Top 10 Issues with Critical Race Theory

If you have been paying attention to our country at all, perhaps you have heard of this idea called, "Critical Race Theory". It is basically the teaching that America is an institutionally racist country and the people in it are inherently racist. In this list I will be explaining why Critical Race Theory is a flawed theory and does nothing to proactively improve America. This is my first list in awhile, so enjoy.
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1 It Teaches Americans to Hate America

Critical Race Theory undeniably attempts to convince Americans to hate America. It tries to convince Americans that they are racist and everything they know and love is racist. Even if you hold no racial bias, you are, in fact, a racist. This is obviously false.

America may have its flaws. It may struggle. But we always improve. It is better, in my opinion, to look at the good things America has done and look to improve on the things we see as bad. Not hate ourselves.

You don't even know what it is, and there are articles of journalists trying to make Republicans explain what CRT is, which they couldn't.

It's all white grievance when they've committed violence on school grounds in an event recently.

There is no evidence to prove that CRT makes Americans hate our nation. None of it. Tell me if you can make anyone have a gun and shoot people on the streets because they've played Doom. You need cases proving them.

I can write an article about this as long as I can.

There is some valid criticism of CRT, but what you've stated isn't CRT.

2 It is a Stereotypical Belief

Critical Race Theory is stereotypical in nature. It conjoins certain ethnic groups, religious groups, and political factions and defines them all as racist. It takes our history and calls it racist.

It is insulting to those that are actually good people. They are only judged by the color of their skin, the flag they pledge to, or the God they worship. Critical Race Theory is supposed to prevent racial profiling, but it instead creates more of it.

3 It is Counterproductive

How is Critical Race Theory productive in the slightest way? Let's just be honest here. It changes absolutely nothing except making us feel guilty about being American when there is nothing we can do about it. Teaching that America is "inherently racist" does nothing to fix the fact that America is "inherently racist."

If you want to make change, actually make that change. Don't complain and try to down the people that don't believe America is inherently racist.

4 It Has Reached Every Point of Society

It has reached every level of society. Not just politics. It is in schools, the military, and the workplace. It is in almost every country. Apparently, the world is racist at this point. I am afraid we are at a place of no return.

I don't see how anyone could support this. The fact is barely anyone does. It is just the extremists pushing their way into society and shoving their ideas down our throats.

5 It is Indoctrination

It is, in fact, indoctrination. This is not education. They are not teaching facts, and they are not letting students and even adults form an opinion opposite them because they believe it to be racist.

This is mainly happening in our schools. Let the students come to their own conclusion. Don't do it for them.

That right there might be the worst part about it. By teaching this in school, they are teaching kids to separate people by the color of their skin and to hate people who are considered "privileged."

6 It Creates Mental Segregation

We worked for many years to get rid of segregation. It has returned, except even worse. Critical Race Theory produces a mindset of us vs. them. Neither side wants to work together. How does that help? It divides an already divided country further.

7 It Demotes Free Speech

It definitely demotes free speech. If you say anything against Critical Race Theory, you are a racist, which I am bound to be called at least once in the comments. Freedom of speech is declining in general, which is upsetting.

You can't have a normal conversation or debate on the subject when a die-hard believer in this theory is around. You'll just get called every word in the book that ends with -ist.

8 It is Used as a Political Weapon

Most definitely. The left uses it as a weapon to sway the youth of the world to lean towards their causes and not present the other side of the story, thereby keeping them in power. We are simply playing politics with the matter of equal rights for all people.

The right is actually using it, and Trump made an executive order to ban 1776, which is beyond unconstitutional.

They ban it in these schools but not hate speech. You can't have it both ways.

This is graduate-level stuff, not high or elementary school, ever.

9 It's Treated as Fact

It is called a theory for a reason. It is simply an opinion. Nothing more, nothing less, though I argue it to be a stupid opinion. They treat it as legitimately factual. It is not a fact.

I hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to comment, remix, or add an item.

10 It Says that We Should Treat People as "Oppressors" or "Oppressed" Just Because of the Color of Their Skin

That right there sounds like actual racism to me. That is separating people by skin color and considering people with certain skin colors as oppressed and therefore weaker. Plus, it doesn't take into consideration a person's background or the conditions that person lives in.

Every race has been discriminated against by various races multiple times, so why do people look at whites as the oppressors when we have been discriminated against by various races as well?

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11 It Sees Racism and White Supremacy in Everything
12 It Argues that Race (Rather Than Economics) is the Important Form of Inequality
13 It Claims that the Civil Rights Movement Didn't Work and that We Haven't Made Any Progress
14 It is Racist

Believe it or not, claiming that every member of a certain ethnic group is racist is, in and of itself, racist.

15 It Stereotypes White People
16 It Teaches People to Hate White People
17 It's Treated as Educational
18 It is Woke Propaganda
19 It Promotes Hate Speech
20 It is Treated as Anti-Racism
21 It Divides People
22 It is Treated as Equality
23 It is Treated as Human Rights
24 It is Treated as Diversity
25 It is Hypocritical
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