Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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41 Lego Mass Effect
42 Lego the Lone Ranger

Great movie could be a great game.

Loved the movie, would make an excellent video game.

This would be gosh so awesome and great to play!

43 Lego Godzilla

Make this a game and make lego set of this next weekend

It Would Be The Most Awesome Game Based On A mOVIE - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

I think this game would be great to play!

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44 Lego Marvel Super Heros 2

There making the game in the fall it's called Lego avengers.

1 was fantastic, sequel needs making

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45 Lego Saints Row
46 Lego A-Team

I am a kid and I know what a team is

Come on, are you serious? Kids don't know A-Team because it's a 80's show! Well, ok, Teen Titans Go! Did have an A-Team reference, but they don't know A-Team! - BennettAwesomeTV

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47 WWE Smackdown vs Raw Lego Breakdown

Yes yes yes yes yes. But it feels like it should have been made in 2003 or 2000

Awesome my two favorite things in one game

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48 Lego Pac-Man the Video Game

The pac-man in the game will be the new pac-man

49 Lego Super Smash Bros Brawl

This was already on the list

50 Lego Austin Powers: Movies 1-3

What better than a video game about a pimp. - DrRyAn

51 Lego Batman 2

They already made this good game - 9361721

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52 Lego Spongebob Revenge of Plankton V 1 Comment
53 Lego Men In Black

This would be great to play and awesome people to play as!

Loved the movies, would make an excellent video game.

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54 Lego Matrix

This would be awesome out of men and black movies and games!

Loved the movies, would make an excellent video game.

Imagine neo trinity and morpheous in some cool Lego adventures

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55 Lego Dead Rising
56 Lego G I Joe
57 Lego Wipeout
58 Lego Walking Dead

Despite the fact that this is an 'adult' show, there is definitely potential for it to change to LEGO's visions. The countless zombie deaths are just like the deaths of all the stormtroopers in Star Wars, and could totally be done in a funny way, getting rid of the gore and adding the typical LEGO humor. As for the human on human violence, this may be one of the only reasons that this game will never happen, but LEGO may be able to find ways around this. Nevertheless, it would be cool to see a game based on the first three seasons and then sequels based on every two seasons after that. The language will also be another major problem if they put dialogue from the show directly into the game like the did for The Avengers and Jurassic World, given all the foul language in the show, but the same words are said in pretty much each of the source material for the games; Star Wars, The Avengers, and Jurassic World. Even if LEGO doesn't want to make games for children based on shows and movies ...more

It would be great to choose your favorite survivor and jss (just survive somehow) through all the seasons of walking dead and they would constantly add episodes as they go on.

That would be mega aesome

Seria genial, tiene el potencial para ser uno de los mejores juegos de lego, un amplio modo libre, explorar wodbury, el santuario, la granja de hershel, attlanta, la prision, un largo modo historia, y muchisimos personajes

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59 Lego Madden

This would be so awesome if Lego mini figures were running up and down the field. You could see your favorite players in Legos!

That would be so awesome to play football as Lego minifigs. I love football and Legos so this sounds awesome. I hope they will make the game.

60 Rangers Apprentice 1-12

It would be awesome will Horace halt erak Crowley Cassandra etc and the herons

Oh my god I gucking love the books but I think it would be a better standalone game

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