Top 10 Amazon Rainforest Plants

The Amazon Rainforest, located in South America, is the largest rainforest in the world. It’s warm weather, and beautiful scenery makes it at travel must. It is also the home place of over a hundred animals. Of course, it wouldn’t be a rainforest without any plants. In the Amazon, there several exotic and colourful plants that help make the rainforest a wonderful getaway. This list countdowns the most favorited plants.
The Top Ten
1 Orchid

The plant that we all know, orchids are also found in the Amazon! While they are simplistic looking, they come in different sizes and shapes. Combined with their sweet, vanilla scent, they are not difficult to spot.

These flowers leave a pleasant aroma in the Amazon rainforest.

The dark pink petals on orchids are very pretty and aesthetic. This is a very interesting list with some pretty-looking plants in the images.

Orchids add beauty to the forests as well as the whole country.

2 Coffee Plant

Another plant that is important to us. Coffee plants store coffee beans, which are obviously used to make coffee. Coffee beans provide many health benefits, such as boosting energy levels, reducing the risk of diseases, and helping to burn fat.

Brazil is one of the main producers of coffee.

3 Cacao

One of the most important plants for us all, because it provides none other than chocolate! As we all know, its cacao beans are what we use to make chocolate.

Not only does chocolate make classic and well-loved desserts, but it has also been proven that cacao can actually reduce the risks of developing heart diseases. Thus, it is a healthy and delicious necessity.

It is one of the good things about the Amazon forest.

4 Giant Water Lily

Located on the Amazon River, the giant water lily really does live up to its name. It is the largest lily pad in the world. The leaves are about 10 feet in diameter and strong enough to carry a small child!

The water lily flower, known as the Victoria Amazonica, is also not just a petite, dainty flower either. It is about 9 feet in diameter.

These sure are massive-looking lily pads. It would make a decent home for frogs in my opinion, considering how frogs are often nearby lily pads.

5 Banana Tree

Banana trees, while also found in Southeast Asia, also grow in the Amazon. They are not difficult to spot as you will immediately notice the bananas hanging off the branches.

Not only do bananas provide a good source of nutrition, but the banana leaves from the plant are also used in cooking and even as plates to put food on.

6 Bromeliads

Found growing on tall rainforest tree branches, Bromeliads provide the perfect home for many insects, and their leaves are perfect for collecting rainwater. As a result, many animals consider this plant to be their source for water, making it a valuable plant in the rainforest.

Another interesting thing about Bromeliads is that certain species can even grow fruit, the most notable being the pineapple.

7 Passion Fruit Flower

We all know passion fruit as something we eat, but it also happens to create a very unique-looking flower! Passion fruit flowers can grow in different varieties, from a vine to a small shrub.

In the end, they are important to bees and even bats. Passion fruit flowers have also been used to make medicine. And of course, they make passion fruit juice.

The passion fruit flower is very pretty and aesthetic. I love the design and colors. It's cool how it contains passion fruit juice as well.

8 Achiote

This fuzzy, fruit-like plant is used for orange and yellow food coloring in foods. It is believed that they also provide a peppermint scent.

9 Heliconia

You may have seen a Heliconia when you were visiting a local garden center. Heliconias are well-known plants in the Amazon due to their unique shape, which resembles a lobster claw, as well as their vibrant and striking color.

They can grow as tall as 15 feet and are a source of nectar for hummingbirds.

10 Monkey Brush Vines

A very interesting-looking plant, which resembles a brush or a fuzzy caterpillar. Its unique appearance is hard to miss. Sometimes, they might be regarded as a parasite if they grow on a different plant species.

They are also the perfect food source for hummingbirds, providing nectar.

The Contenders
11 Brazil Nut Tree
12 Rubber Tree
13 Lotus

My favorite flower! It looks like it's glowing!

14 Mushroom
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