Top 10 Worst Ways to Die

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1 Buried Alive

Let's say you get knocked out, then you wake up in a coffin 6 feet under, still alive. The coffin breaks, your mouth starts filling up with dirt. It's just horrible.

Once I went caving (for those who don't know, it is when you explore caves) and I was crouching down because the ceiling was only like 2 or 3 feet high. Then we came to this little hole in the ground, and I was laying on my stomach to get a close-up look at it. I lost my grip and slid head-first into this tiny little hole. I couldn't move my arms, and couldn't see anything... After about 10 or 15 minutes, people pulled me out but, sheesh... Scariest moment of my life for sure.

No help, no food, no drink. *shudders*. Justin Bieber may be a baby who spit on people but come on, stop adding him on everything. The most drunk people, the one who uses horrible music, most hated people. JESUS! I'm going to run into a wall!

2 Burning

I once burned a finger. Hurt like crazy, man. Now think of that but like everywhere and a billion times worse. Makes me shiver thinking about it.

Definitely the worst. Once I accidentally caught my finger on fire. Most painful thing ever. If you think it isn't, then imagine someone pouring hot acid over you. No joke. And you slowly die. Umm, I would really hope that the smoke knocks me out for the time being.

If just burning yourself on a pot or curling iron feels like hell, I can't imagine how excruciatingly painful it must be to have your whole body burning. I agree with most who say, in this scenario, you pray you die of smoke inhalation before you burn to death.

3 Drowning

This must be absolutely horrifying, not being able to breathe in air and just getting more mouthfuls of water whenever you desperately try to.

Having almost drowned once before, I think this is the worst way to go. I would rather take the intense pain of burning alive, having my body ripped apart, or simply experiencing a slow ravage of agonizing physical pain until I begged for death and passed out. Because at least the pain is the last thing you think about as opposed to what's ultimately going to happen to you. By the end, you might even welcome that final release just to escape it.

When you drown, you are acutely aware of your life counting down and the aching burn of your last breath running out. Being stuck under a suffocating mass of water with no way out and going through the sheer adrenaline-driven terror of those last few seconds is the most petrifying thing imaginable.

4 Skinned Alive

Think about it! This shouldn't be #8. Sit there right now and try not to blink for twenty seconds. Now imagine, you still can't, and you never can again no matter how much your eyes burn. You can't stand because the weight hurts too badly on your feet. But you can't lay down because the weight hurts too badly everywhere else. You're freezing, but also burning, and are vomiting and everything else. This is the worst, beside a billion paper cuts slicing through entire chunks of your body, just a half inch at a time, until too much of you has been cut off.

Torture at its finest and most gruesome. I'd rather be burned, drowned, buried, or even electrocuted than to see the fat layers beneath my skin while seeing it ripped from me. Nerve endings end up being severed, and someone once said that nerve damage is a 10 on the pain scale, where the scale ranges from 1 to 10, the latter being the maximum. Childbirth is only an 8. Heck, give me the gasoline and the match, I'll die of carbon monoxide before one can flay me. Even watching someone cut pork skin makes me cringe, even though it's dead.

Throw me off a plane, waterboard me, give me AIDS, but don't rip my face off. How would I even blink? There are so many reasons why being skinned alive is beyond my imagination in death, so I'll stop here.

5 Tortured

It's horrible, torturing people doesn't do anything. You torture them, you're in jail. So what's the point? Why do it. People have families. Torturing doesn't make you a better person. And it shouldn't make you proud or happy that you did it. Your not just ending their life's in a terrible way, your also leaving their loved ones in tears and heartbroken. So Quit doing life ruining things and imagine how you would feel if you died that way.

Imagine getting your fingernails ripped off, slowly, your skin pulled off, slowly, being roasted alive, slowly. There are a lot of ways to die, but torture has to be the worst. The whole point of torture is to cause as much pain as possible while you slowly die, screaming your lungs out. There are so many torture methods, and all of these are things that Deacon might do to you if you call him Deacs!

Being kidnapped to an unknown room where no one can save you or either hear you to reach you out. Even the sunlight doesn't pass through that room. Alone in the room with the sinner, tied in a chain or chair in an uncomfortable way. Thirst comes and swallows up the saliva in your mouth. After confirming the identity, you'd quickly observe the surrounding that is full of tools with rust and dirt. Checking as if you knew, what you really thought that it was 'that' situation, "torture".

