Top Ten Things You Don't Miss Until They're Gone

You don't necessarily acknowledge them until its gone. Maybe you even hate them while they're there, or promise we wont miss them, but we will!
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1 School

No matter how you slice it, in the future, we're going to miss school to some extent. Just the summer gets me depressed after a certain point because of my lack of productivity or seeing my friends or having a routine to rely on. I'm sure this will only intensify when I'm out for good.

I definitely miss high school and back when I was actually IN high school, I never imagined I'd be telling myself that. Make it count (those of you who are still in it or aren't in it yet)!

There's a pretty interesting proverb to this:
"On the first day, you cry because you don't want to enter school".
"On the last day, you cry because you don't want to leave school".

I did always miss school after it got out, but not because of friends (I don't have any), but because I missed having a routine.

2 Childhood

The 90s will ALWAYS be better than the 2000s and 2010s have EVER been! I miss the days of movies like The Lion King and Oliver & Company. Back then Disney made the best movies ever. The classics are the best! Sure I liked Big Hero 6 and Wreck-It Ralph, and definitely Frozen and Tangled (I'm sick of the Frozen hate), but I miss the old movies. The song Once Upon a Time in New York City from Oliver & Company inspires me. And the movie itself is from back when Disney made the best movies ever. The 80s and 90s gave us some of the best Disney movies of all time. They gave us The Fox and the Hound (1981), The Lion King (1994), The Little Mermaid (1989), Oliver & Company (1988), Gordy (1995), Toy Story (1995) and Toy Story 2 (1999), Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993), Beauty and the Beast (1991), Aladdin (1992), The Great Mouse Detective (1986), The Rescuers Down Under (1990), Tarzan (1999), and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996). The old Disney movies are just so much better than ...more

I've had schizophrenia since I was about 3 or 4 years old, so I never had much of a childhood. Most of my childhood was inside my head and within my weird hallucinations and creepy voices I hear. I still have nostalgic memories though. I want my childhood back!

Most kids (myself included) look forward to being able to vote, drink, lose their virginity, and move out of the house. While it all seems pretty cool, I'll probably end up missing the minimal responsibilities.

We spend childhood wishing for the freedom of adulthood, and then we spend adulthood wishing for the carefree spirit of childhood.

3 The heat of summer and the cool of winter

I always miss the winter when it's summer, but never vice versa. I've adapted to the cold, and so I work better, sleep better and am generally less stressed even when it's freezing. I can't stand the searing heat and plague of insects that comes with the summer, let alone the widespread social hype about it.

During the summer, we complain about the heat and wish it was winter. During the winter, we complain about the cold and wish it was summer. Especially where I live when every weather event is to the extremes.

In the winter, people only look forward to the heat and in the summer people want some cooler days. Hey, the grass is always greener.

We don't even have winter. There are 8 months of summer, 2 monsoon months( monsoon rains usually pour overnight, so daytime is still hot) and during December-January max. Temperatures are around 30°C and minimum are 20°C. That is what we call winter. In May-June, Maximum temperature is around 39°C and high humidity makes things worse. So, BRING ON THE SNOW!

4 Family

Once again, COULD NOT BE MORE TRUE! I would always fight with my brother when we were younger, but I've been missing him ALL THE TIME since he left for college in August 2011. He recently quit in February 2015, but even so, I STILL don't get to see him much during the day, because he has to work due to having quit college. I guess that's yet another reason I enjoy Liv and Maddie, because the plot often relates to my life.

I say this because my sister just recently drove off to college. Sure, you fight and you fuss, but they're the best friends you don't have the option to break up with. Enjoy their company, because you'll miss it when they're gone.

Pretty much the opposite for me. Me and my sisters were like best friends and we never had a fight, but when she moved to go to university I didn't miss her. Maybe because she visited a lot.

I'm the oldest, so, I'll be the first one to leave. I'm not going to miss my siblings. They hate me.

5 Home

I've moved around so often, I've never felt like I had a home until now, because my parents are building a house, which means I'm living out in the country on a farm until I go off to college!

Home becomes such a part of your routine, you hardly notice it after a while. Sure, you're grateful for it while you have it. But there's a reason homesickness is so prevalent.

I hate seizures, until I meet someone I'm stuck with parents like a kid, unless they go away.

I've moved 14 times in my life (honest) so imagine how many homes I miss living in.

6 Long hair or short hair

As someone who donates hair yearly, I chop off ten inches pretty regularly. When my hair is long, I hate the fuss, the tangles, and all of the product my hair requires. Then when its gone, I miss putting it up, feeling the wind run through it, and styling it. And its in a way where there's no happy medium either, I want it all gone or down to my hip. 'tis the struggle.

