Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

The Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

1 Lego Spongebob: The Video Game

I think this would be a good idea

this tops all the others!

It Could Kinda Be Good, But Since We Have Been Given Crappy Spongebob Games Recently, Maybe Not Sadly - VideoGamefan5

Below, well, it just happened, lord of the rings!

2 Lego Percy Jackson

This would be the best game ever. It could be based off the books and even have a villian mode where you get to play with villians like the minotaur and echidna and you fight heroes like percy jackson and annabeth chase. There could be lego percy jackson city mode. You could even create your own heroes, villians and gods. You should get to play with gods and goddesses too like hades and athena. There could be a quest mode where you can go on a quest with nico and percy. There could be a god mode where you go on adventures with gods and goddesses. There could be a book mode where you can read the books including the heroes of olympus series. There cou be a realm mode where you can go to different realms like the underworld and mt. Olympus.

I agree but the only Platform for lego games is the wii LEGO make this true it would be really the best so please make this a real game I would love to kick kronos's butt but if it didn't come out a lot of people would be upset so if it came out it would come out it would probably be a good game so please make it a real game!

Spongebob sucks in general and I'm almost done with the one in the original so Percy Jackson has my vote

Yo I think this should be the best, then walking dead, hunger games, doctor who, and James Bond. So Lego productions, wii, x box, and others, think about these, leave a like!

3 Lego Hunger Games

Survival of the best mini figure! Yes! Yes! Yes!

HUNGER GAMES! My dad watches this, I'm like just a kid and I watched a little of hunger games, its awesome ( though very sad : ( ) And add this multiplayer game that they search the web to find other people and you get to get bows and arrows and kill people, ( this is true violence ) SO COL!

I would totally play this! If they did make it, obviously they would follow the story itself, but it would be awesome if once you finished the game, or at least the first two movies, you unlock a special game mode where you can select a character and an arena, and then actually play the hunger games

I love hunger games today I look for it but I didn't find it but I found this so please make it oh please please please please please

4 Lego Pokemon

The thing about Pokemon that makes it so fun is catching all these wondrous creatures in the wild and training them to become vicious power machines. I don't think they could fit the open world aspect of catching Pokemon with a poke ball in a Lego game

Personally I'm a huge fan of pokemon but a lego pokemon game is a terrible idea. How would it even work?

It should be either based on the anime or it could have it's own story made up just for this one game.

If LEGO Rock Band taught us anything, it's that there should never be LEGO video games based on video games. - Extractinator04

5 Lego James Bond

They could do like 007 Legends did (but do a better job at it) and have one or two movies from each actor and have at least 3 or 4 levels of each movie they use. George Lazenby would have to be only one movie though, because we all know he was Bond only once. And Timothy Dalton only did it twice.

I agree. 23 movies plus Spectre coming soon! This franchise needs a Lego version

Yeah, somebody please make this happened, and let it be a big open world.

They could make one game for each actors era

6 Lego Mortal Kombat

This is too violent for a Lego spin-off - Mcgillacuddy

I don't think that would work well with the adults... - DapperPickle

Yes this would be incredible

Uh no not for kids

7 Grand Theft Auto: Lego City

Its good for kids with autism (like me) AND NO F BOMBS OR OTHER CRUDE WORDS

Yeah poor kids not allowed play Grand Theft Auto now kids have a taste of Grand Theft Auto - ironman21

Oh ya little lego heads being shot off!

Search up Lego City Undercover on wiki it is a lot like that but you are a policeman - Lord28

They could make a kids version without swearing or violence.

8 Lego Star Trek

With so many things in the Star Trek universe, there could be so much to do. We could explore all of the uss enterprises and a lot of planets and several levels from the movies. And with lots of characters, it would be an amazing game to make.

Obviously, why isn't this a very popular idea.
With like 7 movies about space exploration and battle, it would be awesome in Lego

I would love to see a Lego Star trek game, and there is so much that could be put into lego, but I found out there is no Lego Star trek because of a licensing issue.

This would be cool if it was out because you would get to fly space ships and other cool things!

9 Lego Transformers

Just try to not get Michael Bay In The Deal. - DapperPickle

Should make this about the five movies it would be kid appropriate

If this game came out I would freak out!

Yes I think the transformers would be awesome on Lego

10 Lego Super Mario Bros

This would be pretty cool - vvmax

This sounds totally awesome! But unfortunatley there's probably no chance of it happening because they already made Kin'x Mario Kart.

Yeah But Still COOL THOUGH

In sted add bowser to Lego dimensions

The Newcomers

? Lego Yo-Kai Watch

The Contenders

11 Lego Jurassic Park the Video Game

You can play from Jurassic park, the lost world Jurassic park and Jurassic park 3 in a Lego game.

