Top 10 Reasons Why WWE Fans Are Terrible

DISCLAIMER: Not the entirety of wrestling fans are like this, but a lot of them are "guilty", so to speak, of the things listed on the list below.

I thought I should make this list, because it seems that the company and it's executives are always being portrayed by many fans as being the "bad guys". I've seen a lot of negativity going towards the WWE and I just think most of it is truly unfair.
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1 They always complain

Now yes, there are a lot of weird things that have happened over the years in wrestling so I can understand why many fans develop standards and preferences. However, I've noticed that many wrestling fans complain about everything. Here is the latest example: Sami Zayn won the Intercontinental Championship at Elimination Chamber 2020. You would think that the fans would be happy that one of their favorites finally won a title right? Guess again. I've seen things like " Too little too late", " OMG! Why did this jobber win the IC Title?! ", " This title doesn't mean anything anymore..." and " Braun's title reign was too short! ''. Of course, many many fans we're ecstatic about it, but I bet that if Braun Strowman retained his title, it would of been the same story. Fans would of reacted like this: " They buried Sami, Cesaro and Nakamura! ", " Why did Braun win? Guess Vince still likes big sweaty men". On forums, about 90% of threads are bitching about something. There is no constructive conversation, opinions, contrasts in ideas, none of that. Mostly just a bunch of bitching, whining and complaining. Why not just enjoy wrestling for what it is?

2 They don't give the company credit where credit is due

Most fans just crap all over WWE and Vince McMahon saying that the current product is terrible (now granted it could be much better), but they only look at the negatives. If you just take a step back and look for positives, there we're plenty of things to love and so many matches and rivalries in the last few years that we're amazing. Out of the top of my head I can already think of AJ Styles vs John Cena, Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns, Goldberg's return at Survivor Series, Edge's return during the 2020 Royal Rumble, a match that was phenomenal, Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins at Summerslam, etc. The list goes on!

3 They think they know best what the company should do

It's hard to run a wrestling business. A lot of work goes into the production, the matches, the promos, the storytelling and the wrestlers themselves. It's impossible to please everyone and make everyone's favorite superstar look strong and not all of them can become champions. At the end of the day, there has to be winners and losers. If all wrestlers we're given a title reign and the championships we're passed around like hot potatoes, they would lose value and prestige.

4 One minute they like a wrestler and want him to win a championship and then they turn on them the next

Just take Seth Rollins for example: one minute the fans want him to win the rumble, go to WrestleMania and beat Brock Lesnar for the Universal championship, and after just a few weeks or months they turned on him.

5 Some of them are selfish and entitled

Again, not all fans are like this, but many wrestling fans are so nitpicky and overly critical on various things where at a certain point it just gets ridiculous and I ask myself "what wrestling do they like?" and "are they even enjoying themselves when watching wrestling?" It's almost like they believe they know so much about wrestling and consider themselves like know-it-all big shot critics. What happened to watching wrestling to enjoy yourself and have a good time?

6 They fight each other on the internet

Reddit, Twitter, YouTube comments, you name it. Just go on any video on WWE's official YouTube channel, it's horrible how disrespectful they are towards each other. Nobody respects other fans' opinions. It got worst with the creation of AEW. A lot of fans, for some reason, felt like they had to pick sides and now there's this toxic environment on the internet.

7 They can be very disrespectful

I get it that some of them want to voice their displeasure, but when they do stuff like playing with beach balls or chanting things that have nothing to do with the ongoing match, it's very disrespectful for the wrestlers that are out there putting their bodies at risk for our entertainment. I get that they payed for their tickets so they can do whatever, but still...

8 Most of them are influenced by what they see on the Internet and social media

Fans can't even form their own opinions anymore, because they watch a bunch of videos and read comments and articles on the internet which forms their opinions for them. A lot of articles are also just made up rumors created to spark controversy and get attention and clicks on the website on which it was posted.

9 As soon as a wrestler loses a match, some fans say he's been "buried" or that he has become a "jobber"

Just because a wrestler lost a match, it doesn't mean the company is burying him or have turned him into a jobber/loser. They still can look strong in defeat and most people don't see that and they don't try to understand the story that is being told to them in the ring.

10 They often don't consider what is going on backstage

Certain fans don't try to understand why certain decisions we're made and they don't realize how things work behind the curtain. They don't even think about how the wrestlers feel about what is happening on screen. For all they know, they are very happy with their position.

The Contenders
11 They Boo Certain Wrestlers for Such Petty Reasons
12 They don't respect other fans' opinions
13 They only care about brawlers
14 They think it's all real
15 They Chant "You Can't Wrestle"
16 They praise guys like Daniel Bryan who only does Kicks & The Running Knee, while they hate guys like Batista who can do Power moves like the Batista Bomb, Spinebuster, Clothsline, Actual Wrestling Moves
17 Some are Neckbeards
18 They cheer Cesaro for ruining someone's Beach Ball at Summerslam 2017, when the Beach Ball isn't the problem, It's Cesaro himself who fails to entertain the guy in the audience, so the beach ball is the one that keeps him entertained
19 They Disrespect Part-Timers like Brock Lesnar & Goldberg, while at the same time don't care about the Ratings going down cause Indy Wrestlers are ruining the WWE
20 They ruin Wrestlemania 35 by having Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, & Kofi Kingston all won the titles
21 They like Indy Wrestlers but not guys like Batista, Brock Lesnar, & Goldberg
22 They want Japanese & Indy Wrestling in the WWE
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