Top Ten Most Beneficial Life Skills

Alright, Life Skills are extremely important things. Maybe the most important things to have. If you don't have the proper life skills, you won't succeed in life, like, at all. So, here I've listed ten life skills that are the most beneficial, and will help you the most in life. This list isn't a joke, unlike many of my other lists. It's actually very important. Feel free to add whatever items you want (actual items, not ridiculous ones, please), and vote for whatever you want, add comments to voice your opinion, remix it, tell us a story where one of these things have benefited you, and so on and so forth.
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1 Creativity

It's no surprise that creativity is this high on the list. This isn't just a valuable learning pursuit; it's also vital to success in school and in the workplace. Creativity Fluency is used in thousands of schools all over the world. While working, innovative products thrive on an organization's ability to design and present them in aesthetically pleasing and unique ways. Creative thinking and application grabs consumers' attention and secures their loyalty. Creativity is basically a unique and expressive language we should all learn to know to communicate our passions and ideas with.

2 Communication

This is perhaps the most overlooked life skill, and I think it's extremely important. You can be super amazing at what you do but not be able to do anything with that talent if you can't communicate properly. Mounds upon mounds of talent and all the other items in the list will get you very far in life, but only this can push you farther. Every important and rich person in the world is very good at communicating, just think about it. In the digital age, communication may have transformed beyond usual communication to digital methods, but it's still there, and still super important. We communicate using technology more than ever. In school, we work in groups to produce solutions to the challenges and problems we face. We do the exact same thing in the workplace. The only way this can be done effectively is with good communication. Having communication skills means less stress, more productivity, and better relationships.

3 Problem Solving

As far as beneficial lifelong learning skills go, this one is possibly the most important. Solving real-world problems is extremely important and will keep you healthy and happy in life, and you need to be uniquely innovative and efficient by doing so, as the world is changing and will continue changing dramatically, bringing new problems with it that we will need to learn to solve efficiently. As such our children will be solving future problems that we can't even imagine yet. They'll face challenges that require skills to define a problem, design an appropriate solution, and put it to effective use. Problem-solving skills help them tackle anything from writing a shopping list to designing and realizing their biggest dreams.

4 Leadership

This is a bit more controversial and risky items on the list, but if you do it correctly, without getting very self-entitled, bossy or arrogant as so many leaders do, it can help you so much in life. Understanding leadership is one of those beneficial lifelong learning skills that can change people's lives. After all, one who leads isn't just one who manages things. What a leader does is inspires people, motivates them, and empowers them. True leaders see the best in people and teach them to harness their potential in all they do. Think of Abraham Lincoln. He did everything I summarised in the past few sentences, and look where it got him. Erm, other than getting him assassinated, that is. Natural leaders are an asset in any place in the world, whether it's at school or in work or something entirely different. Anyone whose attitude moves from "I can do it" to "we can do it" makes everybody feel better and gains that person respect. It's their independence and willingness to take responsibility for making good things happen, not just simply getting things done. That's why leaders see more, do more, and learn more (in some cases. In others they become lazy slobs who don't care about their people, but that isn't true leadership so it doesn't count). Man, was this was a long comment.

5 Curiosity

Curiosity didn't kill the cat. At least I hope it didn't. Okay, that was really lame. My bad. Anyways, lifelong learning, which of course drives many of the other items on this list, is driven by curiosity. Developing curiosity is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial lifelong learning skills you can have. Simply put, without curiosity, there is no learning. You may not want to end up like Curious George, but hey! It's a very important life skill!

I think that this is easily the most important

6 Collaboration

This means being able to work in groups that are both physical and virtual. It includes proficiency in communication, empathy, and leadership values. It also means being able to work with someone across the world as easily and productively as someone across the room. It's really important, as you can't tackle these big problems on your own and you need the skills of working with others to be able to succeed at that.

7 Critical Thinking

The ability to think critically is really important for future success in a rapidly changing world. It's about thinking independently, responsibly, and productively, despite the off-leading name. You need to be very good at critically thinking, pretty much no matter what high-paying job you have.

8 Adaptability

Like I said earlier on this list, the world is changing fast. However, it's not just the world we need to keep an eye on; we must also be flexible in our personal lives. Life is forever-changing, sometimes it's a stream, sometimes a river, and sometimes a tidal wave (look at me with the philosophies!). Learn to keep your head above all of it. We deal with changes of every kind constantly. Business, technology, entertainment, communication, and lifestyle trends are just some of the many. What makes it more challenging is that each major trend can often have several sub-trends of its own. Keeping abreast of these means staying informed and knowing when to take advantage of opportunities. As for life itself, it will always have challenges and changes, no matter how well things are going. Think of COVID-19. Countries like China were quickly able to adapt to it and fight it off. Others, like, well, the U.S., the people there are so used to their normal and safe lives that they aren't able to cope with this new thing. Being able to adapt to change in all its forms keeps us constantly prepared to survive and succeed no matter what climate we're in.

9 Empathy

Empathy, and I think that humanity would fall under that category as well, is really important, for reasons that should be obvious.

10 Self-Awareness

Being aware of what you say and what you do and whether it's the right thing is also super important. You need to be able to think about what you're doing, otherwise it can cause some big problems for you.

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11 Patience
12 Humanity
13 Cooking

It can save you heaps of money as well as a saving to your health. This is crucial especially if you don't want unhealthy preservatives on your food. If you prefer a healthy burger or a pizza of your own, it's best to cook them yourself homemade. Sadly most people don't acknowledge this life skill due to easy access to online deliveries, but it can help your quality of life in the long run, even if you know least of the basics.

14 Respectfulness
15 Honesty
16 Happiness
17 Self Discipline
18 Self Control
19 Reliability
20 Emotional Stability
21 Responsibility
22 Gratitude
23 Emotional Intelligence
24 Financial Management
25 Politeness
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