Top Ten Misconceptions About Evolution

Science has it backed up with a lot of evidence about it but some people always make mistakes about it... Here's some of those misconceptions.

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The Top Ten
1 We're descended from monkeys

No, we're not. We are descended from a common ancestor that humans and monkeys shared approximately 10 or 20 million years ago. The same thing with Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals. In fact, Neanderthals are our evolutionary cousins.

2 We aren't still evolving

Modern humans are evolving away their wisdom teeth. Up to a third of humans never get them. That's just one example.

In the future, when we are all dependent on technology for everything, we will become very weak individuals as we don't need that strength anymore. Our feet will become smaller as our sense of balance improves, and we will overcome obesity and depression.

3 It's just nature affecting evolution

Mentioned in the "We are still evolving" part, we are affecting the way we evolve via technology. We can also affect it by genetic engineering of specimens, for example, "Super Cattle."

4 Evolution is always a slow process

Sometimes it can be extremely fast. For example, there's a species of fish in an extremely polluted river. One of these fish must have undergone a mutation making it resistant to pollution and passed it to its offspring. This has also been observed in a microscopic environment with bacteria.

MRSA is a species of bacteria which underwent a mutation making it immune to antibiotics created by humans. These are both examples of evolution speeding up.

5 Species are distinct natural entities, with a clear definition

Right, Cazaam, and in fact, all three groups of humans are sometimes considered to be Homo sapien, that is how similar we all are.

In fact, roughly, there appears to be at least two or three species of human since we first walked Earth: Homo erectus, Flores Hobbit, and Homo sapiens, with many subspecies in between.

What's the difference between the last Homo Heidelbergensis and the first Homo Sapien? Barely anything. There isn't any distinct position where the Homo Heidelbergensis split into Neanderthals and Modern Humans. There is no specific spot where they split. We just assume it's about 500 thousand years ago.

6 Evolution is always beneficial

One part of evolution is mutations. Mutations can be beneficial, but the majority of the time, they aren't a good thing.

7 Believing in evolution means you are an atheist

If God created animals that way, that's the way it is. We, as mortal beings, will never understand God's nature, as he's the most mysterious spirit in eternity. God bless you all.

Many religious people, including Christians, Jews, etc., accept evolution because Scripture itself says that God's Time is not the same as humanity's time.

I went to a Catholic middle school and a Catholic high school. They both taught the theory of evolution.

8 Charles Darwin was the first person to come up with a theory of evolution

Before Darwin, there was another man who was French named Jean Baptiste Lamarck. He was known for his theory of how the giraffe got its long neck.

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