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21 Lego Dragon Ball Z

Do you know what I would do to have this game exist?

Make it so secret players are in the game and levels.

Make it so you can fly threw the air and into space.

This game would suck. - Extractinator04

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22 Lego Spy Kids: Movies 1-4

That's so cool, I totally think they should do that!

Yeah! They have laser guns in their schoolbags!

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23 Lego Megaman

I would love to see Lego parodies of the already-terrible Mega Man box art! - xandermartin98

24 Lego Power Rangers

I think it would be a great idea and for every new power rangers T.V. show there should be a dlc

25 Lego Ninjago (Non-Battles Version)

The ds one stunk bad so they better make it for seasons 1,2 and 3 if they have one just make it alredy.

Good news, A non battles version for season 3 is coming out for the 3DS

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26 Lego Sonic the Hedgehog

I love sonic the hedgehog and I think they should really make a sonic game PLEASE MAKE A SONIC LEGO SONIC GAME

That Be So Cool! I Can See It Now! Eggman Takes The World Apart Brick By Brick!

Oh come on that would be awesome

Lego dimensions - VideoGamefan5

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27 Lego the Simpsons

It is already on here

28 Lego Muppets

The Muppets are terrific entertainers, and the video game would be a fun way to recreate this for fans.

The Muppets have never had a terrific video game which is a shame. So we need this.

I think they would look creepy in Lego form. - DapperPickle

This would be bad. - Extractinator04

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29 Lego Dragon Heart V 2 Comments
30 Lego Super Heroes V 2 Comments
31 Lego Rugrats: The Video Game

it would look weird, but would still be cool.

I want them to be in Lego dimensions

Make a Lego ren and stimpy please,!

Ren and stimpy

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32 Lego the Neverending Story: Movies 1 and 2
33 Lego How to Train Your Dragon

We love reading the books and would love to play the game if it were made.

Loved the movie, would make an excellent video game.

I would give anything to stop this from happening. - Extractinator04


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34 Lego Tron Legacy
35 Lego Justice League

They made this extremely long ago, only they titled it "LEGO Batman 2". - Extractinator04

That already belong to the Lego batman games

This would be an amazing idea I wanted Lego justice league for years the could have lesser known characters like ocean master and kilowog that would be awesome

36 Lego Minecraft

Sorry, not to rain on your parade, but I love Minecraft and I kinda think it would be the same. What difference is it? There is no difference and Lego involves playing as different characters. You only play as mobs and steve. Sorry but you don't have my vote - GreenMachine220

Minecraft was a big hit and we want that to Lego so please make it for any android console pc Mac and just everything and we could add mods use the oculus rift to make it realistic so please PLEASE make this and then everyone will be proud of you and I will love you guys forever if you make it just please do it!

Actually there is a new game coming in October-November 2015 (i think) called Lego World that is the same as Minecraft but in Lego form.

This Would Suck - VideoGamefan5

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37 Lego Adventure Time

Best show, should be the best game

They made it in LEGO DIMENSIONS. I wish they didn't, - Extractinator04

This is already happening with Lego Dimensions

This woulde be so arwsom.

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38 Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I'd love to see my favorite green teens face off against Shredder Razhar Fishface Tiger Claw Bebop and Rocksteady and Kraang Sub-Prime. Shredder And Karai would be the final bosses and they would have a lot of hearts. The Games DLC's include the 80's DLC The Live Action Movies DLC and The Out Of The Shadows DLC. Also there are side missions and Shredder gets knocked out in this game and oh yeah the DLC's all have boss battles and the DLC's are on the WiiU how exciting and awesome is that for ya?

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39 Lego South Park

Yes please bring it you killed kenny

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40 Lego Gran Turismo
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