Top Ten Parts of Your Body You'd Most Like to Change

No one on this planet figures he or she has the perfect body (except my brother ha! ) So, come and air what you'd change about a particular part of your body.
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1 Tummy

I'm fat and don't have the guts to go on a diat and I really want to take sliming pills but my parents won't let me because they say its dangeres! I wish I could magically change my tummy in to bieng slim. To those who have normal size tummies be gratefull!

No matter what I do, abs seem unattainable... I have a flat learn stomach, but I can't get definition...
Girls seem to love the way I look, but I don't. I want them so damn bad

I don't mind having some cushion there but I don't like how much of a stomach I have.

I've a slender body.
Had it from the very starting so never had to do anything to obtain it

2 Nose

I've broken my nose so many times that it is now bigger than average and my sense of smell is very weak so I would definitely change that.

Mine is kind of short but wide. Often referred to as "cute" but I sometimes mine was more petite.

I wish noses weren't so ugly.

Big noses are great too.

3 Face

I wish I had less scars and acne.

I think my face is ok.

4 Breasts

I'm actually happy with my breasts. They seem happy with me too as they haven't tried to escape by heading south!

I'm cis but I want them flat or much smaller.

My mom has Breast cancer. She'd definitely change it if she could

5 Legs

I'm happy with my height of six foot four, but if anything, I'd want to be in better proportion. My long legs are the main culprit of this. They make it impossible to fit in even medium-sized cars, even the largest of beds, which I'm lying diagonally in now, and picking things up is a nightmare.

I wish they were shorter! Listen. I'm 5 2" and my legs are too long for my body. My mum is taller but has shorter legs but she looks more in proportian.

6 Bottom

The less said the better. You just have to trust me on this.

I shall not say the word!

I want it to be flatter.

7 Ears

I have the tiniest ears on a human. That I am sure of. I cover them with my hair when I can.

I'm grateful for my small ears, too!

8 Hands

My hands are normal size (they're not huge like some guys hands are) but they're not very defined.

Seriously, I've seen kindergarteners with bigger hands.

I absolutely adore my piano fingers.

They're useful. That's about it.

9 Brain

Haha good one

10 Eyes

My eyes are technically blue, but they've always looked bluish-green to me. Someone even told me they looked hazel (I don't know). Either way, I wish they were a more pure shade of blue.

Mine are extremely dark brown. I've learned to love them but I wouldn't turn down the possibility of purple eyes. Those would look so cool!

I like blue eyes but I have brown eyes.

I've big eyes, they never changed.

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11 Genitals

Mine is...well...It's where it should be at least! Haha.

12 Lips

I don't like the way I smile-but I wouldn't let that keep me from smiling-I mean, that would be the worst reason to not smile!

Other than that, I like the way I look and I don't care if that's stuck up to say.

I have braces, which means mine are somewhat enlarged.

Mine are full but I just don't like them very much.

13 Teeth
14 Feet

I feel really self conscience about my feet. I don't know why.

15 Skin
16 Chin

I got a permanent scar on my chin and it looks terrible, so that's what id change

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