Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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201 Lego Avatar the Legend of Korra
202 Lego Heroes of Olympus: Blood of Olympus

Heck yes! I love this series and it would be so fun to play as Gaia, Zeus, Poseidon, and pretty much any god, not to mention the cool main characters!

V 1 Comment
203 Lego World of Warcraft
204 Lego Child's Play V 2 Comments
205 Lego Majora's Mask V 1 Comment
206 Lego X-Files
207 Lego Party Game
208 Lego Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

All characters have to look like how they do in age of axtinction

209 Lego Super Hero Squad V 1 Comment
210 Lego Slugterra
211 Lego Hellboy
212 Lego Underworld
213 Lego Blade

He was in Lego Marvel

214 Lego Monster vs Aliens
215 Lego Robin Hood
216 Lego Aladdin

Ya It Would Be Good!

217 Lego Monsters Inc.
218 Lego Spawn
219 Lego Wall-E
220 Lego Heroes

Based off of the series T.V. show

I'd like that. And Lego lost - GreenMachine220

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