Top Ten League of Legends Tank Champions


The Top Ten

1 Rammus

He really is the best and he's passive is op and he's w is the best armor and magic resist bonuses. He's taunt op, he's ult op

Best tanker that I've ever used in League of Legends. All of his skill is very powerful and useful in clash. Rammus can ambush one or two enemy and can easily escape using his first skill.

Great at soaking up damage while returning it with W. Not to mention his ultimate does huge aoe damage and his a can disrupt team fights perfectly or be used to chase down and kill single targets that have tried to escape. No one escapes the rammus.

Can solo late game split pushers like Jax and deals damage to those who attack him.

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2 Amumu

Best in 1on1! And so CUTE ☺

He is best tank ever1!

Best for clash and harassing enemy :3

So cute

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3 Shen

He is a ninja. enough said.

The most tanky champions used by the real players in championship

Best of the best

Shen is more reliable then other tanks and his kit is more focuses on protection and taunt that's important

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4 Volibear

Passive rules! With heal he is the strongest!

Awesome champion you only need health so OP

First he's a bear second he's he's cool

Can 1v1 anybody, great at ganking and just overall a great tank.

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5 Nautilus

The best jungle Tank ever!

He is best tank

Huge shield for 10 second no more

Don't spam shield early. Needs few items to become just a waste of time to focus. Can put out tons of
damage as well.

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6 Cho Gath

You're practically invincible with the right items and 6 feast stacks.

He shreds people in team fight best meat shield

Probably the most underrated champ in the game.

His ult make him more bigger and more tanker

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7 Singed

Come on guys, Singed deserved to be in top 5

Can tank five enemies at once with an hitter by his side to kill them all.

Just walk around the enemy team, do the most damage and walk out healthy

How do you win a teamfight? Right, by focusing the enemy dmg dealers. Rather hard with an extremely tanky Singed running through and dealing dmg to your whole team while ccing you.

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8 Malphite

Unstoppable Force is perfect for team fights, and spamming seismic shard is great for chases. All round tank.

Best tank out there. Once leveled up, seismic shard does incredible amounts on champions such as Ashe, Miss Fortune, and any other attack based champion.

Best tank beginning attacks who can make kills and so hard to kill

Insane burst and damage over time

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9 Galio

Tips say not to even try to double him! Enough said!

Aguanta bastante si lo sabes usar

10 Alistar

Best tank for me

The headbutt is the enememy worst nightmare

He is built to tank, just look at his ULT!

Number one support in s5 LCS for a reason

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The Newcomers

? Ornn

He's just way too good

? Rakan

Why not? It's a good support.

The Contenders

11 Zac

His initiating skills are awesome and he could change the tide of the team fight.

With the right build on him he can defeat anyone even jax top

He can make every enemy be stunned and it can make your ally have free hit on the enemy plus his first can slow the enemy

No champion compares to the initiation and disruption Zac has. He's an all-around tanky dude with an awesome kit.

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12 Renekton

Renekton has the most spam able abilities ever.

He is great early game and does tons of damage.

Amazing tank


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13 Shyvana

Awesome tank my first tank and loved her

Very good tank yet so under rated

Shyvanna is easily a good tank.

Combines up to 7% max health damage per hit + tankiness.
Also is a dragon. Which is cool.

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14 Maokai

So much utility from the tree...

Saplings can kill too

Maokai and alistar are the best tanks

Super tanky, amazing at crowd control and can easily take anyone 1v1. Also, he can be a great support since his abilities can stun and slow enemies.

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15 Garen

Now he is even better made by lol, sick passive on level 11

Second skill is OP

He resist to everything

He protec, he attac, but most importantly, he remove plac

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16 Taric

Taric gonna backdoor you so hard

Guys, Taric has 2nd skill making op champions vulnerable plus his stun

Gems are better than you man

Barrier plus heal plus heal plus heal plus heal. Oh not enough mana.

17 Dr. Mundo

Goes where he pleases

Dr mundo is the best and strongest champ

Mundo kills who he pleases.

Come to Mundo!

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18 Teemo

U crazy man teemo its not tank

It is the perfect

Enter the tankmo

Teemo tank? don't ever try it, full ap was better ;-;

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19 Thresh

Thresh is by far the strongest champion in the game if the player can use him the game is already won.

