Top 10 Most Painful WWE Finishers

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1 Tombestone Piledriver - Undertaker

No matter how strong it is... In the end of the day its just a reverse version in other words it's a less painful, less harmful, less life threading, more safer move. But the original version well... Not much are alive to talk about it after getting it. It's banded in wrestling for a reason anyway. But the tombstone is still deadly if not as much as the original

it's a very powerful move I even created my own version of it the I.W.S Tombstone Piledriver the I.W.S stands for Infinite World's Strongest that means this move is the strongest version of the Tombstone Piledriver

Only 9 people (currently) have ever broken out of a pin after the Tombstone Piledriver, it is devestating, and luckily, Undertaker is so experienced with it that he knows how to do it in a way that it doesn't break the opponents neck!

The deadliest wwe finisher should really be the texas pile drive the tombstone should come second... when u do the tombstone u drop with your knees but with the texas pile driver its nothing but there head hitting the ground

2 Punt Kick - Randy Orton

This move is simple but never try it this move is as brutal when I think about my brain getting kicked with no protection but your skull is stomach churning

That's just pure devastation, dude it put people in the hospital! Nearly takes your head off :O

I thought it is not better than Ron but a good move Randy Orton is my 2nd favourite after undertaker

This move is simply very painy and most powerful leg hit... I think this will be use to the stupid and manner less authorities members including styphany mcmohan..

3 Attitude Adjustment - John Cena

John you didn't win at no mercy but I think you will become all time world champion by beating aj styles and dean ambrose.

John Cena has the opponents spines hit to the ground like a small island.

The aa is a powerful finisher it could probably break your back spine

John Cena you are the one of the most biggest Player in wwe history

4 Chokeslam - Kane

If Kane will give you Chokeslam then you will straightly go to Hell the best finisher in wrestling history and Kane is also the greatest wrestler of all time.ThankYouKane

The chokeslam is so painful because it has taken out the big show/ undertaker

The best finisher ever next to Piledriver. Why is this the 13nth man

Just 5 seconds carried in mid air. It makes you choke

5 Sphere - Roman Reigns

First of all, I would like to say the spear is not spelled Sphere! But this move if performed correctly you get flung and that is so brutal to look at

Roman is a really good finisher compared to others but I would say Roman is maybe the second or first best superstars in WWE, right now

Am a big fan of sphere and when I become 20 I finshers would be spear because it's enjoyable and we can perform easily at any time so that what was my opinion.

Spere is the very dangerous Attack only some superstars like undertaker and Brock lesnar can kick out in it. Fear the sphere

6 Pedigree - Triple H

It is a move that looks like it can finish a match but if you look at the first time he ever performed it the victim sued WWE for the damage it caused to his nose

This should be number 5 this can break it nose

It should be number one
Curbstomp should be number two

This is one of the dangerous finishers.most has never kicked out of it

7 WMD - Big Show

It is a simple punch to the face but the strength of Big show makes it look like it knocks you into next week every time he performs it

Has anyone kicked out of it?
No one except sheamus

It makes you faint and its to easy to do just a punch

This is like the strongest impact in WWE

8 F-5 - Brock Lesnar

Imagine being thrown from 1.91 meters high being swung like a helicopter blade only to land on your face and the rest of your weight affecting it.
Yup, that's the F5 in a nutshell
This put out Undertaker and why the streak was 21-1

One tombstone to CM Punk he kicked out but one f5 to CM Punk he was defeated logic! this tells that f5 is more devastating than tombstone pilediver and so f5 deserves number 1 the best f5!

This deserves in no. 1. WMD, Punt kick does not deserve no 2 and three in this list.

It doesn't matter how much stronger you are, It Can Neutralise Your All Strength.

9 Batista Bomb - Batista

Why the Batista Bomb? Simple its one of the few finishers nobody kicked out after being hit by it twice in a row.

