Top 10 Most Random Things to Do In the Middle of the Night

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1 Munch All the Food

Sometimes, I think I'm nocturnal or something. Every night I just go to the fridge, and in the morning, all the waffles are gone. :P

Seems like the kind of thing I would do.

Make sure to hide the evidence...

Stress eating be like

2 Jump on Your Parent's Bed While They're Sleep

This would be dangerous.

3 Dance Around in the Dark Living Room

I would so do this

4 Yell Out the Window

Then people will be like what the heck.

I do this every Saturday night.

5 Jam Music

This sorta what I do expect I sneak my phone into the room put the volume to the lowest and listen to Jimi Hendrix till I fall fast asleep.
P.S. I'm only 15 that's I have to be secretive about using my phone late at night.

I once left my iPod speakers on as I fell asleep. Woken at 2am by deadmau5. It was hard getting back to sleep.

Metalcore all the way!

6 Watch Scary Videos

"Oh, this baby elephant is eating the tiger live.
Now it is looking straight into me through the screen.
Oh my gosh, blood is dripping out from his mouth.
Waah! The baby elephant is really coming out of the screen!?!? "

Ummm... Something like that...

You'll get nightmares by this don't try it.

I feel like I'm the demon now..

Wouldn't affect me

7 Play Slenderman

Who would do this!

Or at midnight

8 Open the Front Door and Run Around the Neighborhood
9 Start Twerking

My Father wouldn't be in shock at all! I'd be more in shock to see HIM do it!

Then your parents will be in shock.

If I throw it back is it fast enough?

10 Play with Yourself
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11 Spam Friends with Memes and Funny Texts

Yes this is amazing

I do that like 24/7

12 Get Naked and Dance Around the Street

Sounds legal. Sure the neighbours would love to see that.

Did that once and got a whole mob of naked people to join in. Aww, good times...

Naked time! Dance with my naked body

13 Pet Your Animal

Good dogs deserve to be pet. All dogs are good. All dogs should be pet. Pet the dog. Pet it now.

14 Fart

My parents hate when I fart, At night I like to do the biggest and loudest farts.

Its true at night there's no one to judge you you can fart as often and as loud as you want

15 Try to Summon Satan
16 Create a List of Random Things to Do
17 Make Out

I'll call my boyfriend over and do it in the middle of the streets while walking

18 Do Creepy Rituals

I do this every single night with my friends, it's always fun to just sing and dance to wash out the crying of our victim

19 "Howl" at the Full Moon

I did that once, and in the morning, I heard my neighboor talking about how their was a "Wolf" in our nighboorhood. I was laughing my head off.

Sometimes I wish I was part wolf.

20 Poop
21 Sneak Out and Start a Fire on the Lawn

I did that, I burnt down the hole city.

22 Jump in Your Pool Naked

You mean skinny dipping?

23 Be Quiet

Honestly the most normal thing here, who the hell would go outside in the night?!?

24 Play Ding Dong Ditch

Or knock down ginger here in the UK, it is actually illegal and can land you with two weeks in jail or a fine

25 Text Your Crush

I don't have a phone yet so I just email my friends over and over again.

It's the middle of the night, what could possibly go wrong?

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