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81 Happy Appy

This T.V. show is basically horror on Nick. Trust Me KIDS if u are reading this DO NOT WATCH A SINGLE EPISODE OF THIS I REPEAT NOT 1 EPISODE. Might seem nice with the theme song but when he murde- nevermind JUST DO NOT WATCH

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82 Justin Time

Horrible show I mean what a strange name

83 Hero 108 V 2 Comments
84 Max & Ruby V 2 Comments
85 The Haunted Hathaways The Haunted Hathaways The Haunted Hathaways is a Nickelodeon sitcom television series that began airing on July 13, 2013 and ended on March 5, 2015. It tells the story of a single mother and her two daughters who move into a home occupied by three ghosts, a single father and his two sons.
86 Power Rangers Dino Charge

The actor's are HORRIBLE everyone can tell there acting the key of acting to make it seem like it's real

Old and overused. End of story.

87 Harvey Beaks Harvey Beaks Harvey Beaks is an American animated television series created by C.H. Greenblatt for Nickelodeon. Originally announced to premiere on March 29, 2015, the series instead premiered on March 28, 2015 following the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards.

It's a good show, it doesn't have too much bathroom humor, and it teaches you lessons about life.

Just too weird to be understandable. - Anonymousxcxc

Get this show off this list

Stupidist show ever created

88 Austin & Ally Austin & Ally Austin & Ally is an American teen sitcom that premiered on Disney Channel on December 2, 2011, and ended on January 10, 2016. The series was created by Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert, the writers and producers of the Disney Channel sitcoms Sonny with a Chance and Jonas.

Yay it ended. So all Austin and Ally haters can celebrate. - Anonymousxcxc

Can't they end it sooner? I don't like the show or characters, period. - Anonymousxcxc

Don't worry Austin and Ally only have less than 5 month's left

89 Oggy and the Cockroaches Oggy and the Cockroaches Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French animated comedy series produced by Xilam and Gaumont Film Company.

This show has to be cancelled. It's gross and abusing to cats. It has to be cancelled by 2016.

It should not even exist

Stupid Tom and Jerry ripoff. - Anonymousxcxc

Already cancelled by Nick. There was a scene with a woman at the beach. - Goatworlds

90 Bubble Guppies Bubble Guppies

I don't want bubble guppies to stay on T.V. it has to be canncled

91 Sid The Science Kid Sid The Science Kid Sid the Science Kid is an American half-hour CGI animated series that aired on PBS Kids from September 1, 2008 to March 25, 2013, with a total of 68 half-hour episodes produced over two seasons. The computer generated show is produced by The Jim Henson Company and then-PBS member KCET in Los Angeles, more.

It's kind of dumb because the things they talk about is so dumb

This show canceled is so voting

I loved it it taught me so muchi already knew

I know

92 Thomas & Friends Thomas & Friends

They repeat something multiple times, and they are annoying

Thomas sucks

Back in the 1980s, Thomas used to be for ages 6-7, but now it looks more babyish.

93 Peg + Cat Peg + Cat Peg + Cat is an American/Canadian animated children's television series based on the children's book "The Chicken Problem", which was published in 2012. The series is created by Billy Aronson and Jennifer Oxley and produced by The Fred Rogers Company and 9 Story Entertainment. It debuted on most PBS more.

It certainly should not be cancelled she may freak out but she gets over it by counting backwards from five to calm down 54321 the counting backwards from five to calm down helps my daughter

I love peg + cat it's good it's not the top 10 it's a nice show with kind characters

Peg+cat is adorable

One time they said poopy butt that is not a good thing to say on a kids show.

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94 Doc McStuffins Doc McStuffins Doc McStuffins is an American-Irish animated children's television series produced by Brown Bag Films.
95 Nina Needs to Go Nina Needs to Go more.
96 The Cat In the Hat Knows All About That

PBS Kids. Why make a Cat In The Hat for little kids only?

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97 Dragon Tales Dragon Tales Dragon Tales is a Canadian-American animated pre-school fantasy adventure children's television series created by Jim Coane and Ron Rodecker and developed by Coane, Wesley Eure, Jeffrey Scott, Cliff Ruby and Elana Lesser.

This show has bad voice acting, bad animation and that's all I gotta say.

Okay now your messing with me now who ever said this is gonna get the hands

You all suck

98 Handy Manny

Please just cancel this stupid "Bob The Builder" spin off.

99 Strawberry Shortcake V 1 Comment
100 Littlest Pet Shop Littlest Pet Shop Littlest Pet Shop is a toy franchise and cartoon series owned by Hasbro. The original toy series was produced by Kenner in the early 1990s.

More like crappiest crap shop

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