Batista is awesome, and powerbombs really do hurt and back when he weight 325 imagine how that would feel, this should be higher up

10 RKO - Randy Orton

Wow, you didn't see that coming when the Viper slithers his way to grab you by the neck and drop your head right in the ground. You'll be having the worst headache of your life after that attack.

It is extremely painful. One of the best ways to end a wrestling or fight match. It is very very very but I mean very devastating. It can sometimes (not usually) but sometmes break your opponents neck. However if it don't, it can just cause extreme pain to the neck and bad headaches. Trust me. I have beent hrough one rko and it ain't good for yourself but a miracle for your opponent or the person you are facing.

Devastating move finisher

It is most electrifying weapon in sports entertainment. It damages our head,nose,eyes. It is most painful from the mid air.

It is looks As-swam and it is feeling very painful... wow...

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11 619 - Rey Mysterio

I love Rey mysterio and together a move that you kick your opponent straight on the face with nothing not even your arms is nothing short of match-ending

"If it touches your mouth you will not able to speak for some time"

Actually, It would injure your teeth...

Seeing a pair of legs coming at your face would potentially be the last thing you'd ever see.

It's the best not even John Cena has kicked out of it will knock you right in the next week

12 Stunner - Stone Cold

Stone cold finisher should be on 1no because it is very painful to his opponent everyone fear him

Stunner is the most powerful finisher in the history of WWF

Your neck lands on his shoulder and you get *stunned* hence stunner.

Those who vote for stone cold will be always right

13 Sweet Chin Music - Shawn Micheals

Almost the same as a super kick just with a whole lot more strength and right into the jaw

It takes your off in mma someone did that to me I was knocked out for 3 days ):/

Not worthy enough same as super kick dolph can't pin owens with it

I think it's the second after tombstone pile driver

14 Atomic Leg Drop - Hulk Hogan

Leg drop is a really strong move so imagine it as a finisher!

15 Kimura Clutch - Brock Lesnar

It can literally break your arm!

It almost kills your hands

Brock is a very dangerous

It have broke many hands

16 World's Strongest Slam - Mark Henry

Most week move from a Strong wrestler Like Mark Henry.
I think World Strongest Splash Is Pretty Good Than This.

Worst move in history

17 Samoan Spike - Umaga
18 Jackhammer - Goldberg

To the guy who claims he "almost killed a friend" because of this move, the WWE have warned audiences many times "Do NOT try this at home". how stupid are you to do so?

Just 8 seconds of being upside down having blood flow to your brain no kicked out of it

Best finisher it will reverse your blood and then draw you to unconsciousness

Jackhammer is a very dangerous I almost kill a friend

19 Walls of Jericho - Chris Jericho

I like the walls of jericho because it serves as a rocket tight bone submission it very dangerous it can even destroy an individual's spine.

The. Back is not supposed to be bent like that

20 Kawada Driver - Kawada

First you do pedigree clutch pick them up upside down jump broken neck easliy.

21 Underhook Piledriver - Hurricane

When I saw this move for the first time, it scared me.

It's the hell painful and aww, yeah, I like it.

Vertebreaker is very, very, very, very much of BREAKNESS

22 Vice Grip - The Great Khali

Very dangerous move by khali in one match there was blood for rey mysterio by vise grip

This Move always Piss You off.

23 Curb Stomp - Seth Rollins

How is this not 1#? Stomping someones head in the ground can kill somebody.

Your face gets stomped into the ground. How is this below Reigns's Spear?

What next time you're face gets stomped on tell me if it hurts

It has to be the best move in the world!

24 Brogue Kick - Sheamus

Man this move should not be tried by Mon professionals, it has the potential to at least give you a major concussion.

Bang your dam face fella! Great white Irish curse

Dangerous kick to head ouch!

Try it for free

25 Swanton Bomb - Jeff Hardy

My favourite wrestler has the best finisher ever

Swanton bomb is the most stylish finisher eventhough it maybe not so painful than other finisher but it still can beat big show

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