Worst Languages in the World

When you hear someone speaking an odd foreign language in the street you feel like laughing, but which is the worst and most useless language in the world.
The Top Ten
1 Chinese

A billion people in search of more sounds. They have very few. But they do have those goofy tones, unfortunately. This is not a language for learning. This is a language for laying down and avoiding.

No matter what your native language is, everyone, across the world, usually & universally agrees that CHINESE sounds GHASTLY! — It is jarring, abrasive, & all around horrible on many levels.
Some of the sounds it makes can induce an immediate migraine.
People seem naturally to react when hearing it, akin to nails on a chalkboard. This effect is not really produced by any other language (even other Asian tonal languages!).

10,000 different characters in the alphabet that use complicated pictographs. Each character can have as many as 13 different meanings. Even the order that the lines are drawn is important. And I'm pretty sure 10 000 is the simplified version, wasn't the original 20,000 characters?

And that's just the written Chinese. The spoken is just as bad. Chinese is a "tonal language" which means that a word with the same pronunciation can have different meanings based on the tone it was pronounced with. Which means if you want to pose a question, you have to make the sentence "sound like" it's a question, otherwise the meaning is completely reversed. Can you imagine trying to distinguish between someone saying "I have the books" and "do you have the books? " based on the tone of the sentence?

Chinese people can't even understand the language and a normal conversation is usually riddled with "can you repeat that". They actually have to have their movies subtitled because of ...more

I quite agree with Chinese. Ok, first off, the sound. Chinese sounds really just repulsive and just... loud. The thing is, my mother is Chinese, alright? She speaks Mandarin (she's from Beijing). I asked her what is her least favorite accent in the world, and she told me SOUTH Chinese. That means like the Shanghai accent, or like Chinese spoken in places like Singapore. Search it up if you don't know what it sounds like. NORTH Chinese actually sounds pretty or elegant when wanted to. It can also sound very strong and angry when wanted to. North Chinese sounds pretty good.

Now, their grammar and language system. Okay, first off, I am no linguistic, but I enjoy languages. I studied Chinese for a year (and I will continue), and it's very interesting. First off, it's not hard! I don't really know since I haven't completed learning yet, but it does not seem hard at all! Their grammar is super easy! It is extremely easy! There's no conjugations, subject pronouns, object pronouns, ...more

2 Hindi

Don't kid yourselves, Hindi is a really ugly language. Almost every consonant (and vowel) is pronounced in an unaesthetic and sloppy way. You guys need to fix your language. Make it sound crisper and it will be fine. Also, so what if it "spans cultures and dialects"? That doesn't take away from the fact that it is an absolutely ugly language. It's definitely not a graceful language. The sounds of the language remind one of the dirtiness of some places in India.
Indians themselves are the only people with the power to fix their language. So if you want Hindi off this list, make it sound more beautiful. Languages can change.

Looks ugly to look at. It literally is just putting random scribbles, making it look like pillars, and then make it a language.

I absouletely hate how Hindi sounds. All Hindi songs sound weird and similar. In my opinion, Hindi is the most overrated language

All of you are headless illogical mad and disgusting zombies for voting hindi as a bad language.
Do you even know hindi includes all sounds in the minimum characters?
Do you know whatever you write in hindi is what you read and vice versa?
Do you know how useless Japanese and english derivatives are, for instance you read read and read differently even though they spell the same!
There is no sense less concept of silent letters(why to write something that you are not going to say? )
The moral is that all those who voted for hindi as the worst language are senseless and stupid persons... Without any research commenting on a good language.

3 Italian

Italian is the most melodic language in the world. It is rich in sound and keeps evolving with the times.. It inebriated the senses, if one appreciates poetry. Those of you who consider this most alluring, entrancing of the Romance languages mediocre, do not know what you are talking about. It is the language of love and romance... No other can compare. It is soft, not harsh... No guttural sounds. Do not be confused by the different dialects your ear picks up... Listen to the pure Italian... It will transport you to heaven on earth. Nonetheless, it is not an easy language to learn. Those who do not speak the language are under the impression that it is easy since every letter is pronounced as seen. It is the grammar that will trip you up. So many exceptions... Once you master the language, you will want to speak it as much as possible... Amore e ciao.

