Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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201 Lego Blade

He was in Lego Marvel

202 Lego Monster vs Aliens
203 Lego Robin Hood
204 Lego Monsters Inc.
205 Lego Spawn
206 Lego Wall-E
207 Lego Heroes

Based off of the series T.V. show

I'd like that. And Lego lost - GreenMachine220

208 Lego the Incredibles
209 Lego Batman Beyond
210 Lego Marvel Maximum Overload

Based off the show

211 Lego Resident Evil

You can play as anyone in the series and no one dies! - MyRockets345

212 Lego Attack On Titan
213 Lego Lost

You could play as anyone, even people who didn't crash. Play in the levels with the others, play in the sideways world or just explore the island. Watch out for the smoke monster though. Lost isn't too violent so lets make this happen

214 Lego Maleficent
215 Lego Advance Wars
216 Lego Sports

Just think about a bunch of popular sports in one game

217 Lego Adventures

Think of it all the mini figures that were from Star Wars to the mini figure pack, Indiana Jones to Batman, and Dc to Ninjago. And all the way back to the 1980's oh man a full packed great game. Probably over a thousand characters. It would be EPIC!

218 Lego Princesses
219 Lego Call of Duty: Brick Ops
220 Lego Apocalypse
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