6 Trapped Under Ice

Being trapped under ice is like being buried alive while drowning. Ice is actually pretty soundproof, and thick ice is hard to break. Plus, you would be able to see people and the world, knowing that they won't be able to save you. It also is much more possible than actually being buried alive.

More horrifying than being buried alive because you can see the world through the ice but can't get out to it. Plus, in your panic, you lose sight of where the hole in the ice is, and you begin to drown from the shock.

This is a mixture of drowning and being buried alive. I think it's one of the worst ways you could go. You feel your lungs fill up with water, and you are pounding on the ice to break free. But you're trapped, forever, between life and death.

7 Starving

Dying alone while starving or dying of thirst is just... very tragic. There have been various film clich├ęs of castaways on deserted islands sending out messages in bottles to see if they get a response from someone nearby. And those instances happened in real life, as well. Imagine if your bottle didn't reach someone who picked it up on a beach and that certain someone called a rescue team immediately. You would try hard to survive, but you would only die of hunger or thirst in the process. I have tried sending out messages in bottles on the waves near my home in the past, but no response ever came. It's just straight-up disturbing...

This should be number one because you don't die from being buried alive, you'd die from dehydration, starvation, or running out of oxygen. Also, why isn't dehydration on here? It's worse than most of these and happens before starvation.

I've seen this happen: my grandmother had stomach cancer. Two years of slowly starving to death because she couldn't digest things. She looked like a Holocaust victim at the end of her life.

8 Crucifixion

Bible customs teacher: The reason that the feet are crucified as well as the wrists is so you torture yourself to death until your lungs fill up with fluid, your heart gives out, or they stab you. In order to alleviate the pain in your arms and to breathe, you must stand on your pierced feet. But enduring the pain on your feet is unbearable, and you lift your feet and put your entire weight on your arms to alleviate that pain. And so it goes, for hours or days.

Crucifixion is brutal. The Romans created it to torture and eventually kill the selected person. Let me walk you through the process. First, they beat you, specifically with lashing. Then, they make you carry your cross to your death spot, beating you along the way. They either nail or tie you to a cross. Some people would last days on the cross. If they want to make the process quicker, they break your knees. It's the most gruesome death ever.

9 Illness or Disease

This should be at the top. Although it's not as painful as many other diseases, and the infected usually live a couple of years after being diagnosed, think about it. Not remembering your family, the most important moments in life, your own children... It's sad, for the person and his or her family.

It's scarier than cancer. You have lockjaw in which you can't move your jaw, making it hard to eat, maybe. And spasms everywhere. Which makes muscles uncontrollable and move to an uncomfortable position. Even worse, it can break your muscles and bones because of this.

It's a slow death to elderly people. Being disconnected with yourself and your personality, and not knowing where you are, is the scariest thing you can experience. Just so sad.

10 Bled to Death

Imagine that you just shrug it off, but as time goes on, you taste blood, you don't feel well, you get deathly sick, and then you go to the bathroom. You see that your mouth is filled with blood, and then you black out. And then, when you are reviewing your life, you are just thinking, 'How did I die from that?'

Watching your life leak out of your body would be absolutely terrifying. Why else would people instinctively grab at the wound to try to stop the bleeding?

I got hit right on the eyebrow with a stick by a girl. And I was gushing blood. She said it was an "accident," but really, I don't think it was.

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11 Beaten to Death

If you survived this, your life will never be the same again. It would be ruined.

Technically the worst way to die for a woman. First you harass her, then you kill her. That's wrong.

This would really suck to die this way.

12 Eaten Alive

I understand sharks need to eat to stay alive. And that humans are one of the things that they eat. We can't do anything about it. But think of it like this. If you went to an all you can eat buffet and there was many food options. But you only chose 1 meal out of 50 or something. This may sound stupid but, they have other things to eat - fish being one of them. This is a really aggressive way to pass. And you can't do much if a shark approaches you. Teleporting to the shore isn't going to happen. - (sadly) but that's why I avoid deeper water.

Wolves usually rip off your legs so that you can't run. Whether or not you're alive after that depends on how much blood you lose. If you happen to be alive after that, they will start eating you anyway. It would be kind of freaky to see yourself being eaten alive.

Just imagine having hundreds of rats crawling all over you, digging through your skin and gnawing away at your bones while you squirm and watch them do it. Then two of them come up and eat your eyes out. You're still left to squirm and writhe until God mercifully lets you bleed out some long time after.

