Top Ten Scariest Logos

being a logo fan we all must agree there are some scary ones out there here is my list and follow

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1 THX (1983)

This is the only one that scared me. I'm not really scared of it anymore, but when I was little, this would always scare the heck out of me. Whenever I watched Monsters Inc., Cars, or Incredibles I'd skip it in the scene selection.

I CALL THIS LIST INVALID! because many logos (they are old) like Screen Gems, Paramount, and Rankin Bass are on this! - Connor4808

Disney after toy story staff member: we need you to scare kids before watching movies on laserdisc. thanks:i can do that

I had a bunch of VHS tapes that started with that logo when I was a kid. Being an aspie that hated loud noises, I covered my ears whenever it came on.

2 Klasky Csupo SSF (1998)

I remember seeing this at the end of a SpongeBob SquarePants episode

Okay, yeah, this one is REALLY scary.

You guys haven't seen the 2003 version... Dear God, that ones bad.

Forget What I Said About The Scariest Logo of All Time

3 Viacom "V of Doom" (1976-1986)

*Bruh Sound Effect #2* How is this scariest compared to ' Horror Factory and Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears?

How's this scary?

This doesn't scare me one bit.

This scares me.

4 VID Mask (1990-2002)

My god. Do not watch Russian programs if you have epilepsy, or watch at your own risk.

This mask is scary!

Now already at 4.

It is now at 4.

5 Screen Gems "S from Hell" (1965-1974)

If you were scared of this, you're even afraid of even the cutest of logos...

This is not scary at all!

I was not that scared of it either.

I used to not be afraid of this logo. Eric Siday did a pretty good job with the music. But after watching that stupid S from Hell documentary ( it was just the trailer but you get the idea), I was scared for life.

6 BND Face (1990-2002)

A white screen appears. A drill sound is in the distance. There's a white stick is bouncing back and forth. A ball bounces. It falls. The screen turns black, and a face appears.

This was scary to me and still is to this day. DAMN!

I watch the logo since I was young then I was like ahh when the circles all go round and round until that scary Russian face show up and that golden says BND which I am scared in my life like forever

Why not number one

The first time I saw this logo on a scariest logos list it scared me too death

7 Stretch Films "Teeth" (1998)

It was at least INTENDED to be scary.

I used to hide and cover my ears. At least it was scary for ME!

What do you expect? It was Courage the Cowardly Dog.

This a laugh 100,000,000 times.

8 Oz Film Company (1914)

First ever scary logo and was made over a century ago.

Why isn't this number one? For once a real person actually terrifies me. Don't even get me started on the close-up variant.

Is this violin tune the only thing you hear in HELL?

The granny of scary stuff

9 BBC "Streaks of Doom" (1990-1997)

BBC...broke my knee...turtle pee

How the frick is this logo scary?

British nightmare on vhs

10 Paramount "Closet Killer" (1969-1975)

It is scary, but funny when you pair it with the theme from Psycho.

I hate this one!

It doesn't scary for me

How is that logo scary? I’m not scared of it. It’s just a logo zooming in with dramatic music. It would be a lot scarier if there were a jumpscare. ~VioletMoon

The Contenders

11 PFFR (2005)

Yeah, I easily consider THIS one to be the scariest logo ever.

It's a long, hard dusty road, you'll journey on through a world you never known. Only time will tell you if or not if your life has been in vain. Each morning sunrise brings question and quiery and each sunset brings you more doubts. Always you're searching for what, you're not even sure, melting away like an icicle on fiiire. Ooh.

What the frick did you just bring upon this cursed land

What Doth Life

12 Big Ape Productions (1998-2001)

The close up of the ape's face, why the people would think of that?

Big ape wants to stare at you!

13 DreamWorks "Shark Tale Moon" (2004)

How is this scary?

14 Gorgon Video (1982)
15 Horror Factory (France)

At least, I didn't watch this logo.

This logo is the WORST company logo I ever heard of. This logo begins with a sepia environment with particles flying everywhere (looks like the intro of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare), and there's a figure in the distance! As we zoom in, it is a skinless, goblin-looking humanoid creature. It lifts his head up screaming and drops down. And we see part of the logo with a disturbing grey-drawing of a screaming lip with a bloody lip!

But gets worse! When the logo is ready to be finished, the creature from before lungs up and screams at the viewer(s), and goes back down! Just seeing that is horrible and scary, and it makes us shriek in horror! Not it only creeps everyone out, but it is also abusing us!

After that, the white, bold text "HORROR FACTORY" appears stacked next to the rectangle, and the text "THE screamy French TOUCH" appears below the logo, what horrible cringe-worthy sounds, like a woman ...more

That has the most goriest pic in the whole world. I mean Seriously what is up with the blood on the goblin? The other logo is way creepier than that

France's scariest logo ever.

Damn that gave me the creeps

16 Stay Tuned After The Feature (The Crow Variant 1994, 1997)

The picture... ugh!

17 Valve "Pump in Head"

Especially the 2012 one where the head turns

PLEASE don't turn your head to me!

18 Zombastic Productions (2001)

What happened to Papyrus?

Sans Undertale gets a flu shot

19 MGM Television (1960-1961)

Scared me after watching The Grinch when I was only Single Digits (0-9, but not at 7, 8 or 9)

How is this scary?

OK, now that I've seen the picture, the TELEVISION LION IS SCARIER THAN THE MOVIE LION!


20 Neon Mickey (1978-1986)

It was scary when I first saw it years ago but now it's not scary at all.

It isn't that scary.

21 MTV "FrankenSkippy" (1997)

This is terrifying...

22 DiC "Chorus from Hell" (1987)

The Kid in Bed scared it bejeezus out of me. I have nightmares of this even as an adult!


23 WGBH (short version)

This logo was part of my childhood and it was NOT scary


24 WGBH Boston (announcer variant)
25 United Artists (1982-1987, 1994, 2004)
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