Best Women's Workout Clothing Brands

When it's time to get your sweat on, it helps to wear something that both helps you perform at your best as well as makes you look great.
Nobody wants to get sweaty in a cotton T-shirt and Jeans that weigh you down and makes you uncomfortable. Here are a list of the best clothing brands for women so you can get your workout in with some style.

The Top Ten

1 Lululemon

Lulu's are actually amazing! they fit so well & feel so nice whether its just yoga, a full workout or running around the town

You won't find a pair of Lululemon pants that doesn't make you look awesome. Specializing in Yoga, running, and general working out.

Who cares about looking pretty when working out. I'm a tomboy and I would wear sneakers shorts and a t-shirt and no pink, I'm 12 years old.

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2 Victoria Secret's VSX V 1 Comment Visit Website9
3 Stüssy Visit Website9
4 Koral

Love this brand! Their leggings fit and feel amazing and they are very versatile. I can wear them to the gym, out running errands or just lounging around and I love the details in their leggings and bra tops.

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5 Nike

I know they are a top brand but not everyone can be number one. I like the styles and the selection. They are functional for your workouts for sure.

You can never go wrong with nike! they have always been around & they aways will.. their clothes are amazing & their shoes are just as amazing if not better

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6 Alala Visit Website9
7 Athleta

Comfortable, stylish, and best of all they give you a "sweat in it and still return it if necessary" policy. You can buy Athleta clothing and rest assured that if they don't work out for you, they will take them back.

Most comfortable clothes I've ever owned and the return policy is amazing. I always feel like family when I go into the store; everyone is just so nice!

The quality of their clothing is better than other brands. I've had some items for years and still look good!

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8 Joe Fresh Visit Website9
10 Under Armour

Worn by the pros, there's no reason to not love your Under Armour gear. It wicks away your sweat which keeps you cool during your activity, and it looks great as a fitted layer.

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The Contenders

11 Urban Outfitters Visit Website
12 Lorna Jane V 1 CommentVisit Website
13 Reebok

Worn as the official brand of CrossFit and I can see why. From my Reebok gym bag to my minimal shoes, Reebok has you covered. Their clothes are comfy to wear both in and out of the gym.

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14 Columbia Sportswear

While not normally viewed as a workout clothing, they make the list because they are perfect for the activities you are training for. What good is a workout if it doesn't transition you into something outside of the gym. Columbia gives you the real-world comfort and performance clothing you need to realize your goals.

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15 Diadora
16 Prana

Worn by both climbers and yogis (talk about your clothes needing durability and flexibility) Prana has an option for everyone.

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17 Patagonia

Workouts, surfing, hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding... You name it and Patagonia is great to wear while doing it.

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18 Champion

The in-house workout brand of Target stores, they are in expensive and easy to find. They make great sports bras and you get lots of colors and styles of everything to choose from.

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20 Lucy

Great pants, tops, jackets, etc. A lesser-known brand but still an awesome choice if you want to look good while deadlifting or practicing your handstands.

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