Top Ten Body Language Signs That Someone is Being Dishonest

It's hard to tell when someone's lying. It's human nature to believe that what someone is saying is true, and it's hard not to just take someone's word for what they're saying is true. While you can sometimes decipher their level of honesty from tone of voice, it's very hard and can be innacurate. So, we now turn to body language as a lie detector. These twelve easy signs to read are usually a sign that someone is being dishonest or doesn't feel comfortable around you. Enjoy!
The Top Ten
1 Adjusting Clothing

People will feel self-conscious when lying, which means they may do things that your body does while self-conscious, such as playing with hair, scratch more, and, the biggest one, adjusting clothing. This could simply be tugging on the side of a sweater to literally rearranging your entire clothing.

I'm curious now, because I've lied (even if I do regret it now), but I've never showed any of these body languages.

What? That's not true... *adjusts clothing*

2 Staring

Staring is a huge thing that could mean that someone's being dishonest or wants to not look suspiscious. For some reason your body reverts to this sign every time they're being confronted with something. If someone's completely staring at you, almost creepily, it's likely they're not telling the truth or they're uncomfortable with what they're saying to you.

3 Blinking More Often

Another big sign that someone's lying to you is if they're blinking more often. This is another important sign and it's easy to discover. Lying is really stressful, especially during these one-on-one situations. Under stress, eye blink rate increases, so since lying is stressful they'll be blinking a lot unless they're staring.

4 Smiling with Only the Mouth, Not Eyes

Smiles make you want to believe someone, makes you think they're genuine, but apparently, there's 19 types of smiling, and only 6 of them are for happiness. The way to tell these apart are by looking at the eyes. It's sometimes clear by how the eyes are crinkling and all of that, so if it seems that their eyes are cold and distant, or uncomfortable, it's possible they're lying.

5 Avoiding Eye Contact

I know that I listed staring as one, but this is also a sign. They both signify lying. Avoiding eye contact is one of the most common and obvious ways people, especially young kids or people who feel intimidated by the person talking to them, so they'll look away so they don't have the stress of maintaining eye contact while lying.

For some reason, I can lie while looking a t the strait if the face! While my friends sweats, smiles, hands shaking, and avoiding eye contact.

So, both eye contact and avoiding it can be sign of dishonesty?

6 Heart Beating Faster

How would YOU be able to tell this? You can't detect how fast their heart beats unless you look at other body language or if you're a complete creep and pressed your head or hands on their hearts. This is one that shouldn't be on here.

I just don't get why someone submitted this. These are signs, you can't really tell if someone's heart is beating faster

7 Excessive Sweating

Mom: Did you eat all the cookies out of the jar?
Me: *sweats profusely*

8 Crossed Arms

The reason why people sometimes tend to do this while lying is because they want to sit behind barriers self consciously while being confronted or saying something untrue. This can sometimes be them going behind a computer or stack of books or whatever's available. When there isn't anything, which is most cases, they cross their arms to make a barrier, and that's why crossed arms can mean you're lying.

9 Dilated Pupils

You see, when your brain is working hard, it causes your pupils to dilate, which basically means they expand. You need your brain to work very hard when telling a lie, and unconsciously this causes your pupils to become dilated. This method doesn't always work, however, because in dark rooms your pupils dilate automatically, and their brain could be working hard for a different reason and by default having their pupils be dilated.

10 Chuckling

A little giggle makes you sound very guilty, which makes it almost obvious that you're not telling the truth.

Extremely obvious, but easier to avoid.

The Contenders
11 Sending Conflicting Signals

Conflicting signals could be a thing in a case where they're kind of so worried and frantic under the stress of lying that they start talking more frantically, and in some cases their gestures could literally cancel each other out, like pointing left and right at the same time or something confusing like that.

12 Holding Body Rigid

This means being really tight while they speak, instinctively closing up because they aren't being honest. Under stress they close up rigid.

13 Restless Legs
14 Slight Delay in Speech-Body Alignment

A slight Delay in Speech-Body alignment is also common. An example of this is when someone says something that requires them to point in a specific direction for emphasis, but pointing a second or two after they should have.

15 Face Touching
16 Speaking in a Rush

Also extremely obvious, but easy to avoid as well.

17 Excessive Scratching
18 Improvising Details
19 Pushing Up Glasses
20 Chewing on Nails
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