Top 10 Common Misconceptions in Science

People get bombed by bouts of misinformation, in which many people accept without proper research. Anyone can be misled by misconceptions, hence why it's very important to know and be aware of what information you're diving into. This list covers some common misconceptions that are circulated throughout people.
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1 The earth is flat

Although people tend to be stubborn by misconceptions, this is easily debunked by empirical evidence - this includes by looking at other planets such as the moon, witnessing a lunar eclipse, or just simply acknowledging time zones, no matter how seemingly "true" the claims regarding flat earth seem. Go ahead and ride a plane, then tell us again if the earth is flat or not. If the earth was actually flat, the world would be simply different.

This is so stupid.

Like how is the earth flat? That makes 0 sense. Soon they are going to think the moon is made of cheese!

2 Vaccines cause autism

There has been consistent studies stating that vaccines do not cause autism. Vaccines are meant to immunize people from diseases by inoculating weakened or dead pathogens into the body, thus strengthening the immune system against the actual disease.

3 Most diamonds are formed by coal

Some people are taught that diamonds are formed by coal under intense pressure. The fact is, coal is not able to be metamorphosed into a diamond, even though coal is mostly composed of carbon just as diamonds (consists of pure carbon). Another fact is that coal is composed of sedimentary rocks, while diamonds come from igneous rocks. While coal is formed by old dead plants sunken below the soil by pressure and heat, they are typically closer to the surface. Diamonds are typically much more older than coal, even when the very first plants were formed in earth. In order for a diamond to form, it has to be in the mantle in order to undergo a metasomatic process, which then gets emerged to the surface from a volcanic (kimberlite) eruption from hundreds of kilometers away from the surface. Other sources of where diamond originates are asteroid impacts - which have both extreme pressure and temperatures, and subduction zones.

This one and the item about the rainforests were the one's I didn't know.

4 Humans are not animals

Although the dictionary considers humans to be excluded from the animal category, it's actually a loosely defined term. Animals are typically defined as a living organism that feeds on other organisms and typically respond to stimuli. Humans definitely fits that term seeing that they strongly fit between those two characteristics.

5 Black holes have infinite mass

Keep in mind that our understanding of black holes is pretty limited. Black holes don't have an infinite mass but it's also widely believed that black holes have an infinite density. If a black hole would really have infinite mass, everything in the universe would collapse into a massive singularity.

6 You only use 10% of your brain

You use over 10% of your brain every day in most tasks we do daily - whether you realize this or not, but it's not even close to 100%. Activating 100% of the brain at once will lead into fatal seizures instead of harnessing their "full abilities"

7 The Amazon rainforest produces 20% of the planet's oxygen

While it's a known fact that the Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world, it doesn't actually contribute a large sum of oxygen from the surrounding plants; it actually consumes most of the oxygen it produces, thus the rainforest produces a net oxygen of zero. We actually get most of our oxygen from the photosynthesis of phytoplankton - most which are from the ocean.

8 Global warming is not caused by human activity

While it's proven that earth naturally adjusts its climate overtime, the increase in greenhouse gasses from fossil fuels along with mass deforestation and farming contributes to the increasing climate temperature.

9 Deoxygenated blood is blue

In many shows and movies, de-oxygenated blood is depicted as blue, but this is false. Your blood veins may seem blue, but in reality it's the wavelengths influencing how you see those veins. Blue wavelengths have shorter waves and are less likely to be absorbed through the skin than red wavelengths, hence why you may see blue veins. Regardless of oxygenated or deoxygenated blood, it still stays red due to the iron in hemogoblin. Deoxygenated blood usually has a darker shade of red.

10 The sun is yellow

The sun is not yellow, not even orange or red. The reason why the sun may seem like these colors is that our planet's atmosphere makes it so; it's actually white.

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11 Lightning never strikes the same place twice

This is a common misconception that could be easily disproven empirically. When lightning strikes it technically is striking the same spot multiple times in quick succession before disappearing. You can especially see this in skyscrapers as they're more prone to lightning strikes, especially in the Empire State Building which is struck over a hundred times per year.

12 The common cold is caused by cold temperatures

You cannot catch a cold by cold temperatures unlike what consensus say - that includes cold showers or just feeling cold. The coldness may aggravate sickness or other health conditions, but only a bacteria or a virus can make you sick.

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