Top 10 Important Facts and Tips that May Save Your Life or Someone Else's

In certain scenarios, knowing these tips or advices can save you or other people's lives. You may think that you would never encounter these events, but you'll never know when the time comes, these tips will definitely come up to your mind in good use.
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1 If a depressed person is suddenly acting happy, act now

The fact simply speaks for itself. Depressed people tend to disguise themselves as happy, rather than expressing their true emotions. if a depressed person whom you consider close suddenly acts upbeat after a long depressive episode, or even unexpectedly gives gifts to other people, then it's the right time to take appropriate action, as the person may not be giving gifts for the sake of kindness, but is on the verge of suicide. There's always a helpline available whenever you know a person is really struggling in their life.

2 Air is more breathable near ground in a burning building

Building fires can come off unexpectedly, and smoke can fill up a building inside. Since smoke and other toxic gasses rise, they are typically more concentrated farther from the floor. It's safer to escape from the building by crawling as the harmful chemicals are less concentrated near the floor.

3 Get out of the ocean immediately if you see square waves

Square waves are not as common, but they consist of two weather systems which are a harbinger of powerful currents as they are associated with shipwrecks and other accidents. Square waves typically have a shape resembling of checkers. So if you're surfing, swimming, or riding a boat and find yourself being surrounded with the phenomenon, definitely get out.

4 The signs of heart attacks are different among men and women

Heart attacks can come with unexpected signs - even with symptoms manifesting as the common flu. You may typically get chest pain or shoulder pain, but this isn't always the case. In fact, the symptoms are different between men and women, and this is crucial as you may never know when a person gets a heart attack.
The symptoms in men include:
- Chest pain or pressure
- Upper body pain (including the shoulder, jaw, upper stomach, or the back)
- Cold sweats
- Nausea
- Difficulty breathing
- Dizziness
Some of the symptoms in women are a bit different compared to men, but they often are undiagnosed. The symptoms in women include:
- Fatigue (often severe)
- Chest pain
- Upper body pain
- Feeling of indigestion
- Tingling in the arm
- Nausea and vomiting
- Neck and jaw pain
- Difficulty breathing

5 If you're choking, clutch your throat with your hands

Clutching your throat with your hands is a universal sign alerting people that you're choking. If you're in a public place, never run from humiliation as there's always someone that would potentially save your life. Unfortunately some people would do the latter.

It's something that sounds really obvious now that you say it but I can definitely imagine when someone is choking they might not think of what to do.

6 If a forest suddenly becomes quiet, it's a sure sign of a predator nearby

In survival situations it's also important to be aware of sounds coming from forests. Though this isn't always the case, this advice may not be as reliable depending on the environment. But if you're in a relatively noisy forest and the environment suddenly goes silent, definitely keep this in mind and take precautions.

7 If you get stabbed with a blade, do not remove the object lodged in your body

True indeed. I saw this YouTube short months ago about being stabbed. The water bottle demonstration was a very helpful example of showing why and how pulling the blade out will make it worse by bleeding constantly till the point of death. The blade acts as a plug to the body kinda like a cork to the bottle. If pulled, spillage will be simply everywhere and it's very difficult to stop the bleeding.

Removing the foreign object will most likely exacerbate the bleeding and would even be fatal. Although there may be exceptions, it's best to leave the object for medical professionals to deal with the problem.

If you do, you'll bleed so much that you will likely die on the spot.

8 If you get into an accident while riding a motorcycle, buy a new helmet

The unfortunate truth is that helmets typically have one use after an accident. The helmet may be fine in the outside, but the internal structure may be likely to be damaged from the shock after an accident. This can also apply to minor accidents. It's always better to replace a helmet to be safe than sorry.

9 Get a rabies shot immediately if you get bitten by a wild animal

Rabies is an extremely serious disease and should never be ignored. It is not only recommended but necessary to get the rabies shot as soon as possible before symptoms start to emerge. Once you show symptoms of rabies, there's a high chance of dying with no proper treatments available.

