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21 Too Beautiful to Lie V 1 Comment
22 Penny Pinchers V 2 Comments
23 Train to Busan

Why does anyone think this is a romantic comedy?! This is a movie about zombies! There are various people - father and daughter, wife and husband, young baseball team and others - who are trying to survive an attack on a train. No romance whatsoever and even less comedy. It is a pure horror/thriller genre. - LirpaOlof

Super love it!

24 Sex Is Zero
25 Love 911

This is amazing it keeps you interested and you get invested into the relationship real fast

Very beautiful movie!

One of the best korean movies I've ever watch. You should watch it too ♡♡

A little long, but it never fails to keep a steady pace. The plot is a classic girl-chases-guy-because- she-needs-something-from-him-then-actually- falls-for-him. I love these types of plots when they have strong, reliable characters. There has been types when I was bored with the characters, so I gave up on the movie as a whole. Love 911 is not one of them. The characters are consistent and earnest throughout, not to mention the chemistry between Kang-il and Mi-so. Overall, the movie was good, a nice movie for a lazy day.

26 A Moment to Remember

Heart Touching love story and excellent performance by the cast.

Just wonderful and amazing movie!

V 3 Comments
27 Oh My Venus

While this is not a movie, but rather a K-Drama, the acting is superb, the relationship between the leads and their friend group leaves you longing for living with your friends, and the love story reminds you that it's what you are on the inside that matters. LOVE this drama!

I sooo... love dz movie...rili nyc..and so romantic..your officially my crush for the

28 Windstruck

You fell in love with the characters. The acting is effortless. Very great story line. 11/10

Really amazing film! Heartfelt story. 100% recommend.

29 My Tutor Friend 2

I think it's better than the first one - deena89

30 Miss Granny V 2 Comments
31 Baby and Me

I love this movie and you will definitely fall for this. Awesome and RomCom that won't disappoint you!

32 She's Dating the Gangster

Best romantic movie ever

It's one of the bests

33 Thumping Spike 2
34 Someone Special
35 Jenny, Juno
36 Thumping Spike
37 First Kiss for the Seventh Time

This is sooo good I literally could NOT stop smiling plus it has almost all of my favourite male actors e.g. Lee Min Ho (yes I said lee min ho),Park Hae Jin,Ji Chang Wook,Kai (from exo) etc. This picture just had me in love over and over again I highly recommend it

38 Doctor Crush

It is a good and educative drama.
And if interested in neurology it is the perfect drama.

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