Top Ten Lego Video Games That Should Be Made

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41 Lego Terra Nova

Loved the show, would make an excellent video game.

42 Lego Ant Man

Ant Man would be fun to play around with And interact with giant ants and toys.

43 Lego the Lone Ranger

Great movie could be a great game.

Loved the movie, would make an excellent video game.

This would be gosh so awesome and great to play!

I dislike the movie but a Lego game could be interesting - VideoGamefan5

44 Lego Godzilla

Make this a game and make lego set of this next weekend

It Would Be The Most Awesome Game Based On A mOVIE - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

I think this game would be great to play!

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45 Lego Mass Effect
46 WWE Smackdown vs Raw Lego Breakdown

Yes yes yes yes yes. But it feels like it should have been made in 2003 or 2000

Awesome my two favorite things in one game

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47 Lego Marvel Super Heros 2

There making the game in the fall it's called Lego avengers.

1 was fantastic, sequel needs making

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48 Lego A-Team

I am a kid and I know what a team is

Come on, are you serious? Kids don't know A-Team because it's a 80's show! Well, ok, Teen Titans Go! Did have an A-Team reference, but they don't know A-Team! - BennettAwesomeTV

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49 Lego Saints Row
50 Lego Fire Emblem

It would be very unlikely sience logo games are for kids and fire emblem is for teens

51 Lego Batman 2

They already made this good game - 9361721

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52 Lego Pac-Man the Video Game

The pac-man in the game will be the new pac-man

53 Lego Austin Powers: Movies 1-3

I'm a BIG austin powers fan and being able to see it and play it in LEGO form is like a dream come true. and hopefully a LEGO dimensions pack along with LEGO sets based on the movies is just "groovy baby."

What better than a video game about a pimp. - DrRyAn

54 Lego Men In Black

This would be great to play and awesome people to play as!

Loved the movies, would make an excellent video game.

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55 Lego Matrix

This would be awesome out of men and black movies and games!

Loved the movies, would make an excellent video game.

That would be awesome

This would be awesome! It would make a perfect LEGO video game! Warner Bros. is part of the production staff of the LEGO games, and they own the licence to this. The only stumbling block though is the R rating of the whole trilogy. Personally, I don’t think these should have been rated R. They easily could have been rated PG-13. - stinkyjaden

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56 Lego Super Smash Bros Brawl

This was already on the list

57 Lego Madden

This would be so awesome if Lego mini figures were running up and down the field. You could see your favorite players in Legos!

That would be so awesome to play football as Lego minifigs. I love football and Legos so this sounds awesome. I hope they will make the game.

58 Lego Indiana Jones 3

This game would probably be the best Indiana jones game ever!

I hope this game comes out next year in 2016 in the summer

Yes yes yes this is one of the best idea ever

I hope they make a 5th movie of Indiana jones

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59 Lego Spongebob Revenge of Plankton

Yuck. - Extractinator04

60 Lego Dead Rising
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