Top 10 Funniest Signs Around the World

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1 Drive slow & see our city. Drive fast & see our jail.
2 You'll Never Get to Work on Time Haha!!

Haha, the programmer was kinda nasty.

3 Don't drink and drive. You will only spill it.
4 Drop your pants here and you will receive prompt attention

In the building so everyone can see!?

5 25mph Pee Limit

At least urinating outside is legal here, as long as it goes less than 25 mph.

What's the punishment for breaking the pee limit?

6 Always Open: Closed
7 PLEASE BE SAFE. Do not stand, sit, climb or lean on fences. If you fall, animals could eat you and that might make them sick. Thank you.

At least it's giving priority to animals.

8 Welcome to DULL. Paired with Boring, Oregon, USA. Drive Safely
9 Welcome to Accident

Accident is a town in Garrett County, Maryland, US.

I wonder why they called the town that.

10 If you hit this sign, you will hit that bridge
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11 BEWARE! Wild Animals/Children

I somehow always figured this is going to be the way it ends for me... I just don't know if the animals or the children will get to me first.

I love kids, but sometimes I fear they shall rip me into pieces.

12 No Signs Allowed

If only there was a sign below saying "Don't read any signs"...

Hypocrisy, but at its most humorous.

Haha, thanks to whoever added it!

13 TOUCHING WIRES CAUSES INSTANT DEATH. $200 FINE. Newcastle Tramway Authority

It doesn't matter, because they'll take the money in death duties anyway...

Because you can still pay even when you're dead. Not.

Well, how would I be able to pay if I'm already dead?

14 Slow Children at Play. Hunting with Shotgun Only

So, not only are there slow children at play (if you read it like that), but now they might get shot?

15 Emergency Phone: 174 kilometers ahead

They could at least leave a scooter here.

I think that sign is in Australia.

16 Welcome to Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!
17 Chiropractic Clinic HEALTH WARNING!!! When the Aliens land, they may eat the FAT humans first!
18 Entering Dildo
19 Drunken People Crossing
20 ! Sudden Gunfire
21 Don't Let Worries Kill You. Let The Church Help

Yeah, it's better to be killed by the church than by worries...

22 WARNING! Feed A Pigeon, Lose A Finger

Um, no thanks, I'd rather have another human do it.

Those pigeons, those carnivores.

23 Drive Carefully. Hospital 250 km ahead
24 Caution. This Sign Has Sharp Edges. Do Not Touch the Edges of This Sign. Also, the Bridge is Out Ahead

That's called prioritizing... The most important information (bridge is out) is in the last line, with the smallest letters, and you can't read it.

Oh yeah, thanks for throwing that in at the end. That just might be important, but I'm no expert.

Help! I'm falling through a bridge!

25 Welcome to INTERCOURSE. Lancaster county, Pennsylvania
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