Top Ten Places to Tickle Someone

Look here if you like to tickle. It will really help!
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1 Stomach

I love tickling people's stomachs. I find that fingers, feathers, and electric toothbrushes are the most effective. Also using baby oil can help make them more sensitive.

My mom blows raspberries on my belly whenever she tickles me and she calls me her little baby when she does it it's so annoying. She sits in my and then rolls my shirt up and lifts my arms and blows raspberries and nibbles on my tummy

There are 2 types of tickle knimises and garglesis the first is by tickling other spots mentioned here and second to make someone jump and laugh I like both. My mother often does the first one and second tickles my stomach everyday when I am back home saying I am tired and I need boost and ties and tickles me for like 30 40 mins it's so fun

This is my Fave Place To Watch get Tickled!

Belly/Belly Button are the best & most attractive when the Girl/Guy takes care of there belly's!

2 Feet

The two friends I hang out with the most are both really ticklish on their feet. My first friend isn't as ticklish. His feet I think are a size 8 1/2, and are really sensitive for some on who plays a lot of sports. His heel and arches aren't that ticklish, and his feet are only ticklish bare. His soles only make him smile and laugh without opening his mouth. His toes though are really ticklish! Espicially between them with a feather. My other friend is deathly ticklish, bare or not. Sometimes I take his socks off just to mess with him. His entire foot is ticklish, but his soles and between his toes are the worst, and his arches, under and between his toes are the most ticklish.

One time, my cousin made a bet with me. She said if she could last 5 minutes of tickling on her feet, I would have to pay her 5 bucks. I agreed, and she put her feet up. I got up without saying a word, and went around the house grabbing a shoe lace, a feather, and an electric toothbrush. I went back to her room and she cringed when she saw what I was holding. I then sat on her ankles (she was laying on her stomach) took her socks off, tied her big toes together with the shoe lace, and started tickling. Her feet were ticklish, as her toes wiggled, curled, flexed and spread spasmodically. I then started using the feather and her laughter slowed. She just wiggled her toes and giggled. It only sped up when I brushed it under or between her toes. But as soon as I used the electric toothbrush her toes and laughter went back to their old ways, and a spot right under her big toes got her dying, and she quit 4:30 seconds in. I was 5 bucks richer.

Using nails to tickle feet is the best. Slow tickles are also the best, doing some teasing and stuff like that. I love it and hate it at the same time, I want someone to tickle my feet for like 30 minutes straight with their nails slowly

Some of my BFFs invited me to a sleepover, and after we had a pillow fight, when I was resting on a bed, one of the girls sneaked to my feet and started tickling with a feather. It was simply unbearable.

3 Sides

Me and my girlfriend have sleep overs almost every day and she loves to tickle my sides. Once every other sleepover we do challenges and whover losses gets a punishment and mine as always being tickled. I sleep without a shirt so somtimes I wake up tied to the bed and she's straddling my waist and the moment I realize I'm being tickle all over for a solid 4 hours.

When ever I'm at a sleep over I will lie on the bed right next to my friend and put my hands behind my head, exposing my sides, I purposely do this because I know as soon as I'm relaxed she will go and taser me there. She doesent know, but I love it! so much! Maybe one day I'll get the guts to tell her that.

I remember I told my girlfriend " I bet I can make you say stop ". I poked her side and she smiled a little, I poked her again and she started giggling. " It seems like you're ticklish" I said. She denied so I kept tickling her sides

This is best place to start a tickle session. My mother tickles me everyday day when I come home tying me and saying tickle time starts by sides or stomach but the session lasts 2 to 3 hours long because there are other spots best thing to get after a long day getting helplessly tickled by my mother.

4 Armpits

I never have tickle fights with my friends, because I know that my armpits are insanely ticklish, and the moment I expose them, failure is assured.

Gliding your fingers in here will most probably set them off laughing

5 Thigh

Once my girlfriend and I were watching a movie and she squeezed my thighs slowly then faster.

