Top 10 SCP-001 Proposals

As a huge fan of SCPs, it was easy to see how underrepresented they are on TheTopTens. Let's get started on this.
The Top Ten
1 S.D. Locke's Proposal - "When Day Breaks"

In this story/SCP, things go wrong after the sun turns red. From this event onward, sunlight melts living organisms into fleshy masses with a gelatinous consistency. Humans maintain a modicum of sentience, however. 6.8 billion people went melty in the first 24 hours. This entry follows you (yes, the reader) in an abandoned SCP facility, where you read about the sun and a doctor who lost a loved one. After this you, too, are taken by sun creatures into the light.
Learn to embrace the darkness, friends. Fear the light.

This is my highest effort list and everyone ignored it until recently.

2 Dr. Clef's Proposal - "The Gate Guardian"

This entry is among the most well-known 001 articles on the wiki. It describes a massive angelic entity with at least four wings on its back. It carries a massive fiery sword, which it uses to annihilate anything which comes within one kilometer of its body with the intent to harm it. Otherwise, it gives telepathic orders. Typically, this order is "forget," which causes the target to walk away and forget what they saw. However, one man was told "prepare." He then founded the SCP Foundation.

Although I don't believe 001is The Gate Guardian, I do think he is connected with 343 who may be related to whatever 001 truly is.

3 djkaktus/TwistedGears' Proposal - "Ouroboros"

This is not one, but four long segments, each one their own 001. The first, "The Children", details a group of anomalous children which could be used as an anti-matter weapon. The second, "The Broken God", details the god of machines, metal and intelligence, Mekhane, going in a rampage through Mexico. The third, "Atonement", details a researcher-turned-anomalous-singularity looking into the multiverse and seeing that anomalies will destroy it all in the 2060s. The O5 Council votes to stop this, but at the cost of all the other universes. The fourth, "The Way It Ends", is about a Chaos Insurgency operative out to kill the O5, and he kills all but O5-1.

I like that there are 4 scps in 1 and I still don't know why people like the gate guardian so much! wait... isn't the gate guardian what told 05-1 to create the foundation? but anyway, I like that there is a big mystery factor in it especially with the way it ends.

4 Dr. Gears' Proposal - "The Prototype"

Written in a relatively rough format, this file is reached from a hidden link in SCP-184. It details space repeating itself in flawed copies (example: planets made of ice cream), and an alien humanoid which can create anomalies and killed Dr. Keter, inspiring the Keter object class.

I like all of these.

5 Dr. Bright's Proposal - "The Factory"

Not as much a normal article as a tale. It details an invasion of the Anderson Factory, which was performing demonic rituals and creating anomalies. Many government agents died, and the rest formed the SCP Foundation. The Foundation then fought "faeries" and suffered more losses.

6 Jonathan Ball's Proposal - "Sheaf of Papers"

This is a sheaf of papers detailing SCP documents. Each time it is opened, a new SCP object is found. The Foundation is not sure whether the papers create the object or lead to said object being found.
Why don't they just leave it alone and look for stuff?

It is the first scp

7 S. Andrew Swann’s Proposal - “The Database”

This is easily the most "meta" 001 proposal on the site. This 001 is the truth of the nature of the Foundation and its universe itself - that it's created by the writers who create SCPs. Only the senior member of the O5 council may know about this.

8 qntm's Proposal - "The Lock"

It's a lock, as you might have guessed. It's also infinitely complex. Some even say that it contains the universe itself, but how would we know?

9 Tufto's Proposal: “The Scarlet King”

Why? Because he has 7 children and 6 of them are demonic he even brought SCP 682 in though I believe SCP 999 is a disgrace to him. Nobody can stop or even contain him the 6th child will bring him into the world but there is a profiecy that 999 will make him kind and stead of killer.

An scp so dangerous that the GOC and the foundation teamed up, and an scp that gets more powerful the more attention the foundation gives it

10 Roget’s Proposal - “Keter Duty”

This 001 is the object class Keter and the source of all of the Keter-class objects. The objects in it are in a form of mutual containment, all containing each other due to their nature.

The Contenders
11 Dr. Mann’s Proposal - “The Spiral Path”

This proposal is a spiral path that, when walked counter-clockwise, always goes uphill. It is also the break in reality from which anomalies are made (yes, made) and the place where the Foundation was founded to "find" and contain them.

12 Tanhony's Proposal II - "The Black Moon"
13 Lily's Proposal - "The World's Gone Beautiful"
14 The Great Hippo’s Proposal (feat. PeppersGhost) - "A Good Boy"
15 Pedantique's Proposal - "Fishhook"
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