To all you saying that Italian is the world's language, just need to understand Italian language is obsolete, bro trust me, try to learn something in Italian and you'll realize it's completely dumb like learning an absolute dead language like latin. Now everything is in English and better use British. Never start to learn this dumb language only used in the back kitchens of some pizzas or others Italian restaurants, only Italian people speak Italian language, never find any Italian word in the most advanced fields like new technologies, nano, biotech, genetics... The world is managed by a prevalent language named English. But if you want to play an actor as mafia guy, ok, you'll just look a loser.

I think it's really sad to see people insult my country and lauguage like this. If you don't like us that's fine. I know our county has issues but sadly that's not something we can fix just like that. Italy isn't the only country on earth that has some problematic people. I'm sorry if you were ever treated poorly during your stay. I can assure you that there is more nice and welcoming people than there are rude ones.
Everyone has different taste so if the italian language isn't for you then you don't need to learn it. It's not essential after all, you'll be just fine without it.
I think every language has a right to exist and that it's not okay to insult any language as being ugly, usless or even evil.

As a Romanian person who lives in Italy I can agree with the idea that this language is just horrible. As much as you might think it's actually "cute" or so, when you'll see how it actually is... it's just annoying to listen.Also people think it's melodic and I don't consider it to be anyway close to that. Going a bit off from this subject Their organization is the worst I've ever seen. The only thing I like is the environment and nothing more. Sorry to all the Italians, but this is what a foreigner thinks about your country & language.

4 Arabic

Take a big mouthful of sand and shazam, you're speaking Arabic. They can't understand each other from country to country, so how is anybody else supposed to understand them?

Arabic is my first language (although I'm better at English, to be honest), and reading some of these rude and hurtful comments, I feel like CRYING. They kept on saying how it's the language of terrorists and people who got to Hell, and these awful and mean stereotypes are so wrong...I don't know where to begin!
I'm only a little girl, but you people are making me feel that I'm so awful I should go commit suicide or be slaughtered or something! Yes, there are children who know this language! Yes, INNOCENT CHILDREN, and imagine how they'd react after reading this. I'm not kidding, saying this to someone about their language and religion will prompt them to kill themselves! I know this site is about sharing opinions, but not tarnishing others' beliefs! There are billions of Muslims out there, and VERY FEW are actually terrorists. I may be one, and even I am ashamed about what they done at 9/11! We Muslims would never, EVER dream of doing this and we hate the people who did those ...more

Yes there are Muslim terrorists, but most and I mean MOST Muslims are wonderful people. Don't let your racism spread to the kids. When a Muslim commits a terrorist attack, I do not immediately think: "Oh, it's the terrorist Muslims again, because when ever there is a school shooting in the U.S, I do not immediately think that the school shooting (which in the U.S are done by predominantly Straight White Males)"Oh, It's the disgusting Straight White Males." ". Because Arabs, Straight White Men, and most of the people Rest of the World, are wonderful people. Let's stop identity politics, because they are driving the world into a hole it cannot pull its head out of, a dirty toxic hole.

It's bad, because it's dead. Only news speakers and some mullah speak it.
Other Arabs just use Egyptian, Levantine, Sudanese or other different languages. They just stubbornly pretend they speak "the LaNGuaGe of qURRaN".
What would anyone want to learn a fake language? We don't usually learn Latin, and Latin has better literature anyway. Arabs like to boast about their great literature, but nobody heard about it, even 1001 night was in fact written by Persians and Europeans.

5 American English

American English, sometimes called United States English or U.S. English, is the set of varieties of the English language native to the United States.

I hate this language because it's hard to hear what people are saying, speak clearly! Other languages are spoken so clearly that you can easily hear what sounds are being made even if you don't understand the language, English on the other even you do understand the language it's still hard to understand what people are saying because English speakers often omit words or speak too softly that you can't even hear what is being said! This problem also applies to American movies! I ALWAYS need subtitles because the actors mostly don't speak clearly or speak too quietly, it's so annoying.

EXCUSE ME! Let us get some clarifications.

First, all of you, do not judge a language by its sound, words, or people who say it. These happen as words from some languages are transferred to others.

Second, there is no HARDEST language. No biased opinions!

Third, do NOT make generalizations about people based on the way it sounds. I read all of these comments, and some might take offense to it. Respect culture, usage, and language. Don't say "these guys sound angry when they talk" without thinking about it.

Are we good now? Thank you!

