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1 200 Pounds Beauty

I love this story. It about a pop singer

The movie was pretty funny and had some really nice parts to it. Can understand why she wanted to hide her past but to the extent of pretending to not know your own dad is pretty cruel and selfish. It all came together in the end and I must say I loved the ost.

The big girl looks hot.

Best movie ever

2 My Little Bride

Best Korean rom-com EVER! Hands down. No doubts about it.

Frankly speaking I hesitated to watch it, but when I started, it caught me... Cute, funny, adorable

Best comedy movie ever

A feel good flick, with cuteness overloaded.

3 My Wife Is a Gangster

It's totally different, I enjoyed a lot!
It has some sequel as well, don't miss to watch..

Its brilliant. But the hero in part 2 is quite old.


4 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant

My all time favourite

I totally loved this movie. Especially I loved the story

My first Korean movie n then the list goes on...

Fun and romantic! The story is also nice

5 My Sassy Girl

The reason why I fell inlove with Korean Movies/ RomCom. How ironic I hate K-pop but I love watching Korean movies, hence it's my guilty pleasure.

How is this not number 1, yet alone on the top 5 and why do they have the terrible American movie as the picture

This is one of the best Korean films I've watch so far. First is The Classic.

The Actress was so beautiful and talented, the movie should be in the top 1 spot.

6 My Tutor Friend

Loved this movie...

My first Korean movie! Still never fails to put a smile on my face!

The Best Comedy Movie

i love it

7 Speedy Scandal

It's hilarious. One of the best works of park bo young

Its hilarious, especially the cute lil kid. A lot of fun moments. A definite watch

Really hilarious plot and very funny movie

Ewan hindi pa ako naka noud

8 The Classic

This is the best korean movie that I've watch so far. But it is not rom-com

Best korean movie..

Awesome movie,best korean movie I have ever seen. Beautiful love story so love to watch this movie again and again faboulous climax it should have been placed under top 3 at least

I absolutely love this movie but it isn't a romantic comedy and doesn't belong on the list - germshep24

The best Korean movie ever...highly much

9 My PS Partner

I really love this movie! The comedy is great and the romance is great too. It's really mature and talks about sex and stuff which you don't commonly see in Asian films so it was really refreshing to see. Sometimes the waiting til the end of a movie for a kiss scene gets old and this definitely was far from that! I highly recommend everyone to watch this!

THE BEST KOREAN MOVIE EVER. Honestly, since I watched this movie, I can't totally say there are any movie that better from this one. I really reccomend this one to you all if you love romance movie which has a different plot than the other romance korea movie!

Love Ji sung specially the song at the wedding! Kudos nice movie please vote for this!

I can't emphasis on how much I enjoyed watching this move! So refreshing!

10 A Warewolf Boy

Seriously, it make not be a complete rom com but the romance is beautiful and there is obviously some comedy. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes romance movies at all. It has a very refreshing, nostalgic feel to it!

Even though this is not a romantic comedy, it is really good movie! I cried a lot too! I was impressed of Joong Ki's acting! I kept watching it over and over again! This is the best thing I've ever watched! Watch it!

I kind of start hating the girl for living him behind but this doesn't end in a romantic way

Seriously, this is the best movie ever


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11 Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo


I really love this series, because it was fun and it make me feel inlove.

The absolute best kdrama that has ever been produced. this will always be hands down my number one!

One of the best drama I've watched. Every episode is worth watching. Most of the viewers can relate as well.

12 The Beauty and the Beast

Cool movie. I enjoyed it


Cool movie

13 The Heirs

One of the Best Korean High School Dramas. If you are a fan of Lee Min Ho a must to watch. Great acting by Kim Woo Bin as well.

Very nice high school movie in korea

This is one of the must watch Korean drama. It is a high school drama that shows about true love and friendship. The way Lee Min Ho portrayed the character of Kim Tan was awesome. It shows how Kim Tan and Eun Sung fell in love during high school and the struggles they face to get united. it is the best drama ever. I have watched it more than 10 times. This will make you want to love someone.
You will surely feel the pure, innocent and true love between the characters.

This is my 1st ever watched korean drama..and after that I just addicted with korean dramas and movies..

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14 Seducing Mr. Perfect

Cringe! Do not waste your time on this movie when there are so many other brilliant movies! Why is this even on the list is beyond me.

This movie is the bomb though. It's hilarious but is romantic. If you looking for a little bit of jealous, embarrassment, Love and comedy this is the perfect movie.

Don't watch unless you want to cringe throughout the movie! There is so much second hand embarrassment from the lead female. The lead male is awesome but even his amazing acting can't save this movie.

Superb movie.. Everyone should watch.. I was melted while watching it..?!

15 A Millionaire's First Love

Great heart warming movie but very sad.

One of the Best movie I watched

Tragic ending! God not a rom -com

A good story heart touching one

16 Descendant Of The Sun

It is so nice movie

My most korean movie I ever watch

Best korean movie ever

Song-song couple

17 Healer

It is nice and not boring to watch thumbs up

Hands down the best Korean drama I've seen so far. Action, romance, excellent plot, great pace, fantastic performances... it delivers on all fronts. The eye candy lead male certainly doesn't hurt, and what a great actor to boot. Swoon.