Lego Jurassic Park would be a fun filled video game. The franchise is amazing. I've seen every movie and I've played the normal video game. They should definitely create a masterpiece by Steven Spielberg and put it into a lego video game. All of these ideas would be great but Lego Jurassic Park would win several E3 Awards

This already exists but maybe it was put here before the game was announced - Username123

I think this would be great to play with dinosaurs in a Lego game it would be so awesome!

12 Lego Simpsons

This would rule Lego homer

Now make it now

It's in LEGO Dimensions fools. - Extractinator04

The Simpsons is so funny

13 Lego Back to the Future

This is a awesome idea to use especially since lego dimensions made this into it so people are ready to see this become a thing

They're going to make one because they released the Delorean on August 1, 2013

Imagine a lego Doc

It would be perfect and there could be 3 games or all combined into the whole game

14 Lego Doctor Who

That would be SO epic! I mean, that would be amazing and creepy at the same time!

I agree there should me a TARDIS that sends you through time an space and you can be daleks cyber man and there should be the companions and rose Martha Donna Amy Clara it would be so cool and different sonic screwdrivers for different doctor and you can be a dalek exterminating all and weeping angels this will be so perfect. And they should be voiced so they can talk this should be acuccaly made its going to be epic and fantastic and brilliant Geronimo!

This should already be a thing. Doctor Who has so many infinite possibilities due to it giving you the ability to travel through time and space. There is so many advenrures the Doctor has gone on that we do not know about. Not only would this make a great foundation for a brand new lego series but Doctor Who could have it's very own games that are non Lego as well that is not on the PC but on video gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or Xbox One as well.

The only possible way I could see a Doctor Who video game working out is if it is in Lego.

15 Lego Marvel vs DC

We need LEGO MARVEL Avengers 2 / LEGO MARVEL Avengers: First Three Fases

Whoever added this: you are the greatest genius to ever live - this would the most EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC and, you got it, EPIC game EVER!

This would be a awesome game. This would make so much money, and be so cool if made right.

That would be great if all of superheroes gathered...

16 Lego Spiderman

If they make this make it about all versions of Spider-Man and then have them all combine in one LEGO game

Oh Heck Yeah, You Can Play In All 5 Films, In Spider-Man 1 You Get To Fight The Goblin, And Spider-Man 2 You Fight The Villains, In Spider-Man 3, You Can Unlock Venom, Amazing Spider-Man 1 You Unlock Lizard, And In Amazing Spider-Man 2, You Fight Electro And Save The City, I Would Like This! - VideoGamefan5

Come ON! Think of the awesome characters, great powers for each person, this should seriously be a Lego game. And not a stupid strategy one! - Mushroom99

Lego spider man should be made because Lego spider man has been number one all my life and spider man is so cool that they should make a Lego game of him

17 Lego Batman 3

They are already going to release a Lego batman 3 in fall 2014. It's going to have over 150 characters. It's also going to included big figs like killer croc and Solomon Grundy. New characters will be included such as cheetah, firefly, and Solomon Grundy.

I want this because # 2 ends with brainiac saying, "I found them."

It would be good if the tumbler was in this batman game and make batman look cool and it would be cool if you did not put a yellow circle around the symbol.

I went to the store to get it and they said it was sold out so it, s probably pretty good

18 Super Lego Bros Brawl

Lego Champions Battle Royale
Where all your favorite characters battle it out. Battle on awesome stages and cool assists help you out. Plus you can create your own characters and stages.

Awesome awesome awesome the wii and wii u are awesome in lego?! Awesome

I love SSBB but it should never be LEGO. - Extractinator04

No they ussaly copy adult movies

19 Lego Dragon Ball Z

Do you know what I would do to have this game exist?

Make it so secret players are in the game and levels.

Make it so you can fly threw the air and into space.

Come on designers I will pay money for this game to be real.

20 Lego Crash Bandicoot

They are never doing this. Instead they did Crash in Skylanders. - Extractinator04

Good way to revive an old series. Or better yet, a Lego PlayStation videogame with all popular PlayStation characters like Ratchet and Jak etc

21 Lego Spy Kids: Movies 1-4

That's so cool, I totally think they should do that!

Just the first three because four deserves to die

Yeah! They have laser guns in their schoolbags!

Don't DO IT LEGO - Extractinator04

22 Lego Megaman

I would love it. You can play as every robot master, play nostalgic levels, and more

I would love to see Lego parodies of the already-terrible Mega Man box art! - xandermartin98

I would buy this. Convince Capcom Lego.

Yes do it!

23 Lego Power Rangers

It could be a action LEGO game based on the 2017 power rangers movie

I think it would be a great idea and for every new power rangers T.V. show there should be a dlc

24 Lego the Simpsons

It is already on here

25 Lego Dragon Heart

Wats dragon heart

What is this. - Extractinator04

26 Lego Super Heroes

Every superhero and super villian

Yes finally

27 Lego Sonic the Hedgehog

I love sonic the hedgehog and I think they should really make a sonic game PLEASE MAKE A SONIC LEGO SONIC GAME

That Be So Cool! I Can See It Now! Eggman Takes The World Apart Brick By Brick!

