Top 10 Moments of Kindness

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1 Kind little girl gives her food to a homeless man

A family is eating at a restaurant, like a usual business day. Outside the restaurant, there's a homeless man sitting in a bench. The little girl, having the heart, decides to give her meal to the homeless man.

2 Kindhearted woman helps homeless man, which stops him from taking his life

On a sunny morning, a melancholy homeless man(Chris) was sitting on the sidewalk, while everyone paid zero attention to him. A woman(Casey Fischer), however, acknowledged a homeless man. Chris didn't seem interested in talking at first, but she persisted and learned some unpleasant things, such as him never knowing his father, losing his mother to cancer, drugs turning him into the person he hated, people not being nice to him, and wanting to be someone who made his mother proud.

After they parted their ways, Chris left her a crumbled up note which read, "I wanted to kill myself today. Because of you I now do not. Thank you, beautiful person.".

3 Pizza delivery man saves family from house fire

A pizza delivery man(Nick Bostic) was driving before he saw a burning house. Nick didn't hesitate to jump into action and rescue the family inside. Unfortunately, he ended up in the hospital because of the smoke, but his act of kindness showed what a Good Samaritan he was.

4 Teenage boy returns woman's lost purse

A California teenage boy(who was later identified as Adrian Rodriguez) found a lost purse and decided to return it to Melina Marquez's house. She says a he found the purse in a shopping cart at a grocery store. The driver's license inside belonged to her friend(Eliana Martin) who used to live with her, but didn't update her address. Hence, he unexpectedly ended up with a $3,000.

5 YouTuber comforts lonely homeless man

On a regular day, a YouTuber(Karim Jovain) comes across a lonely homeless man(Mark) to give him money. Mark feels lonely, considering how people walk by him and not care about his well-being. He asks Kevin to wait one minute before he comes back with money to buy them both a meal, even though he didn't have to.
Of course, as a result he felt better due to his kind gesture.

6 Homeless man cries tears of joy over surprise birthday gift

On a Chicago morning, a homeless man(Albert) was praying, and a YouTuber( gave him toiletries in a bag. Little did they know it was Albert's 66th birthday when that happened! He wanted to see a movie and get something to eat, prompting the YouTuber to give him money. They both hugged, and he thanked them sincerely for their kind gesture.

7 Woman made it her mission to help a homeless man

During one of the coldest nights, a woman (Stephanie Gennaro) was in the Walmart parking lot and she saw a man (Ed) living in his truck. Stephanie decided to step in and help the needy man. After asking what he likes to eat, she bought him food from the Boston Market. She quickly learned he was laid-off and lost his home.

She then promised Ed she would take him to a hotel and help him apply for disability the next day.

8 Mama sloth reunited with baby

At the Jaguar Rescue Center in Costa Rica, a sloth fell off a tree. An employee found the poor sloth crying on the ground. A doctor did a checkup on the sloth to make sure the sloth was okay. Eventually, the was reunited with his mother!

Aww, that's wholesome for both the employee and the sloth! Good list!

9 FedEx driver shovels the driveway of an elderly woman

On a cold winter morning, a FeDex driver(Melvin Marlett) was delivering a huge package for a woman(LaFreniere) at her home in Manistiqu while she was at work. After Melvin set it down, he picked up a shovel and got to work and cleared the stoop. Her doorbell camera sent him the video of his kind act.

10 A mother throws party for all lonely kids after no one showed up to a little boy's birthday party

A mother(Louise Larkin) was on her way to work before hearing a story when she heard a mother on the radio talking about how no one had showed up to her son's sixth birthday party. Louise was so heartbroken by this, that she decided to throw a celebration formula the lonely children in her community!

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11 Salma Hayek breastfed an African baby
12 MrBeast cures 1,000 blind people
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