Top Ten Best Little Things In Life

The Top Ten
1 Finally getting to the toilet when you really need to pee
2 When the waiter/waitress finally turns up in the restaurant with your food
3 A cup of hot chocolate
4 When you finally kill a difficult boss on a game
5 When your parents make you your favourite meal
6 A classical piece on piano
7 A dog on your lap
8 When your TheTopTens list is successful
9 When your favourite song comes on the radio

(At a wedding in a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco an Andy Lau song plays on the karaoke machine)


Come a little closer by cage the elephant

And I move with a jerk

10 A ukulele solo
The Contenders
11 Speaking to someone you love that you haven't spoken to in ages
12 An electric blanket
13 Finishing a long school year
14 Finding out there's free WiFi in the public place you're in

Oh, this makes me so happy.

15 When you don't have any homework

And even if I have to, I won't.

16 A great dream
17 When your takeout finally arrives
18 When your research project is done
19 When your dead internet resurrects itself

I love it when that happens.

That's fun to imagine!

20 Chocolate chip cookies
21 Andes candies
22 A hot bath
23 Finally getting out of heavy traffic
24 Reading a Harry Potter Book
25 Finally scratching a massive itch that you couldn't reach
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