Top 10 Things to Ask Jeff the Killer

If you have a question, Jeff, the famous creepypasta character, will answer it. So, here are ten things to ask Jeff about!
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1 Why did Chuck Norris beat you up so badly?

Jeff: I stay away from Chuck Norris because he'll roundhouse kick me.

Jeff: Usually, if I see Chuck Norris coming, I run away as fast as I can.

2 Why do you kill people?

Jeff: Because my good-looking face just got burned!

Jeff: I'm crazy and I enjoy watching the life drain from their eyes.

3 Do you hate Dora the Explorer?

Jeff: UGH! Please don't talk about that show. It's scarier than me! It's too horrifying to watch!

Jeff: Sorry, I'm too busy mutilating dead bodies to answer that.

Jeff: Sorry, I already killed her.

4 What is your favorite color?

Jeff: White is my favorite color of all time.

Jeff: Red, like the color of my victim's blood.

5 Do you ever sleep?

Jeff: I can't close my eyes, so no, I don't sleep. But instead, you do!

I'm blind from cutting my eyelids, so yeah - Jeff the Killer.

Jeff: Just because I don't have eyelids doesn't mean I can't sleep.

6 Do you have a crush on anyone?
7 Who is your pet?

Jeff: Smile Dog, duh. But anyway, I have to go take him for a walk, so I will be right back.

8 Is Ben your best friend?
9 What cartoons do you watch?

Jeff: Have you forgotten I kill people for a living?

Jeff: Happy Tree Friends is my favorite cartoon that I grew up with as a kid.

10 Who would you choose to play football with: Slenderman or Ben?

Jeff: Uh... Slenderman: Jeff, what are you doing? Jeff: I'm answering these people's questions. Maybe you can figure it out, Slendy! Slenderman: DON'T CALL ME SLENDY! *Throws Jeff through the window* Jeff: Ugh... OK, I will stop... Ow... Slenderman: *Troll face* Hehehe. Welp, that's it! I hope you like this very funny list, and don't worry, folks! I will do more! So, bye!

That is your sport - killing people?

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11 What is your reaction to 2 Girls 1 cup?

Jeff: Uh, I don't know why? *Watches 2 Girls 1 Cup* *Barfs* Oh my God! That is the most disgusting video I have ever seen! That's worse than those horrifying cute ponies!

Jeff: So horrifying that my face carving turned into a frown!

12 What would you do if Eyeless Jack took your kidneys?

Jeff: I would first ask him for my kidneys back, and then I would KILL HIM!

Jeff: Tear his guts out and smear them all over his face.

13 Why do you look like Marilyn Manson?

Jeff: I got set on fire and came out looking white, so I'm still trying to figure that mystery out.

14 How do you feel about people shipping you with Jane?

Who do you want to date and why? And what do you feel about fangirls?

15 Why can't you just die?

I wish he would. I hate Jeff. I want to fight him.

16 Can we be best friends? I'm a killer just like you!
17 Do you eat people?
18 Do you like Sonic. Exe or Ticci Toby as a friend?

Jeff: I hate them both, logically.

Jeff: Hm, a made-up video game character or a mindless slave... tricky.

19 Are animals awesome?
20 I'm not a fangirl but what do you think of them?

Jeff: Don't talk about them, please? Ugh... so annoying! Anyway, I'm supposed to be ugly, but these fangirls are ruining my reputation!

Fangirls: We love you! Soul (female): Oh God, no, please don't say - Fangirls: Jeffrey, f - me, Daddy! Soul: Ew, nasty. A riot has started.

21 Would you kill Jason?

What do you think the answer is? Of course, I would kill him.

22 Who is your best friend?
23 Who was your favorite victim?
24 What do you think of the SpongeBob episode A Pal for Gary?

Jeff: Let me watch it. *After the episode* Jeff: *Angrily* That was the worst episode ever! I can't believe SpongeBob did this to Gary.

25 Why did your skin turn white?

Jeff: I don't know. Perhaps I drink too much milk, I guess.

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