Top 10 Best Birthstones

I've added color birthstones because they all look nice, so I've decided to reveal this list to this website.
The Top Ten
1 Sapphire - September

This is my sister's Birthstone. I wish I could switch my Birthstone for hers! Sapphire is beautiful, I like it way more than my Birthstone, Aquamarine.

I think it's amazing, even my teacher's favourite birthstone is Sapphire, Sapphire and September rule!

I think sapphire is the best because it is my birth month and I love the blue to purple effect.

2 Diamond - April

Diamonds in my opinion should be at the top...The way twinkle and glitter is very amazing!Not to mention the variety of colors, I absolutely love them!Diamonds were my mother's and my nana's birthstone and they are my great niece and I have a great nephew due on the 29th so hopefully he won't go over into March!

Very pretty, valuable, and lots of variety in colors. I was so close to getting this Birthstone, if only I was born a week later.

I say diamond because not only is it April my birth month but it's colors are amazing and it's very rare to find!

3 Emerald - May

This reminds me of Professor McGonagall - after all, it is Harry Potter weekend on Freeform (new name for ABC Family) (again). That actually makes me happy to have an emerald birthstone. Go McGonagall!

Emeralds have a beautiful color and they are hard to find, A gemstone and a variety of the mineral beryl colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium.

Man! Emerald is green or any other colour (by the way I saw emerald as green in minecraft so I said it) My third favourite colour green is emerald, my birthstone is emerald Man!

4 Ruby - July

It's so hot and I think it should be second (by the way first should bee diamond).

I think this stone is AWESOME because I love the color ruby red in everything

5 Aquamarine - March

Okay, I wrote the comment about not liking that this was my birthstone. However, now I'm warming up to it! It is a very pretty stone. It looks amazing with my sister and mom's birthstone, Sapphire. It looks amazing with my best friends' birthstones, Opal and Garnet. It is linked with water. I love water! It is my favorite color, blue. To be honest, at first I mostly hated it just because of the Steven Universe character, but that doesn't bother me anymore (plus I don't really like SU anymore). I'm now happy to have this as my birthstone!

6 Pearl - June

I'm biased because I was born in June, but pearls are beautiful and unique. Pearl stands out amount other birthstones because of its shape and color, and unlike other birthstones, pearls are made by living things and have natural beauty that doesn't need cutting to shine.

Also, one of June's other birthstones, Alexandrite, is a beautifully deep-colored gem that is unique like the pearl because it changes color based on lighting and is rarer than any other birthstone. It's also third ranking hardness of the birthstones on the Mohs scale (and Pearl is last).

Moonstone, an often forgotten birthstone of June, is again a beautiful and unique stone, showing off a stunning show of adularescence and a mix of pearly and opalescent color. It is similar to both the pearl, with its shimmering white-ish color and the way it changes with light.

Each of June's three birthstones are gorgeous in their own ways, from Pearl's natural beauty, to Alexandrite's stunning colors, to Moonstone's wondrous light show. I'm thankful to the earth and its creatures for making such marvels and to the amazingly hard-working pearl-hunters, lapidaries, and everyone involved in luring out the dazzling and incomprehensible beauty of these gems. All gems are beautiful, but June's especially make me gawk in awe, unable to fully grasp how wondrous their beauty is.

Uh sorry this is kinda long and for some reason got a lot more dramatic as it went on? But I love my birth month and my birthstones. As a Cancer (aka moonchild), and someone born on a full moon, having birthstones that reflect the image and the nature of the moon feels fitting, and I just love how each of the stones look and what they represent.

7 Opal - October

This stone is beautiful and unique! The rainbow color is very pretty. I wish I didn't have Aquamarine as my birthstone.

I think it's a gorgeous gemstone! The way it glimmers in the light is beautiful!

The most beautiful to me. I love all of the beautiful colors in the opal.

8 Amethyst - February

Amethyst is the most alluring and in my opinion, the most beautiful birthstone there is. The colour is ravishing and the way it glitters is gorgeous.

I have an amethyst crystal cluster, and amethysts are beautiful. I love their purple color.

I love amethyst it's not my birthstone but I love it it's truly beautiful

9 Blue Topaz - December

It's funny it is in my username but I'm not even born in December.

Light blue diamonds look nice.

The best! I was born on December 6

10 Peridot - August

There is a lot of people with this birthstone that hate it. However, I think it is a beautiful stone. The green color is fabulous. I wish people could trade Birthstones, then I could trade my birthstone (aquamarine) with the people who have Peridot and don't like it.

Peridot's are extremely unique and beautiful. Some say that they can protect you from nightmares. It is my birthstone too!

This is the best one to have because: 1) the color is so unique; 2) the stone stands out with its brightness; 3) it makes you happy.

The Contenders
11 Garnet - January

I have this birthstone but I sort of wish I had another. Garnet is pretty but sort of plain.

Garnet is my birthstone and I think it's so pretty!

It's my birthstone! I think its beautiful

12 Citrine - November

I love the colours orange and yellow.Their vibrant yellow color and shining clarity often represent a healthy mind and body as well as joyfulness and success.

I love the range of orange to yellow, citrine is a beautiful birthstone.

I like light orange sunset diamonds!

13 Turquoise - December

I have always loved this birthstone I really want to swap mine for this one

14 Tourmaline - October

Tourmaline is like diamonds as far as so many beautiful colors!

15 Moonstone - June
16 Tanzanite - December

Tanzanite is one of my three birthstones, and the color is gorgeous. Tanzanites are a beautiful indigo and I feel so lucky to have it as my birthstone. The blue-purple colors it can come in are beautiful, you'll never regret having this as one of your birthstones.

17 Alexandrite - June

It is a beautiful gem that can change color.

It awesome for it colour changes and the fact that it is the 5 th rarest

18 Bloodstone - March
19 Sardonyx - August
20 Spinel - August
21 Topaz - November
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