Top 10 Best Seasons of the Year

The Top Ten
1 Winter

This season is by far the best in the world, It is so nice that lots of people get together for the holidays and the weather is usually beautiful. By the way, I am in 7th grade!

I love the winter! I have a couple of reasons why:

1) I have eczema that acts up in summer / spring and I HATE IT. my body itches everywhere and it's red and ugly.
2) I absolutely love Christmas! especially late night grocery shopping. with all the decor and stuff, it's so fun!
3) snow! snow is sometimes annoying, but it's also super fun!
4) hot chocolate season.
5) bugs come out in the summer ALL THE TIME. I hate it so winter definitely gets a point for that
6) sometimes there's no school because of the snow!

summer has its benefits, but winter is the best.

I chose this as my third option mainly because it's a bit too dry and cold, EXCEPT that winter has CHRISTMAS! Christmas is awesome. But sometimes you end up eating too much and it's not all that great. Aside from that, there are no bugs, so you're great!

2 Fall / Autumn

No contest here! Each season has its beauty, but Fall has always been my favorite. No season gives you a sensory experience quite like Fall does. All 5 of your senses are alerted to this amazing season. The sight of orange leaves in the October morning sunlight, the sound of crunching leaves as you walk up the driveway, the feel of the chilly September night air, the taste of homemade apple crisp, and the smell of burning leaves. I'm a little biased as well, I guess, since my birthday is in September. I could talk about Fall for HOURS. That's how much I love this amazing season! Spring is my second favorite and is currently the season we're in right now. And while I'm enjoying the warm days and the lengthening evenings, I'm definitely looking forward to September!

My skin is sensitive, to I can get sunburns easily in summer, even with high protective ones (I'm afraid to put goggles on because it's worse). For this/these reason(s), I don't have summer as my favorite.
Winter's downside, I think at least, is that I don't really get much snow (if we do get any).
Would you rather have so red skin that you need aloe, or frozen knee's?
And I don't really have much to say about Spring other than pretty flowers, decent temperature and Easter.
Autumn/Fall is probably the BEST out of all of them. Cool breeze that isn't too cold (you'll still need a jacket and pants though), the Beautiful leaves, and need I say anything about Halloween? My 3rd favorite Mario Kart track is also based off of it.

3 Summer

I chose this as my last option because where I come from, summer is WAY too hot. Not only is it way too hot, are there also bugs galore. Ants and roaches are now your best friends because your real friends are stuck inside suffocated by the heat. Plus, if you go to school, summer break is almost always too long. You can't even do any sports in summer. One thing good about summer is going to the pool and being able to have ice cream and delicious water. Aside from that, 0/10 would not do again.

My favorite season is summer! I have below reasons.
1, My favorite MLB's season.
2, My birthday is summer (August 1).
3, Shinning Sun (my zodiac Leo's bless star).
4, Every sights are lively! (particularly sea)
5, Long time daylight hour is good too.
6, Doing a lot outside events!
7, I can pass to lightweight equipment. Also cicada's voice and sunflower are good too. Because those feels real summer.
Conversely I hate winter! I have belows reasons.
1, I'm terrible an influenza. Maybe I have weak resistance about coldness. (So I need turtleneck's shirt and sweater)
2, I have sensitivity of cold and stiff shoulders It's too hard.
3, I can't pass to lightweight equipment.
4, Too short daylight hour! (particularly December and January)
5, Too small number outside event! (particularly February)
6, Not play MLB's game.
7, I feel too hard get up on winter's morning. So I need heat harder in my room and wears socks on sleeping.
I customized my favorite purple t-shirt when wrights my kidding. It's writes below message.
"I hate winter So pull the Sun while use a kite string from Australia to Japan from November till March! "

4 Spring

Instead of saying why Spring is best, which had already been said, I'l state what sucks about the alternatives.

Fall: Fall means everything is dying, and this also means yardwork and maintenence. It sucks getting all leaves, pine needles, and pinecones cleaned up. The weather is also generally pretty bad, with weather that isn't quite warm but is far too cold for most comfortable wear.

Winter: Snow looks pretty on trees, but when it touches the road it becomes a hideous hazard. It causes more accidents and brings incredibly cold weather along with it.

Summer: It's really hot, and depending on where you live it also brings mosquitoes with it. It's great otherwise but those two bring it down below spring.

Not too hot, not too cold. As long as you don't have allergies or a lack of bug spray, you're gonna have a good time! Perfect for sports, you can also look forward to summer during spring.