Types of Insults People Use When They’re Losing an Argument

Whenever people get something wrong or have a different opinion, expect these insults to be thrown around.
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1 Nazi/Hitler/Fascist

This list is epic. One of the best lists on the entire site and it shows exactly WHAT people always say when you get into an argument and try to logically reason with them.

"Honestly Trump isn't doing that many bad things"

And it's so easy to see. The worst part is that because 2020 is an election year, we can very well see some seriously violent words, and actions, from the people who, in a sense of sheer irony, manage to act more like Nazis than those who they claim are.

There are genuine Nazis and fascists out there, but I also feel like this term is thrown around as something SJWs use when they lose an argument to someone who isn't as far away from the right as them.

I'm combining these three into one since they're practically interchangeable. In fact, there is a term for this. The term is called "Godwin's law". Godwin's law states that "the longer an argument gets, the more likely a comparison/reference to Hitler, the Nazis, or fascists is going to be made." You see a lot of this with people to the left of the political spectrum, and even some on the right of the political spectrum.

2 Libtard

It honestly sounds like something rightists (especially the alt-right) use against anyone who is closer to the left than them. I also saw this term used in some memes about Ben Shapiro (I have no idea why or how he became meme material).

Mostly used by right wingers towards anyone who is even slightly left leaning or Liberal, but a few left wingers use it towards Liberals or others that support Capitalism.

Popularized during the mid 2010s, it's used to describe anybody who's highly vocal on left wing topics. The term has fallen out of style, but others continue to use it.


When used properly, this can be a decent insult, but at the same time, it sounds like something rightists (especially the alt-right) use against anyone who is closer to the left than them.

I'd say a lot of times it can be used properly since it is often used to describe people who think there's infinite genders or people who think everyone who is a straight white male is "evil" or just people who get offended by everything, but it can also be a buzzword used by right wingers to describe anyone with slightly leftist or liberal views, similar to the term "libtard".

This seems like a fairly accurate list. I agree that most of these terms tend to get used to insult anyone who disagrees with you. I like that you included terms that are used by different kinds of people as well such as both sides of the political spectrum.

4 Bigot

This term flies from both sides of the political spectrum. Essentially a more sharply worded way of calling someone a hypocrite, it's the idea of saying one thing and doing another.

There's also Bigamist I think, which is women mostly hating men or transmen. Same deal, but less talked about.

5 Climate Denier

A climate denier is somebody who outright denies that climate change is real. Still, while such people do exist, the term has become a blanket statement for anybody who doesn't agree with somebody on climate change. One could believe it's real, but say it's coming from a different source (like the sun or volcanic activity), but be called a "climate denier" by somebody who believes that it's because of factory farming and cars.

I disagree here. I think in most cases, it is properly used to describe people who deny climate change or are just ignorant about it.

6 Jesus Freak

A Jesus freak is a term applied to Christian fundamentalists. Hardline atheists and antitheists use the term to describe ALL Christians, and even link them to various hate groups, such as the infamous Westboro Baptist Church.

I don't find this offensive. At least they realized I was Christian, without me telling them, that must be something right?

And proud of it.

7 Hippie

Yes, some people still use this as an insult.
A "hippie" was a person who was part of the 1960s counterculture movement, protesting war and racism.
Nowadays, hippies are associated with anybody with slightly left wing views, a stoner, or any guy with long hair.
It's not as sharply worded as others on the list, but it's still used a lot.

8 Nerd/Dork/Geek

These are wide-reaching terms, though they're typically used to insult people who are different than you in non-racial/non-sexual issues.
Play RPGs and not Call of Duty? Enjoy Sci-fi? Like to read? Well, you're not in with the mainstream and you're a nerd!

9 Normie

Pretty much the opposite of nerd/geek/dork. A "normie" is used by non-conformists to describe people who go along with the mainstream. Typical normie descriptions include drinking Starbucks, sharing "normie memes" like Ugandan Knuckles or Minions memes, watching shows like "Ellen" or "Keeping Up With the Kardashians", and being "Basic". The term has been used so widely nowadays, that it's become a symbol of gate-keeping, and if you don't go along with EVERY. EXACT. THING. Somebody does, then you're a normie.

10 Boomer

If there's one thing the 'ok boomer' meme did right, it was give people a new "I'm losing an argument/I hate what they're saying!" Buzzword.

The 'Ok Boomer' meme was originally used by younger people to call out older generations for not understanding them. With time, it devolved into just something young people say when they're met with an opinion from anybody a day older than them.

Also, 'Ok Zoomer' has become the older generations equivalent to the meme. Though not used as much, it's used to insult anybody a day younger than them.

Clarification: boomer = >1 day older than you, and zoomer = >1 day younger than you.

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11 Tide Pod
12 Alt-Right

The Alt-Right is basically the far-right, and they're infamous for strongly opposing racial, religious, and gender equality, but I still feel like this can easily lose its true meaning by SJWs using it against anyone with political views even slightly closer to the right than them.

13 Butt-head
14 Blasphemer

So, you know how we have "Jesus freak" as an entry? Well, here's an opposite. A blasphemer is somebody who goes against the acts of a religion. This one's hurled at somebody with opposing religious views.

15 Communist

Basically the opposite of a nazi. This one's hurled at people who have even slight left-wing ideas. The right throws this one around as often as the left throws around nazi.

16 Hun

Passive aggressive insult used by Twitter stans and activists.

17 Sweetie
18 Clown
19 Bitch
20 Racist
21 Gay
22 ____phobic
23 Moral Guardian

Yet another insult Reception Wiki users use when they discover unpopular opinions.

24 Alt-Left

If you've heard of alt-right, you'd reasonably assume that alt-left basically mean the far-left (y'know like SJWs), but now it's turned into an insult used by the ACTUAL alt-right against anyone with political views even SLIGHTLY closer to the left than them.

25 Hater
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