Top 10 Lapfox Trax Aliases

Lapfox Trax is an old electronic music label composed of several aliases who each create different subgenres of EDM, all under the same person.

These aliases were sorted based on how good their music, design, & character is. In the comments I put what type of species there are. You can look them up yourself for more information about them.

Here is also something obscure & new to add to TheTopTens.

The Top Ten

1 Renard Queenston

Raccon-fox hybrid, or foxcoon. He's the main man & alias. - Luxam

There are some lapfox songs I like from other aliases, some I don't, but with Renard, the song's are so amazing they make me cry.

10 rens out of 10

2 The Queenstons

Duo composed of Renard & Jackal. - Luxam


Pinata fox. His name fully stands for The Quick Brown Fox. I think is character's design is the most unique. - Luxam


His original name is in Kanji. - Luxam

5 Kitsune^2

Rat. He produces chiptune, which is what I like about him. - Luxam

6 Mayhem

Shark. I really enjoy the electro & house she makes, as I really like than genre. - Luxam

7 Jackal Queenston

Jackal-German shepherd hybrid. Sometimes collabs with Renard. Not as good as the other to me, but yeah, still good. - Luxam

8 Emoticon

Colourful cat who was originally part of FIAB (furries in a blender). - Luxam

9 RQ

Demon princess who's initials were after Renard himself. - Luxam

10 Roteen

The Contenders

11 Truxton
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1. Truxton
2. Renard Queenston
3. The Queenstons


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