I had my hair long three times in my life (I remember having it at ages 2, 12, and 15) and each time I got it cut because I was sick of brushing it (my hair is thicker than dog hair and is naturally curly). I've kept it short for years now only because it's easier to maintain but I do miss having it long.

My hair is so thick that I have to get it cut by a professional. Not your average barber. When my hair is even slightly out of place, it's a real chore to fix it. And yes, even as a man, who doesn't rely on a bag full of hair products, I go mad over this.

I have had long hair all my life, and one day, my mom suggested cutting my hair short. I was like, "No! My long hair is too precious! " But my mom kept telling me how "cute" I would look with short hair. So on the day I got my haircut, I was shocked. I didn't look like myself anymore! It was WAY TOO SHORT! I LOOKED LIKE A BOY! And it wasn't a bob like my mom promised, it was a pixie cut! I cried and cried for days and days. I missed sporting the long, beautiful ponytail. I missed my long locks floating up when I jumped on the trampoline. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I missed the TANGLES as well! Now, this was 5 months ago, so my hair is still short, but it's not a pixie anymore. It's almost a bob. My mom says I can start wearing ponytails again when it's a little past my chin. I will NEVER EVER HAVE SHORT HAIR AGAIN FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE! 😡

7 Electronic devices that work

When my iPad screen broke, I felt disconnected from reality until it was mended. I could operate similar functions with so many other devices, but one gone, temporarily or permanently, can make a big difference. It would be much the same if that happened to my Samsung Galaxy phone, or my Lenovo laptop.

Buggy electronics that hardly work are better than ones that don't at all. You spend a lot of time frustrated and smacking them to load. But once they die for good, its like your world shattered.

Oh trust me, I don't take them for granted. They hardly ever work in my house. I'm very thankful when they do.

Technology is great... Up until it stops working.

8 Air

You wont miss it when it is gone, you'll be dead...

I wouldn't know what it's like to be lacking air and I hope I never do

9 Toilet paper

Gross but true

10 Dressing for the weather

Okay okay, its pretty clear now what inspired this list. I miss layering for the winter currently. And I experience the same fashion blues in the winter when I miss the eclectic colors and flip flops.

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11 The Sun

Having a pretty weird but real fear of the sun (skin health wise), I spend many scorching days holed up inside or with layers of sunscreen. But once the winter gloom sets in, I miss the energy the bright outdoors give me.

You heard that one song: Only miss the sun when it starts to snow.

12 Friends

Thanks to the pandemic, I didn't get to see my best friends everyday. Naturally, I felt lonely and sad. Hopefully this year will be change.

In life, you don't know what you got until it's gone. That's how I feel when I'm with my friends, especially how covid-19 broke apart me and my best friend Mindy from Disney's Hollywood Studios' Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.
Its Joeysworld

How can you miss something that you have already? So you literally can't miss anything until it's gone.

Moving away sucks.

13 Being tired

Hear me out first! I say this because I can spend consecutive days absolutely exhausted and wishing to sleep. But it seems the minute my head hits the pillow, I'm wide awake and I'm like "come on! You were tired just a second ago! "

I can't sleep because my stupid hallucinations don't let me. I always have these huge bags under my eyes, but even if I'm tired, I can never sleep.

Try this: Do absolutely nothing apart from do stuff indoors all day. Until 1am. Then lie down with a book and just fall asleep with the light on.

This happens ALL THE TIME to me these days. I feel tired by around 7:30, only to wake up 2 hours later. Then I don't fall asleep again until around 8 in the morning. I sleep until around 2 PM. That's what it's been like for me EVER SINCE LAST YEAR! Only on SOME DAYS do I get to sleep on time for the right time, others it just falls apart completely. In fact I'm typing this right now at 5:13 AM on August 20, 2015.

14 Parents

I'm fortunate enough to still have my parents, but when I miss them on a single week of camp... yeah, I can't imagine being without them.

We miss them while they are here! Irrelevant. Same goes to Siblings.

15 Computer charger

I left it at home, which I'm two hours away from right now. TTT will be shutting off any second.

16 Health

The most important

17 Virginity

I won't miss this because I feel I don't have to worry about it until I'm married.

18 Christmas
19 Vacations

I do miss some vacation locations.

20 Girlfriend or boyfriend
21 Bullies

@PeeledBanana, (with sarcasm) That's GREAT idea! While we're at it, let's do the things they did to other people just to show how we're no better than they were! (in normal voice) Does that sound good to you?

Nah, all bullies should be brutally slaughtered and executed to death in the most slow, painful, and harmful way possible.

Am I the only one here who wants to see an old bully and tell them thank you for making us the strong people we now are?

22 Music you repeatedly listened to

Ahh... I have this sussed. If you miss the music you listened to repeatedly, why not just listen to it again - on repeat - and make up the wasted time you were missing it unnecessarily.

23 Mean teachers
24 Sex
25 Internet
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