Top Ten Current Technologies that Might Disappear Soon

Technology is ever-evolving, which means that any and every gadget on the market today will, undoubtedly, become obsolete somewhere in the future. This list compiles the technological devices and tools that are most likely to bite the theoretical dust sooner than later.
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1 Landline Phones

The landline phone's days are numbered, without a doubt. More and more are people removing home phones from their service plans and switching to using their cell phones as their primary means of communication when at home. It will be interesting to see how this trend will affect businesses, don't you think? Can you imagine a 50-story high rise office building without a single land line phone operating inside it? The day will come, I'm sure, but it's hard to believe.

Don't count on it. They'll always be needed for back-up. Sunspots, weather, other atmospheric interference, hacking, can render cell phones useless. It would be foolish to burn bridges.

2 Optical Discs

With online streaming quickly growing to become the most popular means of viewing personally-accessed media like television shows and movies, and with the digital world already dominating the music market, optical discs (like CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays) are all-but-obsolete. I am an avid movie lover (Shocking, I know) and I much prefer owning Blu-ray discs over relying entirely on my Netflix account for when I want to watch something at home.

Go ahead and call me a caveman all you want, but I will never stop watching videos and movies on DVDs. I absolutely refuse to get rid of them and I refuse to stream movies.

Also, DVDs that you own can't be randomly censored out of nowhere like what happened to the episode Mid-Life Crustacean of Spongebob Squarepants on Paramount+. The only way you can see that episode is either finding it on YouTube or purchasing an old season 3 DVD.

3 Cable Television

Much like how optical discs are on their way out, cable T.V. is looking a lot like its ready for the boneyard. What can I say? Digital media is interactive, more user-friendly, and allows you to watch what you want when you want it. There's nothing else to say.

I still have cable TV and I highly doubt it will go away in my lifetime considering how cable companies are also internet providers.

Probably only going to survive for sports.

4 USB Flash Drives

No, please, I hope USB flash drives don't go obsolete, because of this disappointing change Apple made to their laptops a few years ago. I have four USBs (one 128GB and three 8GB). So I can keep them in a safe and can be the only one for me to return the files to a new computer if my old one was broken. But I will have to move the files from the same USB flash drive to a new one in 5-10 years because the original may not work.

Sorry, but I have a weird fascination with USBs, which you can use on the computer, TV, video game consoles, and many more electronics.

5 Plastic Payment Cards

Credit and debit cards are the most popular method of payment these days, but the use of mobile devices to instantly transfer funds, wirelessly, is growing in popularity. Now, I'm Canadian, so I'm fairly sure the new technology will find its footing here before it does in the U.S. (since we've been ahead of our southern neighbours for years where money-based technology is involved) but it will spread its wings and fly across the globe soon enough.

Well, plastic cards don't need electricity, take up less space and don't have Mark Zuckerberg hanging on your shoulders.

6 Digital Cameras

Who uses actual digital cameras anymore? I am not counting professional photographers' cameras that are 50 lbs and covered in buttons and such (because I'm sure they will be around for some time). I'm talking about the cameras that were what most people owned before smart phone cameras became as popular as they are today (my first cell phone didn't even have a camera). Unless camera companies wake up and try their hand at making cell phones, they're going to be out for the count in the very near future.

7 GPS Devices

My GPS device is a few years old, mind you, but it's definitely inferior to the 'Google Maps' app on my phone. It's slower, bulkier, not as user-friendly, and needs to be plugged into the cigarette lighter DC port thing in my car (I don't really know if it has an official name) all the time to work. I don't know if newer models have made any major improvements (I'm sure they have) but I can't see anything other than smart phone GPS apps being used in the near future.

GPS isn't going away unless the internet completely shuts down and we all have to go back to the days of using maps.

8 Car Mirrors

With backup cameras, blind spot monitors, intelligent parking assist systems, collision avoidance systems, and lane departure warning systems, rear-view and side-view mirrors are looking like they're on their way towards extinction. However, nobody would be smart to trust a computer system over their own brain, so perhaps car mirrors will, in fact, remain, but with minimized roles in the future.

I can't see these going yes there's a lot of systems being put into cars but if those systems fail you have no way of knowing whats behind you, so car mirrors are still important and could be for a long time.

9 Cash

Yes, money as we know it is probably going to become obsolete, and soon. How many people do you actually know that use cash as their primary method of payment. I do, but I am the only one who does when I'm out with friends at a restaurant or wherever else. It's just not as convenient as having a wireless device store and distribute money instantly and effortlessly. Who knows? Maybe even wallets will become a thing of the past. Now, credit and debit cards are probably going to outlive the dollar bill, but for how long?

10 Cables and Cords

More and more devices are becoming wireless every year. Expect wireless televisions, lighting fixtures, and kitchen appliances to start appearing soon, because it's probably going to happen. I'm no expert on technology, or anything, but I don't have a hard time believing this almost-inevitable future from becoming reality.

No matter what technology is available in the future, I'm NEVER going wireless, rawr XD. Cables and cords forever.

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11 Remote Controls

Another device that will see its death at the hands of cell phones (or any related mobile device). Since there are plenty of "apps for that", just about any mobile device can have remote controls (for televisions, stereos, and household appliances) effortlessly integrated into its software.

There's no way that these are disappearing many apps don't work as well on cell phones as they do on remotes and remotes are reliable as well.

Remote controls won't be going away since you need to use a remote to change the channel.

12 Microwaves

Why is microwave on this list?! We do still need microwaves to cook our food, heck, even my family still relies on the microwave for our own food.

These are never going anywhere just getting more advanced hopefully can be a faster replica of an oven.

Who added this to the list? Don't they realize how useful microwaves are?

13 Gasoline-Powered Vehicles

Yes, because they're bad for the environment and are being replaced by electric vehicles, which are much better for the environment (as long as they're charged by electric stations run by solar energy).

Electric vehicles is a lot better.

14 3G Internet

3G internet is sadly going away this year which means that many older cellphones (including the Motorola Razr v3, which was released in 2004) and many other devices that rely on 3G won't work at all very soon if they haven't stopped working already.

R.I.P. 3G internet (2001 - 2022)

15 Streaming Services
16 DVD Players
17 Physical Video Games
18 Tablets
19 CD Players
20 MP3 Players
21 Electric Cars
22 Laptop Computers
23 Desktop Monitors
24 Flip Phones
25 LCD Televisions
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