10 If you are outside and sense something is buzzing, leave the spot immediately

As in if your hair is standing up, or your mouth tastes something metallic despite having nothing inside your mouth, this is a sign that lightning is about to strike near or directly into you. You should run to a near shelter immediately. Although it usually would be too late upon realization, but you can still save your life if you're nearby a safe spot.

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11 Don't put water on a grease fire

While fire can be extinguished with water, it is in fact the opposite for grease fires. This will usually exacerbate the problem. A better way to take control of it is to place a metal cover on the fire, as the fire would slowly diminish. Alternatively you can use baking soda to extinguish small grease fires.

12 Ammonia and bleach mixed together creates toxic gas

This is another common sense advice which is worth remembering. Although they are both everyday products, some people make the fatal mistake.

13 If your house smells fishy and you can't tell where it's coming from, it's a sign of an overheating circuit

A strong chemical odor resembling of fish or urine is a sign that there's an electrical fire in your house from an overheating circuit. Definitely check your switches and plugs for potential burning marks. If you are sure that there's no fish exposed inside or outside your house, or you don't smell like fish, it's a good time to call the electrician. Some scenarios like these can be elusive, but it's better to stay safe.

14 If you're driving and your shoulder hurts, stop the car immediately

You always need to be in best conditions to ensure safety in driving. Shoulder pain is usually a common annoyance, which may be a posture issue, but if you have sudden shoulder pain out of the blue you could be suffering from a heart attack, even though the chance is small.

15 If your plane makes a water landing, resist the urge to inflate your life jacket immediately

This is especially if you're inside a plane. Inflating your life jacket before going out of the cabin may be a free ticket to death, as you'll float on top of the cabin if you do so. This not only poses a risk for you but for other people as well, giving less space to those who are urged to get out. If you do manage to go out of the plane, that's when inflating your life jacket is safe.

The buoyancy of the jacket will make it hard to run in the cabin if water is already rushing in

16 If you're a victim of domestic violence, calling 911 "to order a pizza" is handy if an abuser is near you

This is a creative way of making sure the abuser is not aware of an emergency call when seeking for help. There are some cases in which people get saved from domestic abuse from concealing a 911 call as ordering from a pizza restaurant. Although dispatchers aren't trained to respond to these types of calls, a good dispatcher may detect the issue behind and can save your life under the abuser.

17 Taking aspirin may prevent heart attacks

It's recommended to take them immediately as they are more effective the sooner it's administered. This isn't always the case unfortunately.

And make sure to chew it! It's been proven that chewing aspirin instead of taking it whole will cause it to act faster.

18 Don't go in a river when raining

This also applies to oceans, lakes, and other bodies of water. While it depends on the weather, swimming on water during a thunderstorm can be very dangerous. Additionally there may be less visibility around your surroundings, as well as strong currents and a change of temperature in rivers. Not to mention, harmful bacteria, sewage and other substances may flow through the rivers after heavy downpour which can cause diseases.

19 If water recedes too far from the shore, there's a tsunami coming

This advice is pretty obvious if you're in the beach.

20 A thunderclap headache may signal a life-threatening condition

Especially when it's sudden, and if it's accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting and even seizures. This is a sign of a ruptured brain aneurysm, and is worth an emergency visit.

21 If you encounter a bear while hiking, never attempt to run

The bear outpaces you both stamina and speed. Instead of running, stand facing and do not turn behind. You can make yourself look bigger in order for the bear to walk away

22 Ask someone to smile at you if you think they are having a stroke

If a person is smiling in only one side of their face, then it's a sure sign that they are suffering a stroke. Get them to the emergency room immediately whenever you find yourself in a situation like this

23 If a person's mouth is at water level, then it's a sign they're drowning

Drowning isn't what it's depicted in movies. In a swimming pool you'll typically see people splashing and enjoying their moments, but it's very hard to tell if a person is drowning as in most cases it's usually silent. If you're not a lifeguard or aren't fit enough to swim and you spot someone drowning, throw an object at them so that they have something to grab.

24 When you witness a gunshot, play dead

Not as fool-proof as other advices, but in some cases it will save your life as it makes the killer perceive that they've killed someone.

25 Always pay attention to your surroundings

A common sense advice but it's still worth having this tip in your head knowing that you can be easily distracted by other things.

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