I've been watching Korean dramas for about 3 years now and this is my all time favorite. It is so well done on so many levels. Loved it so much I bought both the DVD and the OST...great soundtrack as well.

Action, intrigue, humor, heart. This show has ruined me. Now I want every drama to be as badass and heartfelt. Damn you, Healer!

18 Spellbound

Laugh so hard on this movie specially when she got drunk lol

This an amazing movie, it combines the genres of horror, comedy and romance unbelievably well. And both the leads show incredible acting making their roles all the more likeable. A must watch.

I liked it different but still nicely done

Just awesome

19 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

From beginning to end you wont stop laughing and being inloved at the same time!

One of the best. A must watch

Must watch romcom I'm sure your gonna get addicted to dis show if u will watch this drama the cutest drama ever exist cutest cast park hyung sick and park bo young are just so adorable...

Super funny

20 Hot Young Bloods


This movie is the best.

Different to the modern day Korean movies that focus on the rich. This movie brings a story of common man who lived in the 1980s. Also shows a different side of acting in Lee Jong Suk.

Very comedy and nice movie. Love it

21 She's Dating the Gangster

Boom have to watch this

Best romantic movie ever

It's one of the bests

22 Too Beautiful to Lie

So adorable and dreamy climax

23 Train to Busan

Why does anyone think this is a romantic comedy?! This is a movie about zombies! There are various people - father and daughter, wife and husband, young baseball team and others - who are trying to survive an attack on a train. No romance whatsoever and even less comedy. It is a pure horror/thriller genre. - LirpaOlof

Super love it!

24 Love 911

This is amazing it keeps you interested and you get invested into the relationship real fast

Very beautiful movie!

One of the best korean movies I've ever watch. You should watch it too ♡♡

A little long, but it never fails to keep a steady pace. The plot is a classic girl-chases-guy-because- she-needs-something-from-him-then-actually- falls-for-him. I love these types of plots when they have strong, reliable characters. There has been types when I was bored with the characters, so I gave up on the movie as a whole. Love 911 is not one of them. The characters are consistent and earnest throughout, not to mention the chemistry between Kang-il and Mi-so. Overall, the movie was good, a nice movie for a lazy day.

25 Penny Pinchers

Great! Love this!

Heart warming

26 Sex Is Zero

One of my favorite. it should be in top 3.

27 A Moment to Remember

This movie is so touching that it will make you cry so bad..

Heart Touching love story and excellent performance by the cast.

Just wonderful and amazing movie!

Lovely I crye every time

28 My Tutor Friend 2

I think it's better than the first one - deena89

Really funny and cute too. I absolutely love the main lead.

29 Windstruck


You fell in love with the characters. The acting is effortless. Very great story line. 11/10

Really amazing film! Heartfelt story. 100% recommend.

30 Oh My Venus

This should be number 1

While this is not a movie, but rather a K-Drama, the acting is superb, the relationship between the leads and their friend group leaves you longing for living with your friends, and the love story reminds you that it's what you are on the inside that matters. LOVE this drama!

I sooo... love dz movie...rili nyc..and so romantic..your officially my crush for the

31 First Kiss for the Seventh Time

This is sooo good I literally could NOT stop smiling plus it has almost all of my favourite male actors e.g. Lee Min Ho (yes I said lee min ho),Park Hae Jin,Ji Chang Wook,Kai (from exo) etc. This picture just had me in love over and over again I highly recommend it

32 Baby and Me

I love this movie and you will definitely fall for this. Awesome and RomCom that won't disappoint you!

33 Someone Special
34 Jenny, Juno

Honestly, a very cute movie. My one disappointment is that everything just wraps up at the end and all of the problems are solved. But still, 9/10!

35 Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

What's better than this ❤

36 Thumping Spike 2

I enjoyed this web drama so much..It's a cute little story. I will definitely recommend it

37 Miss Granny

Best romantic comedy movies

Its weird but sad too

38 Thumping Spike
39 My Secret Romance

The lead is AMAZING and the story holds up.

It's a very interesting and romantic movie...MUST WATCH

It's not a movie,it's a drama actually. But it's good though. The chemistry between the main cast is good. The guy also is a great kisser. Highly recommended!

Great movie

40 Love Rain
41 Doctor Crush

It's a beautiful Korean drama!

After watching this, it inspire me to become who I really wanna be

It is a good and educative drama.
And if interested in neurology it is the perfect drama.

42 Finding Mr. Destiny

If you're looking for a light rom-com, good laughs, good story, good actors.. here's for you.. To put it short, Gong Yoo never really disappoints, right? *wink

43 This is My Love
44 My Girlfriend is an Agent

A superb movie very funny. u can relate it to Mr and Mrs Smith but both the movies are different.

45 Mood for the Day

Not only is this my favorite Korean is one of my favorite movies of all time.its such a sweet and romantic story between two people who r so totally different but perfect for each other.if u came here for RECOMMENDATIONS PLEASE give this a is an amazing movie

46 My Strange Hero

Rom-com in high school, so my strange hero is your best choice.

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