The most counterintuitive language in the history of man. It has so many confusing rules, with just as many exceptions to those rules. Words have multiple definitions, which adds to the chaos. Two words may sound exactly the same, but will have to different spellings and definitions, like "flew" and "flu." It's the most difficult language to learn. Even Americans, many whom speak English as their primary language, butcher the hell out of it.

6 Old English

Let's get something straight. Old English does NOT mean Shakespeare English or King James Bible English. Shakespeare could not understand Old English. The term "Old English" does NOT mean "English that is old"; it refers to the language that English originated from, which is often called "Anglo-Saxon", as it was spoken by the Angles and the Saxons. Shakespeare spoke early modern English, which was spoken many hundreds of years after Old English had died. If you want to see Old English, Google an untranslated version of Beowulf.

Please educate yourselves.

Haha shakespeare isn't old English! He transformed the English language! You should read works by christopher marlowe who wrote dr faustus, who was a peer and rival of shakespeare. both lived at the same time but wrote in completely different ways. Now marlowe is old English. shakespeare invented over 2000 words including crocodile! In fact tolkein who was a professor of anglo saxon at oxford hated shakespeare because he thought he ruined the English language.

When I was in 9th grade, my class had to translate Romeo and Juliet into normal English. I normally make As, but the only reason why I passed is because I got help. Only then did I realize that Shakespeare's style was incredibly stupid. Romeo and Juliet was the worst idea ever!

I wouldn't have anything against if not for the fact that some people still insist to put its words on modern English leaving you with a weird face when you encounter "the, thither, whither, hither". Just move on idiot, those words are dead. just like your dreams

7 German

I don't hate German, I kinda like it even though I think French and Italian sounds way better.
I think there's nothing wrong with disliking or hating a language because of the way it sounds. Some people don't like German as they find it guttural.
But to anyone hating on German because of what happened in Germany from 1933-1945, please get a life and grow up. For real.
Germany isn't the only country in the world to mess up in history. Other countries have messed up in the past or are currently messed up.
Same goes to the people who hate Arabic because of terrorism.
There's nothing wrong with disliking or hating Arabic because of its sounds, but disliking or hating a language because of some awful people is just wrong.
As someone in this comment section has said, many Germans aren't Nazis and many Muslims aren't terrorists.
I know that this list is for expressing opinions and I know that some opinions here can be expressed quite strongly.
But promoting hate ...more

At first German sounds confusing, ugly, and over all evil, thanks to the stereotype that all Germans are horrible people because of Hitler. Germanic people would not even love there country, or reveal their flag until their world cup victory in 2014. It is a very weird and confusing language to a native English speaker, especially when they are 15. I will say I now think that it is so beautiful and I have fell in love with the misunderstood language, culture and people. This language has inspired me to learn as much languages as I can and has also changed the way I see the world and myself. I hope I have changed some of your minds! Gehen (go) Borussia Dortmund! Habe ein super tag! (Have a great day! )

German is my native language, English is my second language. You see how fluently I speak your language? I can speak it fluently because I committed to it, hell, I stayed in America for 6 weeks to help with the learning process. We have three common words for the, Der for masculine words, das for neuter words, and die for feminine words, you have three different ways of saying the in your language, and you can't even write down those three different ways, you have the, the, and the, but they are all spelled "the", that is really confusing if you aren't a native speaker. the is used for titles, the is the general use word, and the is a slang word. And your pathetic slang, maybe German is hard for you to learn because you already speak English incorrectly? And throat disease? Are you serious? It's normal for us, I guess our accents (by the way, the Anglos and the Saxons came from our Aryan race) are too "weird" for you. Guess what pal, the English came from Deutschland in search of ...more

German is hard language to learn, I will have to spend long hours, days, years (I hope it'll be faster :)) before I will be able to communicate in any normal way. The worst thing are strict rules of construction sentence, but in the other hand it can be one of the best things in this language. It will be demanding, but while speaking I will have to construct whole idea before constructing sentence, everything will have to be said "straight to the point", with no gibberish. Straight speaking demands straight thinking, I'm sure the German is good example that humane mind made any language, but later language has strongly influence on the humand minds, way of thinking or perception of world.

8 French

There are words in French that do not translate into any other language that explicitly express situation of love. For example. Retrouvailles: the feeling you get when you see someone after a long physical separation. Surely one of the less annoying language.

