Top 10 Best Things About Rain and Wet Weather

The wet weather we often refer to as “rain” is often associated as a bad thing. It’s often considered to be wet, cold, and straight up unbearable for most people. Despite that fact, the rain definitely has its positives.
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1 It’s a good excuse to stay indoors

Haha this is so relatable since it has recently rained today and that I was watching a movie, as it is the summer now. Soon I'll be out to camp.

Ever wanted to just binge watch a series or play video games without your parents interrupting you and telling you to go outside and play sports in the sun? Well… now that the rain has come, your parents would most likely not even bother, as most sports pitches are waterlogged.

So get your hot chocolates out and start binge-watching your TV series/movie marathons. Whether it be Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Back to the Future. (If it's raining that is)

Staying indoors when it's raining is the best. From my experience, when it's too hot out, I don't feel like doing anything. At least the rain in some way, gives me motivation to do things. Also, the sound of rain is very soothing.

Staying inside is for the weak. In the Midwestern US when it rains we go outside and maybe have a beer even when theres tornado sirens and the weather station tells you to go indoors.

2 It’s beneficial environmentally

Rain water is one of the most essential things in nature. It helps plants and crops grow and it gives a lot of animals water to drink.

Although plants and flowers most certainly need sunlight in order to grow, they also need the rain to water. It also fills up many important water landmarks such as rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. It also provided the fish to live in a much happier environment.

Rain is like a drink to plants of the environment, including trees. A good balance between sunlight and rain in the atmosphere helps them to grow as well.

This deserves to be number one. The top two are nice but this is much more important. Good list though.

3 Less crowded streets

Since not many people like being wet, rainy days often mean that the streets are less busy and crowded than during sunny days. During rainy days, the streets are always quiet and it's much easier to get to places without people in front of you slowing you down and taking your time away.

Exactly - a nice empty neighborhood is a really nice spot to walk in and with soothing rain all around you, it's a good source of inspiration.

4 The aftermath

The air smells clean and of enriched soil. You can take the little ones outside with their rain gear on, use a twig or pistachio shell and have boat races in the rushing street water.

In the aftermath of a rainy day, there's also a possibility of seeing a lovely colourful arch in the sky known as "rainbows". The flowers are usually much more colourful, and so is the landscape and other plants around you.

The sun always seems more beautiful than ever when it's coming out through the clouds after a good rain.

Strong typhoons leave some of the most sexiest rainbows!

5 It ends a summer heatwave

I love it when it's cooler because at least I can put something on to keep myself warm if needed.

Rain weather does cool the temperature for some time.

Ugh! 45 degree weather. Yuck!

6 The looks of it

Nothing more beautiful than seeing a foggy landscape full of a wet and windy outdoors. It may sound and look brutal, but that's also what makes the rain much more interesting.

I like the aesthetics of it and the sent of the outdoors when it stops! Especially in November or October.

Rain is very beautiful and calming. For whatever reason some people find rain depressing.

7 Comfy clothes

On hot summer days, you have to wear t-shirts and shorts, which aren't the most comfortable pieces of clothing. In rainy days, you get to wear a comfy raincoat, or a fluffy parka, and tracksuit pants, which makes it almost seem like you're in bed.

8 Although the outdoors are freezing, indoors are mostly toasty, heated, and full of blankets

You've never been in a more comfortably warm place as you have indoors when it's raining. With the heaters blasted on, you would most likely stay warm, and be in a room temperature room.

9 It gets the family together

Since no one from the family can get bothered to go in the rain, they mostly spend time together having fun such as playing board games and watching movies.

10 Good floods

Not sure if floods can be a good thing.

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11 Better sleep
12 Puddles and mud

Depending on your views, playing and jumping on puddles can be very fun, just as long as you're wearing rain boots. Even though you don't want to go outside, it is still fun to get dirty by rolling around in the mud and getting other people wet.

13 Productivity rates increase

Since you can't be bothered to go outdoors when it's raining, it's always good to use the time to increase productivity and work on school assignments that you have to hand in for the next day. It would even get you busy doing creative stuff such as writing stories and drawing pictures.

14 Helps wash away pollen and outdoor allergens

That is very useful, people who are more susceptible to pollen allergies in Spring feel much better after the rain washed all that pollen away.

15 It makes the area around us more humid
16 It's very soothing
17 It's mysterious
18 It can protect us from sunburns

I have gotten Sunburnt on the way to my dad's friend to his apartment, which makes me unable to sit back so I have to put something green on me that can reduce sunburn and risk of sun poisoning.

19 It cools us off
20 It's fun to go outside when it's raining

Whenever it rains, I always want to go outside and run around in it.

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