Top 10 Delicate and Fragile Things in Life

By Delicate and Fragile, I mean that as in objects that easily get broken or destroyed. An alternative way of saying this is that it's really easy for these items to get damaged in many different ways.
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1 Bubbles

Bubbles are possibly the most shortest living things in existence. Once something or someone touches them, they eventually pop. Trust me, you wouldn't even want to turn into a bubble if magic existed because that means you die very quickly just by popping when being touched by something.

The easiest thing to break. Most of the time they pop by themselves.

They survive longer on a wet surface, I trap bugs with bubbles.

Great list! They're super fragile, popping with the slightest touch

2 Spider Webs

Spider webs are created by the tiny creatures with eight legs, obviously known as spiders. You can also call them cobwebs.
Spider Webs are usually very weakly strengthened and can easily be destroyed usually just by putting your hand through them.

I'm sorry to all the spiders that I destroyed their creations.

3 Glass

Glass is not only delicate and can easily be broken by throwing or dropping it, but it can be very dangerous when doing so. If you throw glass cups on the floor for example, you get lots of shattered parts on the floor that is most likely to harm you.

Glass is the most breakable object made by man and the most broken object ever.

I guess I should stop playing baseball then.

That's actually kinda dangerous. (Shards)

4 Flowers

Flowers maybe beautiful and are good life sources but they are very fragile and easy to kill. For example: Flowers can be picked from the grass, be stepped on and some animals can also eat flowers such as rabbits, deer, turtles and squirrels

I feel kind of sad when I find one and the stem breaks because of me.

Decorated and shall honor upon soldiers led to battlefields.

For some reason I suck at dandelion blowing.

5 Balloons

Balloons are incredibly sensitive towards sharp objects meaning that if something sharp touches them such as a pin for example or when someone squeezes the balloon, they easily pop and get destroyed easily.
Usually when a balloon pops, it usually makes me feel frightened because of the loud noise it makes.

That's why I always feel agitated around balloons because I'm afraid that they'll eventually pop.

Daddy, where do balloons go when they blow up?

Balloon popping is evil.

6 Clouds

How could I not forget about the fluffy clouds from the blue sky at daytime for example? Clouds are very delicate things. They are not just fluffy; they are also made out of water droplets. You can't necessarily touch clouds, but you can go through them, such as in a plane for example. You can also easily go through fog.

I think it would cool to touch a cloud.

Get your head out of 'em

7 Eggs

For someone who despises the taste of eggs yet also views them as useful ingredients for baking, they are very easy to break when throwing them around. When you crack eggs on a bowl for example, you can easily get the yolk out and the shell breaks down.

At least they can be useful for cooking.

8 Paper

You can easily scrunch up paper and damage it, depending on how thick or weak it is. Paper maybe useful equipment for working at jobs or drawing, but depending on what type of paper you have, it might be delicate to use.

It happens a lot at my school.

Especially toilet paper.

9 Insects

Humans themselves are a lot bigger than insects and can sometimes easily kill them, depending on the insect.
Anyways bugs and spiders for example, are probably the most delicate living beings of all time. They can't really survive for that long and can easily be killed by certain things such as getting stepped on by someone.
Bees however, die when they sting a human being and Wasps are kind of hard to kill since they tend to sting a lot, if you even come near them.

Insects are one of the reasons why I kind of hate Spring and Summer

10 Peanuts
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11 Porcelain
12 Ornaments
13 Candles

The candle itself or the fire?

14 Eyeballs
15 Leaves
16 Cake
17 Jewellery

Jewellery can be difficult to keep safe. Heck, you can even lose or break them easily. Whether it's necklaces, earrings, tiaras or rings, jewellery overall are very fragile and delicate items that need to be looked after properly if you want to keep them without breaking or losing them.

18 Balsa Wood

Especially compared to timber wood, it almost feels like a toy.

19 Birds

Especially small birds.

20 Snowflakes
21 Ashes
22 Vases
23 Clocks
24 DVDs
25 Mechanical Pencils
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