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1 Jurassic Park

Nothing has ever come really close to topping this one. And that is not likely going to change. You can't beat a classic (and that is exactly what this movie is). - BKAllmighty

This is another example of why the originals are the best.

The best is definitely the original - Ajkloth

4. Jurassic Park III
3. Jurassic World
2. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
1. Jurassic Park

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2 Jurassic World

Great sequel, new story and character with some references to earlier films. Great acting from Chris Pratt and the sexy Bryce Dallas Howard who plays the serious Operations manager who learns that there's more to the park than making women and how to care for people and animals.

This one felt, to me, like the first direct sequel, and not just a sort of "spin-off sequel" to the original 'Jurassic Park'. Of course, beyond that it is one entertaining ride of a movie. You gotta' see this movie! - BKAllmighty

After a 14 year break the story continues - MatrixGuy

Ahh Jurassic park the best bone crunching dino movie ever

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3 The Lost World: Jurassic Park

My second favorite Jurassic Park movie behind the original. This movie isn't quite as broad as Jurassic Park III or as cheesy as Jurassic World, it is just wonderful. I watched this movie three times and I feel like I could watch it again and enjoy it. I love it so much that I ALMOST feel like it is actually better than the original...

People give this movie a lot of bad press for some reason and I'm still not exactly sure what that reason is. I get that the wonder and beauty of the idea of a dinosaur theme park is absent from this considerably darker sequel, but the excitement and intensity is still there in full form. - BKAllmighty

The lost world jurassic park is one of the most reviled movies of Steven Spielbergs career. People complain about the plot, characters, pacing and dumb moments in this movie. I on the other hand think that this is an entertaining sequel and not deserving of the horrible reputation it gets sometimes.

Call me crazy but this is my favorite jurassic park movie.
1. The lost world
2. Jurassic park
3. Jurassic world
4. Jurassic park 3- I don't hate it its just lackluster.

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4 Jurassic Park III

Better than Jurassic World, but nowhere near a masterpiece such as Jurassic Park or The Lost World: Jurassic Park. A very broad movie, a young person, such as an immature teen, could come up with the plot. The plot: Some rich guy convinced a not so rich guy to take a tour of some guy's second failed Jurassic Park (a park in the movie not an actual movie) experiment. Some dude who has a catchy name, Sam Neill, realizes that there is another reason for the invitation to come to the site. After dinosaurs attack a group of the tourists, seven or eight people are left fighting to survive. Perhaps a smart fifteen-year-old could come up with the plot.

After years of repeat viewings I have sort of become more and more bored by this movie, as if the wonder that I initially felt towards the film back in 2001 is slowly leaking out of my head like water from a punctured swimming pool. That being said, I still find myself wanting to watch it after finishing 'The Lost World'. - BKAllmighty

I will say this about this movie, it's not a terrible film. I used to like it as a kid, but the more I watch it the more I notice problems with it. It's not as bad as a lot of people make it out to be, but it's still not a great movie by a long shot. It has its entertaining moments but is kind of a straight to dvd sequel with a few irritating characters, plotholes, and a couple of uneventful action scenes. I know this movie does have a mild fan base and that's fine, but I like jurassic park 1 and 2 better and that is that.

This one is of course the best along with The Lost World. - darthvadern

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5 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Can't wait to see how this one turns out!

I hope it's good.

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