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1 Rammus

He really is the best and he's passive is op and he's w is the best armor and magic resist bonuses. He's taunt op, he's ult op

Great at soaking up damage while returning it with W. Not to mention his ultimate does huge aoe damage and his a can disrupt team fights perfectly or be used to chase down and kill single targets that have tried to escape. No one escapes the rammus.

Best tanker that I've ever used in League of Legends. All of his skill is very powerful and useful in clash. Rammus can ambush one or two enemy and can easily escape using his first skill.

Pure Tank!

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2 Amumu

Best in 1on1! And so CUTE ☺

Best for clash and harassing enemy :3

He is best tank ever1!

Great for harassing enemy champs, especially if you know how to gank as him. Boost his speed, jack up his health, armor, and mana, and give him sunfire cape, and they won't survive. Pump levels into Bandage Toss and Tantrum to get the most use out of him.

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3 Volibear

Passive rules! With heal he is the strongest!

Awesome champion you only need health so OP

First he's a bear second he's he's cool

Can demolish anyone top or mid

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4 Shen

He is a ninja. enough said.

The most tanky champions used by the real players in championship

Best of the best

The main is the main

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5 Nautilus

The best jungle Tank ever!

Tons of mass and CC. Literally a brick wall that the enemy has to go through if they want to reach your team in a fight.

He is best tank

Don't spam shield early. Needs few items to become just a waste of time to focus. Can put out tons of
damage as well.

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6 Cho Gath

You're practically invincible with the right items and 6 feast stacks.

Probably the most underrated champ in the game.

Too op if you get stacks in jungle

Yes, with his skills dealing magic damage, and he's feast is a one hitting beast, this makes him a extremly hard to kill champion. He can have 10k health if fed and late game, and have 300 defense too. And since he deals so much damage too, when you see him, no matter what you use, you're dead. AP or AD.

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7 Malphite

Unstoppable Force is perfect for team fights, and spamming seismic shard is great for chases. All round tank.

Best tank out there. Once leveled up, seismic shard does incredible amounts on champions such as Ashe, Miss Fortune, and any other attack based champion.

Best tank beginning attacks who can make kills and so hard to kill

Insane burst and damage over time

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8 Singed

Can tank five enemies at once with an hitter by his side to kill them all.

Come on guys, Singed deserved to be in top 5

Just walk around the enemy team, do the most damage and walk out healthy

How do you win a teamfight? Right, by focusing the enemy dmg dealers. Rather hard with an extremely tanky Singed running through and dealing dmg to your whole team while ccing you.

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9 Alistar

He can tank for days with no problem, has a sustain and built in sunfire, lets not forget the dmg reduction on his ult.

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10 Zac

With the right build on him he can defeat anyone even jax top

He can make every enemy be stunned and it can make your ally have free hit on the enemy plus his first can slow the enemy

His initiating skills are awesome and he could change the tide of the team fight.

Incredible ganking potential, plus a large health pool. Deals lots of damage especially with w's % health damage. His team fight and disrupt are crazy powerful. Breaks up an enemy team with ult. Requirements for a good tank: Sustain (zacs passive), CC, ( zac has slow, knock up and his e actually stuns for a bit, And add rylies to that! ) and off course tankiness. Lets not forget zacs second life. now that's the perfect tank!

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11 Galio

Tips say not to even try to double him! Enough said!

Aguanta bastante si lo sabes usar

12 Renekton

He is great early game and does tons of damage.

He is the best tank ever with his heatlh regen and no mana.
He can easily harass with his E. Buy his for instant win!

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13 Shyvana

Awesome tank my first tank and loved her

Very good tank yet so under rated

Shyvanna is easily a good tank.

Has a great ult that can be OP near the end of the game if fury charges quick enough, making all other abilities OP

14 Maokai

So much utility from the tree...

Maokai and alistar are the best tanks

I can use treeman to kill Ashe, Sona, Fortune all together by self even if I've only got 25% health left, can make them all left 10% health, just need a Master Yi Q to do triple. Just can't chase.

This is the competitive pick, he can tank a lot and help his team with his ult during team fights.
At the right hands, he is the most devastating tank

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15 Garen

Now he is even better made by lol, sick passive on level 11

Second skill is OP

He resist to everything

15min and you can push top alone

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16 Taric

Guys, Taric has 2nd skill making op champions vulnerable plus his stun

Taric gonna backdoor you so hard

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17 Dr. Mundo

Goes where he pleases

Dr mundo is the best and strongest champ

Mundo can tank so much damage, people have to realize that tank is not about having a lot of health just being able to take dmg and Mundo can definitely do that

His ult along with his passive and a warmogs will make near unkillable. Plus the fact that his q scales with HIS health.

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18 Teemo

U crazy man teemo its not tank

It is the perfect

Enter the tankmo

Teemo is by far the strongest tank. No other champion compares to his global taunt that taunts everyone during teamfights. It's like shen, and basically every good aspect of every other champion, put together into an awesome temfighting, dps, tank, mage, assassin, stealth, carry.

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19 Thresh

Thresh is by far the strongest champion in the game if the player can use him the game is already won.

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20 Leona

I would say that she is the best to have on your team because of her ability to sustain as well as give damage

Nice tank when played nicely with good coordination much of a setter.

So much stun which can be a big difference under allied turrets.

Underestimated. That's why I play her a lot.

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