Top 10 Most Wanted Superpowers

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1 Teleportation

If you could teleport yourself and other objects it would be the most powerful power in my opinion, teleport sickness out of others bodies, teleport heads off villains in a super hero/ villain world, teleport yourself out of bed, your clothes on, dirt off dirty things, it beats seeing the future because you don't need to if you are ready for anything, even someone with regenerative powers, just teleport every atom into a star in our universe, you could even see how big the universe is, or if there are other dimensions by teleporting there, this is however just hoping that you can also teleport other objects.

2 Flight

Sounds mundanely better than walking until you start to think about, what would a space you know feel like, now you've opened it up vertically? What would it feel like having full three-dimensional movement? You've opened up a whole new perspective on your life. Dress warm though.

"Imagine flying over everything and seeing everyone super tiny down below, and yet you were up high doing your own thing. You would feel so good and free. Flight is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Flying is the bestt superpower and no one can argue with that!

3 Invisibility

If you can choose when to be invisible no one can harm you. You can get to ANYWHERE you want and calmly!

Another power that I didn't see here would be to force other people with your mind to do what you want them to do and they think it was their own idea!

I have always dreamed of having invisibility, getting to trick people, sneak over to conversations about me, and just walk around and nobody would notice me.

Even if you could go invisible you still have to deal with thermal imaging

4 Telekinesis

The ability to control all matter that is possibly existent. Imagine, with me for a moment, the immense, unstoppable power and knowledge you could gain with just manipulation of the most basic and fundamental elements of creation! You, with knowledge that comes with this power, could feasibly acquire every other power on this semi-expansive, and ultimately, supremely thought-provoking internet poll, take, for example, super speed, not easy to replicate, but, very useful. You could just, as one example, encase yourself in metal of strongest make, and hurl yourself faster that any known object, except, those replicated in the massive Hadron Hollider! Ponder my words, my friends, and realize that Telekinesis, the control of matter, is ultimately the best power to have.

5 Immortality

It won't be boring, do you have any idea how much stuff there is to know and learn and experience? You could have the time to learn everything in the world.

Oh screw off, naysayers! I think that immortality rocks along invincibility. Besides, who wants to be weak and mortal?

I don't know if I really want this power. It would be nice if you could control when you die.

6 Shape Shifting

I'm talking about the ability to change yourself, or anything else, into whatever you want. If you had this ability you could probably change yourself so that you would have a different (and maybe better) power. And if you were good enough you could probably shape shift the air into whatever you may need at the time. It has a lot of uses

It would be awesome! I love animals and it would be cool to be able to become one. Someday, if I'm rich enough I'll hire a scientist to make a vaccination or something to give ome one the power of shape shifting.

7 Predicting the Future

This is one of the dangerous ones. I really like the idea of it, avoiding pain and catastrophe for me and others, but being able to see the future would be a scary experience, like seeing your own death or something terrible you could do nothing about.

Ok so this is an amazing power depending on how you define it. If it is a verbal prediction kinda like a horoscope or a vision, that can lead to paradoxes and it would just be a party trick. But if we're talking forethought... if you could see 5 seconds into the future every second you could be practically untouchable.

8 Time Manipulation

Definitely could get you in serious trouble but it'd still be really cool. Like I read in this kids book about some kids who went back in time to the time of the dinosaurs and they brought their own-time boards to go surfing. They almost let the boards float out into the ocean. If that had been real, scientists would have uncovered human belongings in the Jurassic period. So in leaving real time things behind could go the wrong way but you could go wherever you want and freeze flight and teleportation.

9 Super Speed

Your Internal organs and brain wouldn't be destroyed if your body's genetic make up was enhanced for super speed. Look up almost any super speedster and it will say something about how their body is acclimated for moving at these high speeds. Plus, there are like infinitely many things that you can do with it. Super Speed is awesome.

I like super speed mainly cause, depending on how fast and skilled you are you can do A LOT of things. You could be invisible, travel through time, etc. That is, if you're going off of DC comics logic.

10 Super Strength

If you had super strength you would also have super endurance, meaning you could have super speed too.

Just imagine all the possibilities. Off topic question, who here agrees with me that Marvel is better than D.C by far

You could lift an entire building, no sweat! Super strength rules!

