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1 Snowing Weather

I love sunny weather and I love snowy weather. It was tough to pick, but seeing snowflakes and Christmas lights and fires in the fireplace and Christmas parties... It is clearly the best weather that there is.

I like the cold, but that's natural for me. I wear summer attire in inter, so this weather is quite comfortable.

Darn, it was hard resisting the urge to enter a certain book character's persona.

"And now the weather report for the whole of the UK. The Met Office has just issued a Yellow snow warning. It's hazardous. Don't eat it! Next bulletin at midday."

2 Calm Weather

A temperature of 70 degrees would be just right, and I think those states are Colorado, Washington, California, Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Minnesota.

Where I live, it's almost 90 degrees, so I'm sadly not getting calm weather...

Your body is warm which is the right temperature.

3 Sunny Weather

I really like to see the sun shining but at the same time, I like to see the sky the colour of wet elephant. Stormy sky and sunshine has an eldritch charm which I find so beautiful.

Sunny weather is truly amazing, especailly the way the sun is gleaming right over the horizon... It's just perfect and everything to do in sunny weather is just fun and relaxing, you can never go wrong.

Sunny is better it's a good day to take a swim at the beach and it much better than any weather it is such an awesome weather condition...

4 Thunderstorm

The heavy rain and epic lightning make the entire landscape look beautiful. Sunny weather make you sweaty, hot and uncomfortable, I don't know why everybody thinks sunny weather is lovely, the horrid sun hurts you eyes, burns your skin and gives you deadly diseases like skin cancer. I don't know why everybody thinks rain is bad and gloomy, rain gives life and makes me happy, sunny weather is just so plain and boring. It is so awesome to watch a raging thunderstorm, and lightning is just an amazing, beautiful and intense natural phenomenon. A good thunderstorm and heavy rain will always cheer me up, it is always amazing to watch the elements rage outside, the howling winds, the pounding rains, the heavy thunder, rolling across the horizon, and best of all, the immensely powerful flashes of electrical glory, lightning. I wish storms would happen more often because they are so awesome, intense, and special. The way a good storm can darken a sunny day, turn the blue into a magnificent grey will always cheer me up and make my day.

P.S I don't know why people think that you can only eat ice cream on a sunny day, and whenever they're trying to say sunny weather is the best type of weather they always say 'you can eat ice cream on a sunny day', you can eat ice cream in all different types of weather, the only thing different is that ice cream melts faster in sunny weather.

5 Cloudy Weather

What's bad about a cool, breezy overcast weather?
I just love it when the clouds cover the sky, things cool down and become peaceful. You don't get a sunburn!

I love the foggy, grey, overcast days when you can just go out and have sone fun and forget all your stress. (Unless you find overcast weather depressing of course)

Overcast weather especially, after a heatwave, is my personal favourite weather. You don't have to worry about sweating profusely, or getting a sunburn.

6 Rainy Weather

Rain is beautiful! I live in England so we get it a lot. But it's so beautiful to watch the rainfall from the window, especially as you're listening to music. It feels... homey.

Rain is so nice. I would love nothing more right now than to sit in a car, hotbox, listen to MGK, and watch the rain travel down my windshield. That's ideal.

Rain is beautiful, it cools a hot day, waters the plants, gives the most pure water on earth and creates rainbows. Heck I even love thunderstorms! Who needs waterparks?

7 Rainbowed Weather

I love the beautiful seven colours of a rainbow. A rainbow is really pretty .
Come on, who won't like to see a lovely rainbow in the sky ?

Favorite weather. Sadly it only last for 30 minutes to an hour.

Who doesn't love rainbows?

8 Foggy Weather

I saw some fog a few days ago. It was cool and I wish it happened more often.

Foggy weather is pretty nice as long as it isn't too foggy that you can't see, and it always nice to take photos of the fog

9 Heavy Thunderstorm

Yeah, that's cool

10 Misty Weather

I love that type of weather especially in the bluffs in Wisconsin, with the mist coming off the bluffs after a summer rainfall, it gives you a feel like you're in the rainforest or something

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11 Heavy Snow

Brings the best skiing.

12 Light Snow

Light snow can be nice in the winter I always get it in the winter

13 Sunny and Windy
14 Blizzard
15 Cool and Frosty

Rather freeze to death than melt.

16 Windy Weather

Before you vote for this kind of weather, ask yourself this question: "Do I really like rubbish flying into my face? "

Rubbish doesn't go on your faces, don't you want any breeze? Or just humid, sweaty heat.

17 Thundersnow

Really Cool weather when it happens which is rarely.

18 Tornadoes
19 Clear Weather

I like clear weather, no raining storming no anything but clear

20 Warm Sun, Cool Air

I HATE this, especially when it is winter.

21 Canicular Weather
22 Hurricane
23 Windy Without Rain

This is the best

24 Drizzle

A light drizzle in the autumn or early spring is so nice.

25 Snowstorm
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