Top 10 Worst Things in Conversation

What are the worst things to happen in conversation?
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1 Awkward Silences

I bet you all saw this coming. When neither of you knows what to talk about, and a silence occurs, it feels like you're constantly getting stabbed in the heart with worry about what you should be doing and saying. Is this silence bad? Should I randomly mention something to get the flow started again? Will people wonder why the heck I decided to mention the greenness of the grass all of a sudden?

Awkward silences are the worst when it comes to conversation, in my opinion.

Especially when some stranger says "Hi!" and nothing else. Why the heck am I responsible for finding a topic for the conversation that someone else started?

2 Constant Topic Changes

Wait... Wait... WHAT? Why are we having a discussion about dinosaurs when two seconds ago we were talking about feeding pets? And now we are talking about the horrible things in the world? What's next, the life of rocks? I can't keep up!

Yes, I know that topic changes are the staple of most good conversations, but they should be monitored so the person on the receiving end doesn't get confused as heck when trying to say something.

At the beginning of the conversation...
Me: "Yeah, Attack on Titan is a great anime."
At the end of the conversation...
Me: "And that's how Brian Jones died... Wait, what?"

3 Constantly Ranting About the Same Thing

I understand the hypocrisy behind this one. I, and many others, tend to get carried away with their passions or dislikes when talking. However, I have asked people in the past what their greatest pet peeve is when it comes to conversation, and this is pretty frequently said. It can't be left out.

I don't think anybody would like to spend three hours talking about someone's dinner, though perhaps knowledge of the history of lasagna would be useful in everyday life.

Would be great if the ranter could get over the same thing he/she rants about, wouldn't it?

4 Conversation Hogging

Do I need to comment on this one?

I'm afraid of dominating an entire conversation. That's why I'm shy for the most part in real life.

5 Useless Shouting

Why are you shouting? I can hear you perfectly fine. You don't need to shout! Look, I understand that some people may have hearing ailments and issues, but for people who don't, shouting is extremely unnecessary unless you are calling for someone from far away or taking part in an argument. The people sitting on a bench on the other side of the park don't really need to know about that thing you did two days ago.

At my school lunch, it gets very loud, but the teachers on duty don't seem to mind. In fact, it gets so loud that you have to shout or repeat what you're saying to the person right next to you. You can't even whisper in someone's ear without slightly shouting.

6 Constant Interruptions

I hate it when I start a sentence, and then the person I'm talking to interrupts me. Then, when they are finished, they tell me to continue, and when I do, they cut me off again! Ugh, like can you NOT?! -EC

7 Drama Queens

I am talking about the people who get depressed because, say, they ran their mobile battery down and end up making unrelated people pay for the rest of the day. What role did they have in your phone's loss of battery that you treat them like they physically broke it with their hands?

Drama queens can range from exciting to deserving compassion to being downright hilarious. Why not have a drama queen in your conversations?

My favorite part about 8th grade was the amount of drama that was going on in our class. Drama is great! Drama is almost worth living for!

8 "Nevermind...."

Another one that is pretty obvious. What were you going to say? If you don't want me to know, then don't get me interested!

This is simply very low on the list due to the fact that everyone does this at some point. I have before, but pretty much everybody has.

I hate people who do this just because I can't hear what they're trying to say.

9 Attention Seeking

Oh hey, look at me, I'm awesome! I am certainly far better than everyone else in every way, so everyone should be looking at me and me alone!

These people are probably the same people who post a YouTube comment telling you to like if you like cats, even though it is on an entirely unrelated video about the history of ears.

10 Pointless Acronyms
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11 Tucked People
12 "I can't hear you"
13 "Did I ask?"

This is very annoying if you are trying to have a conversation with others.

14 "Whatever..."

My least favorite word in the English language is "whatever." If someone says it, while I try not to punch them in the face, the conversation completely dies or just gets really tense.

15 People Who Speak Quietly

One of my friends is like this. What makes it worse is that not only does she mumble, but it also makes it harder to hear what she is saying with a mask on and social distancing. -EC

16 Ignorance

Oh my God, don't even get me started. I try having civilized conversations with people, but they want to be stupid and don't know how to listen.

17 "How are you?"

I absolutely hate being asked that. It happens in almost all conversations, and all you can say is "good," and then ask them. Completely pointless.

18 Talking Too Loud
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