And when saying that 40% of French words are English, you must learn that it's the contrary, 40% (even 45% depending of sources) of English words have French origins. With around 80,000 words, and here we count only words imported directly from French. By searching correctly, you will find these facts on internet.

All the rest is just voting French annoying language because of uncultivated way of acting.

France, I feel, is the world's biggest punching bag, and for good reason, but I can't help but feel bad for the poor language. Sure it's exceedingly arbitrary and nonsensical, but at least it's consistent. Which is more than English can say.

French sounds fine. It's the spelling that messes me up.

I've learned French for many years now, and I still mess up the conjugation. The verbs end differently for different subjects. For example, "jump". In French, "We jump" is "Nous sautons". "They jump" is "Ils/Elles sautent". "I jump" is "Je sautes"... I think. Conjugation for "I" confuses me. I had a teacher who says "I" should have a verb that ends with "s". Then, this year, a teacher (who I don't trust too much) says it shouldn't. Way too confusing. Plus future and past tense are different for almost each verb.

And the accents! I won't even begin with the accents.

The language... It sounds beautiful. I can give it that much. However, French is a fantastic case of form over function; it's a mess of inconsistent grammar, obtuse verb conjugation, and impenetrable phrasing. It's made even worse by the drunken sound of the language. While the syllables elegantly flow into one another, so do words and entire sentences! If you wish to learn French, then you may want to consider a lobotomy.

9 Latin

Now this is a language I can get all the hate for. There are no native speakers so you're not offending anyone by insulting it, a lot of people are forced to learn it when there's little to no motivation since there's no use for it in day to day life, and it's really complicated. This should be number one since it's the most useless language on this list, not Chinese, that one is very useful and beautiful.

I LOVE LATIN! When I was in 6th grade I'd speak in Latin and nobody would understand, I learned by myself, I have near photographic memory.

Soulless and dead language. I took a class back in high school and kicked it after roughly a month. I don't get people who want to learn it in high school instead of Spanish or French, especially for reasons like "it's logical" or "it's the mother of all languages". If you don't intend to study history or medicine it's absolutely pointless.

Not any English word comes from Latin, revise your History. Latin is dead, stop looking always backward.
English is a modern language, Latin is the dumbest one.

10 Tamil

Tamil is unpleasant to the ear. It is not a language one can easily relate to. Most Tamil people now speak slang which is a terrible adulteration of a language - often with swear words spoken in bad taste. Many literary works in Tamil have been recognised and taught in Indian schools today, unfortunately not the same quality exists today. Tamil movie songs sound like noise. Being half Tamil myself I feel embarrassed when a Tamil person speaks of Tamil as though no other language exists in this world. People from tamilnadu must be more welcoming to other Indian states and stop being narrow minded.

It is very old and great languages in the world, if we go through history we can understand easily. So we have to give first place always in the world for Tamil languages olny. Everyone has to be proud to be give first place to Tamil. Who speaks Tamil in the world like Tamilnadu in India, Tamileelam in srilanka, Singapore, malaysiya, malathivu etc.
We have to encourage to others to learn Tamil.

Quite frankly, the harshest sounding language in the world. The Tamil language is an abomination to all other spoken languages in the world. A dog howling at the moon or a donkey braying sounds musical compared to listening to Tamil

Clean, grammatically correct Tamil sounds beautiful and elegant.

Colloquial Tamil sounds disgusting and primitive.

I think most of the people voting have not heard the proper, clean version of Tami. Listen to a Tamil news channel to know what I mean.

The Contenders
11 Korean

Korean writing system is very easy to learn. It is brilliant. Korean as a spoken language isn't tonal like Chinese so that makes it much easier than Chinese. The fact that Korea has very high literacy says something about Korean being a good language. Korean is pleasant to listen to.

The problem I have had learning Korean is just me. For some reason I have trouble with it.

Seriously I don't understand how anyone could like Korean language.

It sounds harsh, rude, and angry not to mention super whinny.

I feel like slapping them every time I hear them. And they have no manner and don't really mind their environment when they talk with this barbaric language. So annoying

Everything sounds so weird, and instead of separate consonants, everything seems to be stringed into one word. They also have to add these suffixes to everything. Practically everyone's name has "Kim" or "Un" in it. Instead of stuff like "ham yung bin chow", it's more like "hamyungbinchow-un". It sounds unpleasant too. They also speak very quick, and I am not fond of their "K-pop". Japan's Japanese J-pop is much better.

