan-fics are creepy, and it has disturbing content on it. The internet trolls are everywhere there and there is no way to get rid of them.

14 Horrible Music & Songs Wiki

To the person who is hating on reception wikis, while a lot of them are bad, not all of them are. That's harsh. Anyways why are all the images pictures of spongebob?

Someone needs to raid all reception wikis, like QuackityHQ should raid all those reception wikis and kick them off miraheze!

Thank god this wiki got taken down! But sadly it got remade on Miraheze with fewer entries than the fandom one.

15 Ficreation
16 Healthy Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki

The most delusional reception wiki ever because there is no healthy fandom and hatedom existing

Why was this wiki even made? No healthy fandom or hatedom exists

17 SJWiki

I can describe this wiki in one word: no

Should be in the top ten

18 American Dad Wiki
19 Crummy Scratchers Wiki
20 Best Music and Songs Wiki

This wiki was good until some 6ix9ine fan ruined it

21 Sausagelover 99 Wiki

Why should vote this up higher?

This is the worst Wiki ever

Why does this exist?

Someone ask fandom admins to delete this

22 Conservapedia

Nothing but Pro-Conservative nonsense.

Should be WAY higher.

23 Community Central
24 Fanboy and Chum Chum Wiki

Still better then Spongebob Wikia

What is wrong with a Wiki about a cartoon that’s hate by most people!?!?
(To me I don't hate FB&CC)

25 The Flat Earth Wiki

The world is round. End of story.

This wiki exists?

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