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11 Mind Control

If this were real, geniuses and hypnotists would be able to go to a whole new level. I am, in fact, writing a book that has a lot to do with this. But, logically, if it were real then if it fell into the wrong hands then only the most willed people wouldn't be dopey and weird. Just my theory on how it would be seriously. (If you are wondering why I put hypnotist on the list, it would help with things that you can get addicted to, E.G. smoking.)

The Mind Control that will allow you to perform jedi mind tricks. This power would be great in the corporate world, and straighten some injustices along the way! Also if you are a parent, ADD and like disorders would be more tolerable (brush your teeth)!

12 Telepathy

This should be number one.
Sometimes I feel like I have telepathic abilities. A lot of my dreams actually predict the future. Ever since I was very little, my dreams would literally come true.

13 Super Healing

More than wanting to have this, I would like to know someone who could do this... I have way too many health problems.

If I had this ability I will no longer have to worry about facing anyone in to a fight.

Never getting hurt is pretty cool.

14 Intangibility

Going through any matter or unable to be touched or harmed is cool

15 Super Intelligence

Defined as Instant Learning, Infinite Eidetic Memory, Instant Recall, Infinite Multitasking, and Instant Application.

Just knowing about something you didn't know, and you've learned it. Once you know something, you can now pull off feats that make you seem like a mind reader with your predictive speech calculations. Know the exact second of when the first atomic bomb was dropped and recall it instantly- Jeopardy will ban you. Running an ungodly number of calculations, and permutations while holding several intelligent conversations in multiple languages as if you were a native speaker.

Finally being able to do things as fast as your neurons can fire makes even the fastest speedster jealous. With your genius, you'll be predicting the future by calculating the variables, perfectly. Now put those smarts to use and crack the ability of telekinesis, invent true teleportation to shape-shift which will give you the abilities; to fly, live forever, make yourself invisible, super physical abilities, super healing, intangibility, density increase, growth, shrink, instant regrowth of your entire body, and you might even unlock your mind's power to have real telepathy. Leave the Omnipotence to God because that's way too much responsibility to deal with and man would become a devil with it. Power corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts, absolutely. With great power comes greater responsibility.

16 Pyrokinesis

If we are talking about Stephen King's Firestarter-type Pyrokinesis, you would be impossible to kill, since you could eventually vaporize speeding bullets, tank shells, missiles (perhaps even a nuke), it was also hinted in the end of that book that a Pyrokinetic could possibly control the sun itself, this should be at the top of this list

17 Mind Reading

I voted for this because, duh! Who wouldn't want to know what people thought about you, because I would definitely want to know

I would love to have this power because then I would know why my dad is always so mad at me.

Your thinking the same thing that I'm thinking. This power needs to be 1st.

18 Omnipotence

This should be top in this list. And it's not ridiculous like some know-it-all jerk claimed. The reason that I claimed it should Number One is because anyone with that power can be all-powerful,which is what I want to be. Besides, I'm sick of being a mere mortal.

I think people just don't look at the lower half of the list because if they did and saw this, then they would look it up and read what it meant. It means, by definition, "the quality of having unlimited or very great power." So basically, you'd have every single power on this list and more. You can do ANYTHING! Fly, turn your sister into a hampster, become 700 feet tall, restore the earth's fossil fuels, make a mansion appear with 5,000 rooms for you to live in, make people love you, and so, so much more! This is by far the best superpower.

19 Ability to Walk on Water
20 Appendage Generation
21 Cellular Regeneration

You wouldn't really feel bad because basically a new person is living on. Also, how did you find cellular regeneration? I learned it from so your a superhero "doctor who special"!

22 No Need for Sleep
23 Weather Manipulation

It would be awesome to be able to control the weather you could do what ever you wanted

24 Laser Eyes
25 X-ray Vision

I have wanted x-ray vision all my life. Just think about all the things that you could do. It would be awesome. Just think. And I don't mean just looking at people's bones. I mean metal, walls, clothes, everything!

This would be good if you could choose to off/on it, unless you wouldn't mind looking at somebody you wouldn't want to see without their clothes

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