Not only does Korean look alien, it sounds horrible. In contrast to Japanese, which sounds and looks smooth and natural, Korean sounds and looks robotic and soulless. It looks nothing like a language from our planet. Why isn't this at the top?

12 Hungarian

Strange language, not very useful. Very unusual as well. Hungary is a goulash bowl in the middle of Europe, kind of the odd one out.

The best word to describe Hungarian is gurgling, but not the pleasant river-like gurgling -more like the kind of a sound you'd hear a frog make before choking on its own saliva. The language also has an annoying, whining tone to it, and that makes it sound like the people speaking it would be constantly complaining. Hungarian speakers tend to spit a lot while speaking too, and that's really not a miracle considering all the frog-like croaks they have to produce all day long. Hungarian is a lot worse than Finnish or Korean or the other languages rated higher on this list - just try sitting in a bus full of gurgling and whining Hungarian speakers, and see if you come back sane.

As far as I am concerned? All Slavic languages are positively ugly... Exception; Romanian, which is a close cousin of Italian... All Asian languages are just as ugly... French may sound sophisticated but it sounds as harsh and barbaric as German... Japanese is scary-sounding and Chinese gives me the creeps... Then again, I am very one-sided... Forza Italia.

Whether it is or isn't beautiful I don't know.
Hard to learn for sure, just like maths.

But it's one of the most logical languages out there, which can assimilate and conjugate any word even foreign ones. Good, clean grammar with little to no exceptions. It pronounces letters differently which doesn't help the foreigners who try to learn it.
It is praised by foreign linguists like; George Bernard Shaw, Ove Berglund and Jakob Grimm in case you don't believe me.
FYI: 90% of the bad reviews are coming directly from south of the Hungarian border. :^)

13 Mandarin

Chinese is already on the list and to the normal person, there is no difference between the two, when Chinese is actually 2-3 different languages and Mandarin is the "official" language of the country.
The grammar is actually common sense and is not hard to pick up on
The characters are near impossible and the tones are hard, but really, with practice it gets quite easy.

I can't even watch chinese anime because it sounds like someone is just yelling up my ears whenever I hear the audio. the tone and flow of the language just feels like an alarm clock, I guess that is the best way I can say it. it feels like I'm listening to an alarm clock that wont stop.

Didn't realize there's a specific Mandarin option. As mentioned in the Chinese option, it has terrible structure, no base letters to form words and very unrefined altogether. It sounds horrible to the ears as well.

OK, honestly Cantonese sounds harsher.

But both are much too hard. However, it doesn't sound like "Ching Chong Chin Chan". I speak a bit of Mandarin. Enough to understand some conversations, but I can hardly read and write it.

14 Punjabi

Punjabi is hilarious and an awesome language! By the way, WHO THE HELL started this list. None of the languages are ugly or "THE WORST". Every language is beautiful in their own way. Every language has its own swear words. Every language is written gracefully. Every language has beauty and grace. Every language is spoken by us. I am realyy disappointed in humanity. We have that much narrow brains to go on making a list about the worst languages in the world. As if there wasn't sadness and violence and hatred in this world already. Stop trying to make more hatred and violence and sadness. Alright?!

Uggg, it sounds like someone made this language by bashing a feral cat around by the tail inside of a barrel fire.

The only thing that can make it worse is if a high pitched young woman is talking to other high pitched young women and they get all excited about something stupid. Then it's like they are summoning Alvin and the Chipmunks.

I'm a punjabi and it's not annoying language specially abusing someone in punjabi has its own fun.

I am Punjabi and I understand most dialects like Braj Bhasha/Dogri/Hindi/Hindko and to be honest Punjabi may have many swear words and curses but it is also a very beautiful language.

15 Swedish

The best word to describe Swedish is gurgling, but not the pleasant river-like gurgling -more like the kind of a sound you'd hear a frog make before choking on its own saliva. The language also has an annoying, whining tone to it, and that makes it sound like the people speaking it would be constantly complaining. Swedish speakers tend to spit a lot while speaking too, and that's really not a miracle considering all the frog-like croaks they have to produce all day long. Swedish is a lot worse than Finnish or Korean or the other languages rated higher on this list - just try sitting in a bus full of gurgling and whining Swedish speakers, and see if you come back sane.

An ancient leftover from danish "colonial" time, swedes have developed the manly viking language to a something that sounds like a bad musical.. Their ancestors should be turning in their graves..