So great cc in teamfights his q op

20 Leona

I would say that she is the best to have on your team because of her ability to sustain as well as give damage

Nice tank when played nicely with good coordination much of a setter.

So much stun which can be a big difference under allied turrets.


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21 Poppy

My personal favorite and way better than the position on this list

She's supposed to be number one

Way better than current position '24'

Should be first

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22 Sion

My personal favorite tank deals lots of damage too

Very op my favorite tank and capital underrated, I also second on garden jaravan and Warwick although he is not a tank but he is the most op on the list.

I do not tire! I do not Bleed!

Free Shield up to level OVER 9000! and with the new S7 Masteries he's even tankier.
10 Years of CC and a passive that stacks Health... any more reasons needed?

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23 Tahm Kench

He is so overpowered, he quite literally cannot die because of grey health and being able to eat allies and other champions are op.

Tahm kench is very strong and have much hp so I recommend this champ

Kench is able to save friendlies and kill enimies with his W, slow and harass with his Q, survive the most brutal Ganks with his E and roam anywhere with his ult

24 Sejuani

Her stun makes her gank instant kill

Op passive she is a lategame queen get Righteous glory, and banshee's veil for an unstoppable gank, she also does 20% max health damige to champs she shatters meaning deleet tank. Her passive is also amazing giving you 100% bonus armour an Mt meaning 750 armour is easy to get that's about 88% reduced damage

Mobility, more HP = more Damage output.
Lots of HP&Armor and HP&M. Res items to build acordingly to situation.

25 Nasus

Is a threat late game.

If you let nasus do ANYTHING! Farm kill jungle support, he will murder you. 1v1ing a nasus that's not dueling that's suicide.

Terrible guy who just has good stats

With his R you gain extra health and also his passive gives 10-20% lifesteal depending on champion level.
He should at least be more tank then teemo.

26 Darius

He's really strong if he's a late gamer

I love Darius cause of his ult reset and Passive

27 Warwick

Great sustain, keeps getting stronger throughout the game.

Has an Ult that is great for engaging with a side of support with his W

Lifesrealing makes ww a awe tank

28 Jarvan IV
29 Master Yi

Not a tank at all... more like jgl supp


30 Pantheon

Ultra is good, could 1v1 losts of fighters as long as he has black cleaver

Good in early game
Best damage
Can get dragon in level 2 if you use his passive properly
Can pretty much rape anyone in top lane

31 Vi
32 Blitzcrank



33 Riven

So OP with ult that increases attck dmg and then lets you fire a spray of dmg to finish enemies who try to flee

34 Olaf

We all know he should be #1

My ace in the hole! You can run to people at full hp and get them to none while you stay consistantly at around 5% hp. Very nice tank

Tank olaf! Ninja tabi, iceborn gauntlet, sunfire cape, ravenous hydra, wit's end and spirit visage! Try to beat that! Bam

35 Aatrox

Used is as a tank and its OP

36 Kog'Maw
37 Skarner

Under rated champion, and he's fast.

This guy is amazing

Best jungle 2k18

38 Swain

Just buy zhonya and watch your ennemy team cry

39 Wukong

Great tank that can take a hit and deliver an even bigger one. Designed for "in your face" and beefy shield he is one of the most well rounded tanks with many advantages.

Only good for bronzes other than at bronze he sucks cause people learn he to not hit his clone

He is so op and strong and he can tank like no other

WuKong is a Great tank his abilitys do a lot of damage and attacks also he is a really good tank enough said

40 Jayce

He's so good at being bad

41 Rumble

The best teamfighter AP Toper

42 Veigar
43 Vladimir

How can you forget Vladimir, the most easily sustainable laner in the game, every move he does heals him more, all you need is magic resist and armor and he's feared throughout the game, then his passive is so OP its scary to face him, I faced Vlad vs Vlad and it was a 10 minute battle of draining health back and forth. Best tank mage in the game.

Every skill helps him to stay alive in the lane. Skill vampirism, colldown reduction and he can suck their blood forever.

44 Soraka

Have you ever stand in a lane with Soraka and Taric, try your best to take 1 kill from them even with jungle gank:-/

45 Yasuo

He’s a cool dude

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