Top Ten Levels in Lego Video Games

This list is so I can share some levels in lego games I will cover story mode and free play modE but there are some lego games I never played

The Top Ten Levels in Lego Video Games

1 You Can Bank on Batman - Lego Batman 1

One of the most iconic Lego levels of all time... - BritishGoat

Ok You can bank on the creators to make an opening level to blow you mind
It shows vehicles a fun boss fight and a free play mode that is awesome. - Ninjahosen

2 Avengers Assemble - Lego Marvels the Avengers

This level is a great action level with a fun duel with Thor that awesome but the first section needs more freedom in free play. - Ninjahosen

3 Sonic Dimensions - Lego Dimensions

This level is the best add on to lego dimension the best game of all time this level is really fun with some secrets that no one pays attention to because it is good sonic plus a
Spectacular open world. - Ninjahosen

4 Sand Central Station - Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Ok I think this level is overrated in story mode,but in free play it is awesome in its secrets. - Ninjahosen

5 Battle of Hoth - Lego Star Wars 2

One of the best Star Wars moments ever.

Ok how can this not be in here. - Ninjahosen

6 Into the Mountains - Lego Indiana Jones

This level is massive in free play and cinematic in story mode. - Ninjahosen

7 Rapturous Rise - Lego Marvel

This would be higher if free play was clever with secrets but the actoin in story mode was spectacular. - Ninjahosen

8 Europe Against It - Lego Batman 3

This level is spectacular with a free play that is massive and the City's are a blast. - Ninjahosen

9 Big Trouble in Little Gotham - Lego Batman 3

Ok lets go to the best locations in Gotham for another great batman 3 level with fun free play. - Ninjahosen

10 The Final Dimension - Lego Dimensions

Ok this is a great final level with fun secrets and a boss battle to remeber. - Ninjahosen

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