Indeed! I am 1/4 Swedish and I can agree----it's pretty worthless. My cousin R studied it extensively and lived there for a year...when she got back to the states she thought she was God. Unless you're into Abba and shopping at Ikea, I can't think of any place such language would come in handy. I'm proud to say that my majority of ancestry comes from England and Wales. I would visit those two places anytime.

Swedish is useless language in finland since minority of the people speaks the language and are in fricking bubble. Just get out of that and start learning finland if you are going to live in finland.

16 Dutch

Take an English speaker, make them try to speak German and then remove everything good about the German language and you're left with Dutch. While terrible in pretty much every regard, it is probably the funniest language in the world, so props to it on that, I guess.

Flemish sounds very nice, the whole "Netherlandish" language is very interesting to me, but Dutch pronounciation makes the Dutch one of the most horrible language for me (maybe Arabic of Hebrew sound worse). I know that Flemish and Dutch are technically dialects of the same language, but for differences in speaking I would rather tell them apart.

Dutch is what happens when you bastardize a perfectly good language (German) and make it sound ugly. Dutch is easily the worst sounding language in the world. The only sound that is worse is a Dutch person speaking English. I have no issues with the Dutch, but you all should learn sign language.

I'm dutch and I hate my language, it should be at least in the top 5 ugliest languages in the world.
I wish English became our official language, everybody in the Netherlands can already speak it so why don't we stop speaking our ugly language.

17 Vietnamese

The best word to describe Vietnamese is gurgling, but not the pleasant river-like gurgling -more like the kind of a sound you'd hear a frog make before choking on its own saliva. The language also has an annoying, whining tone to it, and that makes it sound like the people speaking it would be constantly complaining. Vietnamese speakers tend to spit a lot while speaking too, and that's really not a miracle considering all the frog-like croaks they have to produce all day long. Vietnamese is a lot worse than Finnish or Korean or the other languages rated higher on this list - just try sitting in a bus full of gurgling and whining Vietnamese speakers, and see if you come back sane.

I recently reacted terribly towards the Vietnamese because of something this Vietnamese customer did to me at work. When I served this Vietnamese customer at work, he didn't even say a single 'hi'. He continued speaking Vietnamese on his mobile which totally pissed me off. But in hindsight I now see this guy lacking the common sense to simply put his mobile away and saying hi. Like how hard would it be to excuse himself to his chat buddy that he is being served so that he can return to his phone conversation a minute later. It's shown me that manners matter a lot. If you act badly in public, it just becomes so much easier for people to form prejudices or judgements against your race no matter how inaccurate it might be.

I speak 5 languages and have a degree in music; I have lived in 16 countries, and Vietnam, despite having the hottest girls in the world (#1 Korea? ), has the worst language by far of anywhere. How they use their monosyllabic, pitchy, tone based staccato "words" to attempt to define the physical and complete abstract universe around us blows my mind.

"But we use English letters! " no you don't. Adopted from the Portuguese in the 16th century because Vietnam never had enough stability to even create their own language, they've flipped the roman alphabet on its head to something totally different. ch = j, ng = m, d = y, g = z (sometimes) and not to mention the 50+ vowel combinations necessary to create an idea.

Spend enough time there and you must wonder to yourself how any civilization could have been created based off of their tonal, awful language. It is so jarring to the ear, so ugly to listen to, and so baffling how they can generate thought with it. Gosh it is so ...more

I'm 100% Vietnamese and I must say that Viet grammars suck. Sometimes (basically all the time), when I do my homework I just can't understand my own language because the sentence is so long and confusing. It doesn't get to the point or what it trying to say. I saw others countries test paper and their sentences were short, get straight to the point, no confusing or headache trying to solve the sentence instead of the question.

18 Polish

The best word to describe Polish is gurgling, but not the pleasant river-like gurgling -more like the kind of a sound you'd hear a frog make before choking on its own saliva. The language also has an annoying, whining tone to it, and that makes it sound like the people speaking it would be constantly complaining. Polish speakers tend to spit a lot while speaking too, and that's really not a miracle considering all the frog-like croaks they have to produce all day long. Polish is a lot worse than Finnish or Korean or the other languages rated higher on this list - just try sitting in a bus full of gurgling and whining Polishspeakers, and see if you come back sane.

