Best Levels from Spyro the Dragon

The levels in the first Spyro trilogy are known for being extremely interesting and unique, so I decided to begin my rankings on the best of these levels. This is a list for only the first game, nothing else.

The Top Ten

1 Tree Tops Tree Tops

Easily the most memorable level in the game, some people remember it for the difficulty, others remember it for the ridiculous supercharging. It's an extremely fun level that is the standout in what is generally agreed to be the worst homeworld. - kempokid

2 Lofty Castle Lofty Castle

The most beutiful relam ever

A pretty and big level starring many different enemies and mechanics, namely the caged fairies. The balloon gnorcs were also really fun and satisfying to attack and watch them fall into nothingness. The standout of this level is easily the amazing aesthetic of the level, with the pinks and whites on the giant floating castle (that you only spend about 20% of your time in) - kempokid

3 Haunted Towers Haunted Towers

Known mostly for the hidden dragon, this is an interesting level with awesome enemies. It is one of the 2 levels in the game that uses the superflame fairy concept, which adds an original feel to the level. The steel doors in the big castles can be broken with a superflame, but It is an amazing amount of fun to supercharge through them and obliterate some giant suits of armour. - kempokid

4 Dark Passage Dark Passage

This level easily has the most infuriating enemies in the game, the fireball turtles. That said, I like challenge and the dark and light mechanic is exquisite and terrified me when I was 6 thanks to the demonic dogs. The nightmare setting for a dream world is an interesting choice that I am glad they went with. - kempokid

5 Wizard Peak Wizard Peak

A large, complex level with many different paths. This was the level that first introduced the concept of stacked supercharging. The highlight of the level is definitely where you can supercharge a group of 5 ice wizards and they start running around in panic. - kempokid

6 Twilight Harbor Twilight Harbor

What I personally consider to be the 2nd most difficult level in the game, Twilight Harbor is full of gnorcs with different kinds of firearms, from a simple pistol, to an assault rifle. The setting of the level is great and feels like an end game level. The industrial theme is one that I would not expect in the first Spyro game, as every other level in the game is some sort of whimsical area. - kempokid

7 Gnorc Cove Gnorc Cove

A creative, fun area where you get to infiltrate a gnorc ship and smash explosives into your armoured foes. The water theme was an odd choice to me as there are no swimming mechanics in this game, meaning they could make normal water a threat instead of having to fill it with piranhas or something equally as scary. - kempokid

8 Toasty
9 High Caves High Caves

The other of the 2 level that includes the superflame fairies and the first level to have supercharging. To top this off, it's the only level in the game to have the fairies that save you from falling, mainly because a lot of this level is supercharging off ramps and getting to new areas. A final interesting part is the variety of ways to get past the invincible bugs. You can run and never look back, you can go get the superflame and get rid of them like that, you can go around the back way and never encounter them or you can use the supercharge. - kempokid

10 Stone Hill Stone Hill

The first real level of the game is surprisingly fun for what it is due to the amount of hidden stuff in it. The level structure is essentially a central area and multiple paths leading off into different areas. The hidden things are all interesting and a great introduction to the game. I also love the giant empty field you can get to that wraps around the whole level, as it feels like you are completely breaking the game. - kempokid

The Contenders

11 Cliff Town Cliff Town

Something about this level really stands out for me in my least favourite homeworld. I love the fact that when you get to the highest point of the area, you can glide to the rooftops. It also contains what I believe to be the best hiding place in the level, behind the wall at the spawn point. Altogether a great world in a mediocre homeworld. - kempokid

12 Dr. Shemp
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