13 Electrocuted

Getting electrocuted sounds HORRIBLE! Think about it, almost anybody who has survived being struck by lightning described it as feeling like they got hit over the head with a sledgehammer! Or they say it's like one of those little static shocks you get when you touch a doorknob magnified hundreds of thousands of times! Ah! Imagine your body becoming a fried circuit. Oh, snap.

I've been shocked before, and it feels like a thousand needles jabbing into your skin. Multiply that by a million, and you get this. How is this below Justin Bieber?!?

At least you wouldn't be able to feel anything, because you'd be dead in a millionth of a second.

14 Plane Crash

Probably the most horrible way to go because, in car accidents, you can survive. But if your plane is about to crash, you can either pray for a miracle or wait for your doom. If you survive a plane crash, then you would be extremely lucky.

Ding, dang, ow, boom.

15 Suffocation

I have to agree, it's an absolutely terrifying way to die. One time, I almost choked to death after a turkey hunt when a piece of bone from a fried turkey (I accidentally bit through the bone) got in my airway. Luckily, someone was there to help because if you don't have someone assist you, you're going to die a slow death. Unfortunately, choking is a common way to die. If you don't check your food or drink, or chew thoroughly before swallowing, or wash it down with water or milk, then it's all over...

I struggled between this and drowning. But ultimately, I thought that the main problem with both drowning and being buried alive is that you end up oxygen-deprived, and that's what ultimately kills you.

I have been in a situation where I almost drowned, and it's chilling. The other ways may be more painful, but I would rather take the pain until I passed out than go through the sheer terror of your air running out.

Maybe you do end up light-headed and euphoric as the air runs out. But the seconds when you're reaching that tipping point are the most petrifying moments imaginable because you're so aware of it. There's nothing to divert your attention or focus on to take you out of it. At least with pain, you have something substantial and physical to dwell on, and intense pain can even make you wish for death.

Oxygen depletion is a whole other matter. It's the thing of nightmares and a whole other kind of pain.

16 Shot

Depends. If it's a headshot, then you'll die so quickly you won't even feel or hear anything. A heart shot is also quick but not instantaneous, meaning it still hurts. But anywhere else would suck.

Well, guns are very painful and powerful. I would rather be killed right away rather than this!

A headshot is quick, the heart is too, but anywhere else will hurt like hell.

17 Bludgeoned

Should be number 1. It would hurt a lot and it's so damn brutal.

Just like the death of a 1000 cuts.

18 Falling to Death

It would be less than a second of pain, though, so not too painful.

This would be so horrible. I couldn't even imagine the terror.

You would be dead before you felt much of anything.

19 Mutilated

How can this even happen? And just watch, I'm going to trip into a meat grinder some day. Eh, at least I saw it coming.

I'm not aware what this is. But just by looking at the picture it seems horrible.
Please don't make this happen anymore.

Falling by accident into a wood chipper.

20 Crushing

Think of all the sweat and lost items. This is a horrible way to die. This would be a slow and painful way to die. No man should have this happen to them

Now thinking of that Pokemon commercial with the bus.

Slowly crushing- types of deaths are the worst.

21 Explosion

House bombings during war would be the worst. Can't turn the lights on, no matter what.

Terrible, just horrible. You burn, and it takes forever to get medical attention.

Hope it's not a nuke.

22 Overheating

It would be like drowning in 100+ degree Fahrenheit water. I would be scared, and the hot tubs have chemicals in them. Swallowing too much water can kill you. You would get claustrophobic and run out of breath. By far, one of the worst ways to die.

Wow... That would be slow and painful. The body loses energy in this situation.

23 Hanging

Hanging is like the third worst way to die. I can imagine that it's a little painful. You can't breathe, and there's nothing you can do about it. At least after, your world begins to fade out in blackness as your body stops working.

All your life, you've worked towards being known as not suicidal, and then one day, that rope just slipped... that would suck.

If you're going to get hanged, make sure it snaps your neck, or else you're just going to hang there, slowly suffocating to death.

24 Car Crash

On his way to school...
All but one person lived.
Guess who it was.
Your son.

I heard Joe Ranft (Heimlich) died this way. If there's any silver lining, it sounds like Joe was killed very quickly.

One day, somebody in need of a new heart will use yours.

25 Venomous Animal Bite or Sting

That would hurt so much but probably would not die probably just would hurt that would be it.

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