Top 10 Most Awkward Moments

Sometimes we're in everyday life, and it turns out to be very awkward.
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1 No one getting your joke

I really hate this. Usually, people get most of my jokes, or laugh at most of the things I do, but when this happens, then you have to explain, and when the STILL don't get it---oh, that kills me.

Aw that's the worst, because you think it's hilarious but everyone just looks at you like you're insane.

Not to mention when you mess up with the joke itself and they look at you like you are insane...

I think it's even more awkward when people do get your joke, but they don't find it funny.

2 Sitting through an awkward silence

It's got the word "Awkward" inside. What do you expect?
Plus awkward silences is when people can't actually talk but when someone don't shake it the the same way, it doesn't allow people to talk... "

Especially when your friend leaves you alone with another one of there friends that you don't talk to. It's so awkward

I was at a bus and then I saw my brother I called him but he didn't hear me because he has earpods on and then everyone at the bus just looked at me like I'm a murderer and there was a cringy silent. God why

That's so true! My friends have finished talking and then we're just walking around.Then one of them just says awkward silence

3 Thinking someone is waving at you but they're really waving at someone else

Yeah especially if they see that you thought they were waving at you and look and stare at you...

This happened at Walmart when I was exiting the bathroom.

4 Approaching someone in a hall and you get in each other's path

I feel like grabbing the guy and throwing him behind me.

5 A friend getting you a gift you don't want

This is really awkward. It's even more awkward when it's a gift from Santa and your parents take it back!

This one is really awkward. A couple years ago I got clothes for my birthday that I though were ugly. I just pretended to like them and I said Thanks I love them. Cause it is the thought that counts [I'm also very good at acting so I was able to pull if off]

This really applies to anything. You're like "Oh! Um thank you..."
this is the worst

That has happened to me!

6 Shaking hands with someone who doesn't shake the same way

I really hate this situation because I can negatively interpreted in many different ways and it affects my behaviour in a way I don't want (I react in a way I don't like). As a result, I don't want to see this person no more

One time, when I got George Kollias (Drummer) to sign his signature on my poster, he told me give him a hand shake and then I shook his hand the wrong way!

Never want this to happen.

7 Farting in public and you pretend it isn't you, but everyone is looking at you

I've thankfully never had this happen to me, but I've seen it happen to other people and I could only imagine how awkward that is.

That has not happened to me but to someone else!

Then the room starts to stink so now it's more obvious you farted

8 Pulling a door that says “push”, or the other way around

Oh no... that's happened to me before

Other way around for me.

I do this a lot.

I went to a mall and I was trying to open the door but then this lady behind me opened the door and that was so awkward! :|

9 Still not understanding someone after they repeat themselves multiple times

Lord, this one is so awkward. I think my dad's friend has some talking problem. Every time he says anything I either say "what? " Or pretend that I heard by laughing a little and then say "yeah". Very awkward.

Jackson's mom explained something for like 15 minuets and I was the only one out of 4 kids who still didn't get it even though she repeated it like 5 times.

This happens to me sometimes.

10 Looking at someone in the car next to you in traffic and they keep looking

Happened to me many Times and it is so creepy!

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11 Falling in public

Arg! I hate it when this happens. Everyone stares at you and your like "oh I'm fine" when I'm reality everything hurts.

Especially when it's down the stairs.

12 Blushing in front of a person you like

This can be very awkward yet still can be a good thing. Just don't look the person in the eye, avoid eye contact.

This is my life. I blush in front of my crush and he asked me if I was hot or something.

That would be The Most Awkward thing every!

If only my crush talked to me...

13 Drool randomly coming out of your mouth

This is definitely the most awkward situation. It's also awkward when snot randomly comes out of your nose.

This annoys me because I don't know its happening!

As I was reading this drool was actually coming out of my mouth... No joke

14 Getting a question wrong that everyone else got right

This happens to me a lot.

15 Replying to someone you think is talking to you, but actually they’re on their phone
16 Laughing at your own joke when no one else does

Yep I tell science puns so I get this a lot.

17 Thinking your earphones are plugged in but they're not so everyone can hear your music

I was on a train and I plugged my headphones into my phone (or I thought so) I like my music loud so I put on my headphones. It took me 3 seconds to realize that everyone was staring at me and that my headphones were not plugged in! This was a very awkward situation! :| :| I still remember how awkward my face looked and at that point, I seriously wanted to jump out the window! :|

This is so embarrassing, especially when the music you listen to is "disturbing" to the rest of your class...

This has never happened to me, but I've seen it a lot. This is why I also make sure my head phones are plugged in all the way

I like when this happens because then people can hear the songs I listen to!

18 The room suddenly getting quiet while you're in the middle of a conversation with a friend

This happens to me all the time, it's so annoying and awkward. Whenever I start a conversation, others get quiet and want to listen apparently when they were the ones holding a conversation before.

This literally happens all the time.

19 Someone asking you a question when you don't know the answer

I hate this, so much awkwardness.

20 Grabbing a pole on public transportation but then holding someone else’s hand

Just happend to me in the buss. A guy were holding a pole and I just grabbed his hand like if it's normal. I realized it maybe 3 seconds later. What's even more awkward is that he was one of my old kindergarten friend.

21 Barely understanding a joke five minutes later
22 Asking out a crush and having your crush ask "who are you?"
23 Laughing at something you read in public and everyone looks at you
24 Not getting a friend's joke so they have to explain it
25 Holding the door open for someone far away and forcing them to run over
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