This is the worst language ever. Has no pros and only cons. It sounds very harsh and ugly, unlike Russian. It is not structured or organized well, like German or English. It is very sloppy and poorly organized. I do not know why anyone would want to speak it.

Except for the seven noun cases and the overabundance of "z"s, it's a beautiful language once you learn the phonetics and grammar and can speak fluidly (yes, fluidly, not fluently, although that is the goal).

Polish sounds like someone is talking over a lawn mower. I personally hate the way it sounds. I speak Slovak too. Slovak is very similar, but sounds so much nicer.

19 Klingon

Klingon is an awesome concept, very good idea from the Star Trek writers, makes the series more immersive, props to them. It certainly wouldn't have been easy to implement a fictional language, and to pull it off so well.
But unless you're a Star Trek actor then learning Klingon is insane, say what you will about the other languages on this list but at least they all serve some kind of purpose!
You might think Mandarin or Tamil sound bad, but they give you a lot of different business opportunities, literature, film, TV, and most importantly, more people to connect with!
Even something like Latin or Old English is very useful if you're studying history, or just want to read classical literature. Certainly can't blame someone for being interested in that.
Klingon, however, spend your time however you wish, but I just don't see the point in it. You'll be able to access the odd Klingon media here and there sure, but chances are that's already available in English. And all of ...more

Never even knew this language existed until I saw it on Duolingo and I searched up how much people speak it and no one speaks it only a few Star Trek people I don't know, very useless language that no one will use, learn a real language that will actually be useful like Spanish, french, German, Chinese I could go on. Just don't learn this language you will regret it a lot because no one speaks it or knows it

To those who learn Klingon, please pour your time and energy into learning a real language. You could learn French and speak with a huge percentage of the world. You could learn Koine Greek and read the New Testament. You could learn Mandarin and impress everyone as you read the decorative characters at the Chinese restaurant. However, you are learning Klingon. Congratulations, you can talk to a few Star Trek geeks and nobody will understand you.

Klingon is a cool fictional language in the context of the series, definitely good worldbuilding.
Actually trying to learn the language however is stupid, a huge waste of time. Literally nothing to gain.
All you'll gain is the ability to communicate to a few star trek nerds, who you could probably talk to in english anyway.

20 Bulgarian

Bulgarian should not even be a language. It is your basic Slav language that became simple due to Greek and Tatar/Turk influences. So it became more simple because too many people that these Slavs absorbed can't speak the proper Slavic language so this is now Bulgarian.

You now try to steal Bulgarian language too. Good job my brainwashed slavo-Bulgarian friends.

21 Urdu

I don't even think that Urdu is the worse language at all I think it must be deleted for #top20.. it doesn't have more than 8 or 9 abuses.. or I am adding one thing more that it is gentlemen speaking decent language which doesn't have commen with any other language even Hindi..
I think if Urdu became the an inter-national language no can ever think abut the jackass English language whatsoever. because there is no chance of misguidance on this beautiful language it is religious language with no hurting word in it.. yeah it is lil difficult for learning the accent and grammar

A pathetic excuse for a language. The words are so wicked and loathsome. Makes it sound like you're spitting. And the writing looks detestable. Seriously, who the hell decided to make this language. I want to slap and kick Pakistan. All they have to give to this world is a vomitous, yucky language. Morons.

Urdu is horrible. It sounds like the speakers are clearing their throats half the time. And the speakers of the language also tend to be elitists. Urdu speakers are the reason why so many East Pakistanis died during the creation of Bangladesh.
Most amusing part though is that Pakistan stole Urdu from India (for example the language's roots are in Khadi Boli from Delhi much more than Persian)

I love it. its beautiful so are the people. They are simple and kind and their food is just amazing! and people who say terrorists please open your eyes and see who is the real terrorists. :/ I hate when people who know nothing act like they know everything and get fooled so easily. Anyhow Urdu is beautiful. There is no language that isn't. And there is the good and the bads everywhere so stop the being so judgy when u know nothing. And yes I am an #ArabGirl

22 Filipino

Work with mostly Filipinos. The people themselves are great and have a very good work ethic (especially in comparison to Americans, which I am). The accent/language is fine if only one Filipino is speaking, but get 2 or more of them talking at once, it's absolute cacophony. They invariably talk over each other, rapidly and without pauses. It really is head-splitting after a few minutes. Just a loud jumble. Might be that they do talk all at the same time as much as anything.