Squeeze it slowly and then faster. If you like
Getting tickled you will like this! Trust me.

6 Knee Cap

If you squeeze their knee cap it will really

7 Breast

It is a good place to tickle. Do anything and
They will probably laugh!

Extremely ticklish and love it.

I just like breasts

8 Nipple

Pinch their nipples and they have a chance of laughing.

9 Bottom

Squeeze their bum cheek.

10 Groin

Once my girlfriend tied me to my bed when I was asleep and tickled me everywhere. It did not work then she tried my balls and penis that worked I was actually enjoying it

Just like wiggle your fingers I so hard it will torture you found a way to make their day!

It may seem weird but people love it

Always do circular movements

It will make them squirm

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11 Back

Draw lines on their back and they will really like this.

12 Belly Button

I want to Tickle Girls with Ticklish Belly Buttons so bad!

13 Navel

I found out the hard way when I was wearing stretchy training clothes, which left a gap naked, that was just wide enough to fully show my navel. Mymom wanted me to wear something more girly I guess.
I was playing Lego with my brother (Yeah, we WERE teens already, but it still is Lego) on the carpet. When I was sitting quietly, he leaned forward over the heap of bricks and poked my belly button. I twitched and sucked my belly in. I don't like being touched there, but I tolerated it, because I think he is nice. He liked it and took the chance when I stood up and was standing right next to him. He reached up to me and poked me again. I flinched again, because it tickled so much, but he made me stop sucking my stomach in. He poked me again and again to see if I do so, but it was so extremely ticklish. He really liked touching my navel, because when we went to sleep in the floor (it was a sleepover), he poked me. I giggled. So, he poked me another time and I giggled more. He eventually ...more

We just tickled a woman at the party.So we laid her and tied the wrists and ankles.Then just tickled the neck feet sides each and she squirmed and on the navel and ribcage very ticklish! So all of us mercilessly tickled her everywhere mainly navel...tears laughter smiles screams..I can't take it anymore had enough..please stop.. but we just laughed at her discomfort and no seriously you should have seen the look on her face..not even being able to properly beg for mercy.Then we joked that it was over but then everyone watching and laughing just joined... this time spared no spot on her and continue till she wet herself and even further

Stomach and belly button are the best to tickle. Sexy, and fun all at the same time. Having my belly button tickled is my favorite, but I love tickling my bff's belly button even more.

14 Crotch

If I could have another life it would be lesbian, she would tickle my boobs and I would grab her crotch all night long.

15 Toes

I've recently had a massage which uses fish to eat the dead skin on my feet. To sum it up to one sentence, don't let them get close to your toes.

Some Girls Toes are cute when they wiggle around!

16 Butt

I'm a boy and strangely I am pretty ticklish on my butt... My girlfriend once touched me there and it really tickled. But it's not my most ticklish spot, My Sides and Ribs are more ticklish.

Oh god I'm dying so hard

Legends ays you won't tickle them from the butt you slap their butts

17 Ribs

Just dig your fingers in there-they will scream and laugh so hard

18 Back of Knee

Don't ask me how I knew, but tickling behind a person's knees can drive him crazy, probably even cause him to pee in his pants.

Squeeze the back of their knee.

19 Waist Line

Ya it works well

20 Below Ribs
21 Neck

After school was over Me and my friend Olivia were in the locker room and we were talking about tickling and I said I was ticklish on my neck, and she has long finger nails so she asked if she could tickle me I said sure. So we're on a bench in the locker room and I'm sitting with my legs straight and she wrapped her legs around me and started tickling me, I tried to get out but she's strong and a big and I just sat there giggling (I'm 5,4 13 years old and she's 14 5,8 taller and bigger than me) she let me tickle her feet so I was happy I both ways (still friends too)

22 Between Toes
23 Palm of the Hand
24 Behind Their Thigh
25 Earlobes
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