Top 10 Things to Have During a Disaster

We all know natural disasters. Tornados, thunderstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes, you name it. Most of the time, there's always that one person who is unprepared for those nasty surprises. Keep in mind that not all items on the list are required, but I suggest them. These things on the list can be really handy if you have a "Go-Bag".
The Top Ten
1 Water

Water is the the most important fluid that your body needs. Water helps flourish and carry oxygen to the blood cells and heart , Water also helps protect our organs and tissues.

Possibly the most important thing here, we need at least 11 L (3 gallons) of water for every person. Since our bodies are mostly made of water, we need it to keep us not only refreshed but also hydrated.

2 First-aid kit

Now we got the food things out of the way, we also need something in case of someone close to you gets hurt during a disaster. They are typically used whenever a wound shows up. But who knows, you'll never know if you or someone else gets hurt!

3 Non-perishable food

This is another thing required for all of us when a disaster strikes. When this happens, we need at least three days' worth of this kind of food (so at least nine of them).

4 Flashlight

if it's one thing we don't want to happen, then it's blackouts. Flashlights are here because well, we need to see during a blackout, and without light, we would be walking like we're all confused. So unless you have night vision, then a flashlight is a must-have.

5 Toiletries

Okay, not only toilet paper is required, but also toothpaste, soap, and towels. During a disaster, the last thing we want is to be dirty and prone to sicknesses.

6 Up-to-date contact list

We need contacts because what if we get lost or someone needs us? If they have a contact list and need to contact someone for help, they can do it with ease.

7 Blankets

Lastly, we have Blankets. Blankets are needed because we need something warm to have in case if we get cold or need to sleep.

8 Sets of house and car keys

An extra pair of keys is necessary because of this question: "What if you lost the original keys?" Well, if you have an extra pair of keys, we won't have to worry about that question! Unless you lost those keys too...

9 Local map

We also need maps in case if we get lost during a natural disaster. This can be really handy if you're at a place that you don't recognize.

10 Medications
The Contenders
11 Cell phone
12 Bible

NOTE: This isn't required if you're an atheist. But disclaimers aside, we need the Bible (or other religious texts if you're not a Christian) if you want to keep your worship on. Also, we need to read it every day if we want to draw close to God. But if you're an atheist (one who doesn't believe in God), then this isn't required.

13 Matches
14 Knife

You can chop down trees, create tools, Kill any threatening animals, and cook food!

15 Alcohol

That's the last thing you'd need... I disagree

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