Literally THE ugliest language, worst than chinese and vietnamise combined. I would cut my ears off rather than listen to the constant monkey noises PAK PAK MAK MAK yall deserved to be colonized just for that reason.

The worst sounding language ever. Truly the language of the uncivilised. Even their English sounds agonisingly bizarre. There's too much emphasis on the 'r' in English. And their Tagalog sounds like a conversation between two monkeys and an aborigine arguing over a banana. There's really nothing good about Philippines. The men there are feminine and gay, and the language is just the cherry on top.

I don't enjoy these sounds at all. Not pleasant sounding. No problem with the people, the language is not pleasant.

23 African American Vernacular English

First allow me to say that I am part black myself, but I truly abhor the way many of them, us, speak. Often I have been berated by black Americans the moment they find out I am mixed since I do not speak 'like a black person'. I despise this form of English and often cringe when I hear it. Ebonics indeed. Utter nonsense.

This is barely a language. It's like saying American English and British English are two different languages, they are not. Anyone who speaks any kind of English can understand American English, British English, AAVE. They are all one language, English. You don't take classes for AAVE. This "language" is mostly glorified by social justice warriors on tumblr who will defend anything that black people do or say even if some black person starts killing every living thing in sight (yes, social justice warriors are "against" racism by allowing dark skinned people get away with anything while shaming the light skinned for existing. No one that I know likes social justice warriors). I am not against black people, almost all that I know are completely normal people. AND NONE OF THEM THAT I KNOW SPEAK THIS "LANGUAGE".

It's not a language. It's an improper uneducated way of speaking English. If I hear someone speaking like that I automatically assume they're stupid. The worst way to ever speak it's rude and improper grammar that so-called "language" needs to be abolished.

Given a modicum of legitimacy when the term "Ebonic" was coined, this collective body of lazy slang and code is perpetuated in American culture as something almost positive. It is maddening trying to converse with some people on an intelligent level... Ya know what I'm saying?

24 Slovak

The best word to describe Slovak is gurgling, but not the pleasant river-like gurgling -more like the kind of a sound you'd hear a frog make before choking on its own saliva. The language also has an annoying, whining tone to it, and that makes it sound like the people speaking it would be constantly complaining. Slovak speakers tend to spit a lot while speaking too, and that's really not a miracle considering all the frog-like croaks they have to produce all day long. Vietnamese is a lot worse than Finnish or Korean or the other languages rated higher on this list - just try sitting in a bus full of gurgling and whining Slovak speakers, and see if you come back sane.

Most dusgusting language in the world. Slovaks did the impossible: they stole czech language and made it even more annoying and ugly.

Worst language ever

Between czech, without the singing and super terrible accent in any other attempted language - and polish, without the "shshshshshsh"

25 Spanish

Spanish from Spain can sound classy and romantic sometimes. Spanish from Mexico sounds like a low class cholo from the hood. Sorry, only sometimes.

The best word to describe Spanish is gurgling, but not the pleasant river-like gurgling -more like the kind of a sound you'd hear a frog make before choking on its own saliva. The language also has an annoying, whining tone to it, and that makes it sound like the people speaking it would be constantly complaining. Spanish speakers tend to spit a lot while speaking too, and that's really not a miracle considering all the frog-like croaks they have to produce all day long. Spanish is a lot worse than Finnish or Korean or the other languages rated higher on this list - just try sitting in a bus full of gurgling and whining Spanish speakers, and see if you come back sane.

Wow, Spanish is one of the most beautiful languages in the world! European Spanish culture (I've never been lucky enough to visit South America) is so interesting, traditional, vibrant and exciting! I'm English but I'm studying Spanish and Arabic at Univeristy. I'm shocked at the sheer ignorance and hatred of some people towards this highly passionate language and its people. To say that it is 'trashy' is pure naïvety. Every language has an idiomatic slant, but as someone who has studied formal Spanish to degree level, there is NOTHING 'trashy' about the Spanish language. I'm shocked and saddened by some of the offensive comments posted here. Learn some manners and go and get an education, for goodness sake.

Why would anyone want to speak such a horrible language? It makes absolutely no sense! The language itself is full of unnecessary rules and pronunciation! French although not rated as such is by far the easiest language to learn and the best sounding language. French is spoken much more more around the world than Spanish and by much more of the developed world.

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