Oh come on that would be awesome

Amazing. I am writing a document about what should be in one

28 Lego the Neverending Story: Movies 1 and 2
29 Lego Rugrats: The Video Game

it would look weird, but would still be cool.

I want them to be in Lego dimensions

Make a Lego ren and stimpy please,!

Ren and stimpy

30 Lego How to Train Your Dragon

We love reading the books and would love to play the game if it were made.

I would give anything to stop this from happening. - Extractinator04

I toataly agree I love the movie aspesaly the riders of berk series


31 Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Meca Blocks bought TMNT unfortunately. - Extractinator04

heck yeah


I'd love to see my favorite green teens face off against Shredder Razhar Fishface Tiger Claw Bebop and Rocksteady and Kraang Sub-Prime. Shredder And Karai would be the final bosses and they would have a lot of hearts. The Games DLC's include the 80's DLC The Live Action Movies DLC and The Out Of The Shadows DLC. Also there are side missions and Shredder gets knocked out in this game and oh yeah the DLC's all have boss battles and the DLC's are on the WiiU how exciting and awesome is that for ya?

32 Lego South Park

Yes please bring it you killed kenny

Not for kids


33 Lego Gran Turismo
34 Lego Pac-Man the Video Game

The pac-man in the game will be the new pac-man

35 Lego Terra Nova

Loved the show, would make an excellent video game.

36 Lego Ant Man

Ant Man would be fun to play around with And interact with giant ants and toys.

37 Lego Mass Effect
38 Lego Justice League

They made this extremely long ago, only they titled it "LEGO Batman 2". - Extractinator04

That already belong to the Lego batman games

This would be an amazing idea I wanted Lego justice league for years the could have lesser known characters like ocean master and kilowog that would be awesome

39 Lego Marvel Super Heros 2

There making the game in the fall it's called Lego avengers.

1 was fantastic, sequel needs making

Yeah cool

40 Lego Saints Row
41 Lego Spongebob

Defeat plankton and eat Krabby pattys

42 Lego A-Team

I am a kid and I know what a team is

Come on, are you serious? Kids don't know A-Team because it's a 80's show! Well, ok, Teen Titans Go! Did have an A-Team reference, but they don't know A-Team! - BennettAwesomeTV


43 Lego Minecraft

I remember I thought minecraft was a lego game the very first time I saw my brother play it, I remember seeing the oak door, I thought I was a lego door and thought minecraft was a lego building game, until I first played minecraft - trains45

Sorry, not to rain on your parade, but I love Minecraft and I kinda think it would be the same. What difference is it? There is no difference and Lego involves playing as different characters. You only play as mobs and steve. Sorry but you don't have my vote - GreenMachine220

Minecraft was a big hit and we want that to Lego so please make it for any android console pc Mac and just everything and we could add mods use the oculus rift to make it realistic so please PLEASE make this and then everyone will be proud of you and I will love you guys forever if you make it just please do it!

Actually there is a new game coming in October-November 2015 (i think) called Lego World that is the same as Minecraft but in Lego form.

44 Lego Godzilla

Make this a game and make lego set of this next weekend

It Would Be The Most Awesome Game Based On A mOVIE - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

I think this game would be great to play!

If it was really real that would be awesome make it make it! Also add in dinosaurs and bowser! And make it sp you can play as bowser dinosaurs and Godzilla! 1 and 2

45 WWE Smackdown vs Raw Lego Breakdown

Yes yes yes yes yes. But it feels like it should have been made in 2003 or 2000

Damn this should be made

Awesome my two favorite things in one game

Imagine a Lego big show

46 Lego Toy Story

There isn't a LEGO game of the this. Woody being playable in the LEGO Incredibles game doesn't count. They have already made LEGO sets and three movies with a fourth one coming next year. Once the fourth one is out, they should definitely make a LEGO game of it like they did with both Incredibles movies and made it into a game - VeranAsh

This would be a cool lego game I would probably play it - trains45

This already came out


47 Lego Fire Emblem

Although the series is mostly for teens they could easily make it pg. I would love to see a lego game of Fire Emblem Fates with all three routes

It would be very unlikely sience logo games are for kids and fire emblem is for teens

48 Lego Muppets

The Muppets are terrific entertainers, and the video game would be a fun way to recreate this for fans.

The Muppets have never had a terrific video game which is a shame. So we need this.

I think they would look creepy in Lego form. - DapperPickle

This would be the best Muppet video game yet!

49 Lego Kirby Return to Dream Land

The hub worlds would be cool. Think about going as a doomer in world 5.

It would be awesome

50 Lego Super Smash Bros Brawl

Yeah this would be great. The characters would be the fighters and trophies. The trophies moveset would be different than the fighters. Then after this, we could get Lego super smash bros 4. After this we could get Lego smash ultimate.

This was already on the list

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