Top Ten Interesting Things About the American One Dollar Bill

The American Dollar Bill is perhaps the most circulated currency in the entire world. Right as you read this hundreds of people are exchanging these across the world. You know it's green, and that it's worth 1$, but what else? People use it daily but don't realise all the interesting things on it. So here I'll be listing the top ten coolest things about the American dollar bill. I'm not American, and we use loonies instead of those, but I still find it interesting so I'm making this. Enjoy!
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1 Olives and Arrows

Clutched in one of the Eagle's talons are thirteen arrows, and in the other there is an olive branch (which has thirteen olives and leaves on it to represent the original thirteen colonies, but we'll elaborate on that later). To most people, this would be confusing and mean nothing, and I agree that this is a bit strange. But the olives are supposed to represent peace (why peace? I dunno. Olives don't seem too peaceful the way they cause gas, but that's what the Americans thought), and the arrows represent war. The thing I like the most and think that it's a really smart subtle nod is that the Eagle's head is pointed to the left (your left) where the olives are, to show that America always wants peace. But if things go sideways, there are always the arrows...

2 "Illuminati" Symbols

Firstly, there's the spooky, all seeing single eye floating ominously above the top of the pyramid, which has grown to represent Illuminati (a single eye in the middle of a pyramid), though it also looks like a symbol used by the Freemasons society, so who knows what that represents. Secondly, and even more importantly, the words "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (new order of the ages) which is on a banner below the base of the pyramid, also link it with Illuminati due to the connection between the phrase and the cult. Oh, and in case you don't know what Illuminati means, it's a secret cult believed by some to control world events. If so, darn them for making Covid!

3 The Number 13

On the American Dollar Bill, the number 13 pops up all over the place, which is strange since 13 is generally known as an unlucky number. Anyways, there are thirteen stars above the eagle inside one of the two circles on one side of the bill, there are thirteen letters in two of the Latin phrases on the bill, there are thirteen vertical bars on the shield in front of the eagle as well as thirteen horizontal stripes at the top of the shield. There are thirteen leaves on the olive branch the eagle is holding, thirteen olives, and thirteen arrows. On the pyramid, there is also thirteen steps, to represent the original thirteen colonies.

4 MDCCLXXVI / 1776

On the base of the pyramid that occupies the other circle, at the bottom, there are the Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI, which is 1776 in basic numbers. It's pretty obvious that this means 1776 as in the year, which was when the Declaration of Independence was made and therefore when the U.S. became an independent nation, but I still have a few questions about it, like why was it at the base of the pyramid? Does that signify that since then the U.S. has grown, just like how the pyramid has gotten taller? Also, why Roman Numerals? Nonetheless, it's really neat to see just how much attention to detail they have with this subtle nod to the start of the U.S.

5 E pluribus unum

This is yet another Latin phrase (they really liked those, didn't they), which bluntly translates into the words "From Many, One." I know, it sounds like an annoying word problem for school, but there's a pretty good meaning of that. "From many, one" means that from many different places or people (think of the States in the United States), comes a united single powerful thing. That's why it's called the United States, because many different Nations formed to make one of the most powerful countries in the world. On the actual dollar Bill, it's clutched in the Eagle's beak (he is really darn good at multi-tasking, isn't he?)

6 The Unfinished Pyramid

While it does kind of look like the all-seeing "Illuminati" eye above the pyramid could finish it, it actually doesn't. That eye is only two-dimensional, where the pyramid is three-dimensional. Anyways, we already mentioned how the thirteen steps on the pyramid represent the thirteen colonies, but why isn't the pyramid finished? It's quite strange. In my personal opinion, I think that the unfinished pyramid represents the fact that the United States is far from finished, which would seem to be the message that they were trying to get across, though I'm not sure.

7 Barbed Wire and Waves

Both of the circles containing the Eagle and Pyramid, respectively, are surrounded by barbed wire, which is seemingly being pummelled by crashing waves, which swerve around the wire instead of breaking through. While this may seem extremely strange, there's a meaning that I'm not sure of but think is behind all of that. It seems to me that it means "we're a strong country, and we can take on any natural or unnatural disaster", the disaster being represented by the waves and the barbed wire representing the protection. I wish that somebody told the designers of the bill about Covid, though.

8 The Stars

Above the head of that awesome Eagle, there are thirteen smallish stars that look to be glowing or giving out some kind of aura. The thirteen stars, of course, represent the thirteen original colonies, shining bright and new as a new symbol of power and awesomeness in general. This much is pretty clear. But there's one other thing. The "aura" I mentioned earlier? It's actually a ton of tiny dollar bills like the one this is all on exploding out of the thirteen new stars. It means that there's "glory and wealth" breaking through a cloud in this new territory.

9 Annuit Cœptis

The words "Annuit Cœptis" are written in big easy-to-see letters floating above the Pyramid and under the barbed wire. You're probably wondering what those words mean. Loosely translated, Annuit Cœptis (which is also Latin) means "He has favoured our Undertaking", by which the "he" means God. I guess that this then means that God has favoured the U.S. in dominating/undertaking that territory/the whole world. Considering the U.S. has one of the least religious populations in the world, that's a little strange, but whatever.

10 The Shield

Also in front of the crazy multitasking eagle that's flying, clutching some arrows and olives, holding a banner in its mouth, pointing its head in a specific direction, and not going crazy about the 13 glowing stars above its head all at once, there is a shield with 13 horizontal stripes and thirteen vertical stripes, which we already mentioned. Anyways, I think that the shield means to get the message across that the United States can stand on their own with lots of might and diligence.

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