Top 10 Kinds of World Music

This list contains top World music (ethno music) genres, which are the best not by this, that I love, but of various unique things of It.

The Top Ten Kinds of World Music

1 Indian Classical Music

When You listen Rawi Shankar, also another Indian classical music, You have a those questions. Mostly meditative classical music in the world. And also, Indian classical music is older, like western classical music. Tabla, Tampura and Sitar are very typical for this music. - Mark993

2 African Music

Polyrhythm and African drums, this is unique of African music and of course, many tribes, many genres. - Mark993

3 Arabic Music

Arabic and Turkish music countains quarter tones, which I love and also, some great rhythms. - Mark993

4 Balkan Music

Balkan music or music of Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania is very typical of unregular rhythms, like 7/8, or 9/8. - Mark993

5 Croatian Music

Croatian music is very romantical, not like another Balkan music genres. - Mark993

6 Tibetan Music

Oh, those fascinating tibetan monk chantings and tibetan singing bowls, or Shangs, Tingshas, those things are very typical for Tibetan music. Also this music is very meditative. - Mark993

7 Latin Music

Latin music is very rhythmical, also contains influences from European, African and American music. Very rhythmical is also Cuban Salsa, Dominican Merengue, from Colombia and Brazilian Pagode. - Mark993

8 Chinese Music

Pentatonic is very typical for Asian and specifically, for Chinese music. Also Erhu, Guqin and Dizi too, as a famous musical instruments. - Mark993

9 Greek Music

Greeks are very proud to theyr culture, althought It is influenced by some oriental things. Bouzouki, as a famous Greek musical instrument is very similar to turkish Saz. But, also of those inported musical instruments greek music is beautiful. - Mark993

10 Altai Throat Singing

It is possible for some people to sing two voices by one time. This is typical also for Tuvan, or Mongolian music. - Mark993

The Contenders

11 German Music

German music (specifically) Volksmusik (traditional music of German speaking countries) and Schlagers are very harmonical and great, also Volksmusik with Yodel. - Mark993

12 Russian Music

Of course, red army choir, Alla Pugacheva, Vladimir Vysotskiy, or Balalaykas are very great in Russian music. - Mark993

13 Irish Music

Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, and really good traditional music like Whiskey in the Jar

14 Ethno Pop

Nordic etnopop is magic. - Zukram97

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