Top Ten Wishes You Would Ask a Genie for If You Had Aladdin's Lamp

The trademark "I wish...", if somehow, were guaranteed reality.
The Top Ten
1 Unlimited wishes

If I had unlimited wishes, I would wish for:

1. A pet boa constrictor

2. No homework

3. No detention

4. Shapeshifting powers

5. The ability to blend in with the shadows

6. The ability to talk to snakes

7. Mind reading powers

8. Unlimited money

9. A giant palace-like mansion

10. Teleportation abilities

11. To get candy whenever I want it

12. To be treated like royalty

13. To be class president and rule over my school

14. To change the school mascot to a snake

15. For my mom to let me wear whatever I please

16. For coronavirus to be over

17. For Hogwarts to be a real place and to be the heir of Slytherin

18. To have a phone

19. To be able to go wherever I want, whenever I want without my parents

20. To improve my posture

21. To be prettier

22. To never have depression

23. To not live in fear

24. For Jack Sparrow to be real

25. To travel to the end of the world and beyond

I hate everything about myself and my life so much. I would use this wish to create the life I always wanted and become the person I always wanted. I would then erase the memory of the current life I live now.

2 Make someone fall madly in love with you

I would love for a person that I like to fall madly in love with me.

As long as they love you back, I would love that, especially if you could choose who.

Genuinely in love definitely.

3 Perfect singing voice
4 Identical twin sibling

Kill them and pretend to be dead, then see how people really talk about you.

I think having a twin sibling would be cool! Creative wish!

To look like me wow

5 An increase in size of the earth's radius for accommodating the increasing population

Do that and Earth's gravity will get stronger and stronger until you get to the point you can't get out of bed. But keep it at a reasonable radius and all is well.

I'd prefer another earth like planet as near as the moon really.

I love earth. Wakanda Forever

6 Live in a world of fiction

This would be awesome, just to live in a world where comic book heroes, anime's characters, cartoons was all real life stuff. Mythical creatures roaming the land with dinosaurs and aliens oh my!

How amazing if there is a world where we are the heros and everyone else is in under our control. A world of fantasy where everything is artifficial an more amazing then the real one also the sky, sun etc. Maybe this is and amazing wish ever

I would live in a world that has Bikini Bottom from SpongeBob and also has Rick and Morty and other fictional things as long as my friends and family are there!

7 A lightsaber
8 Become the biggest celebrity ever
9 Economic prosperity for the whole world

Me: I wish for everything to be free.
Genie: Well, it doesn't work that way.
Me: I know, I know, socialism and all that, but what if we changed it so that in order to get the free things you have to work and you would get this credit card that already had an unlimited amount. If you didn't work you wouldn't be able to get things for free. And if you physically/mentally couldn't work you would have to approved of get a 'free credit card' by the government.
Genie: Okay whatever. Your wish is my command.

This would never work because if everyone's rich then no one is poor. Just like no more evil in the world then what is good. Everyone is equally prosperous.

10 Become the most famous person on the internet

I mean why not

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11 Become the prettiest person in the universe
12 Diamonds
13 To meet the love of your life & live with them forever

I would love that, as long as they love you back.

If they loved you too.

14 For you, your friends and your family to be immortal

To live forever with the people you love would be heaven to me!

I love my family and friends and I want to keep it that way.


Even better is if only me and my aunt were immortal when she was younger and I was a 2 year old so she can give me baths and change my diapers forever! :D

15 For all the good movies in the world (already installed in your TV)
16 For all the good books in the world
17 Become the most famous person in the universe

That would suck you would never have any down time and or time to yourself.

18 For your favorite fictional characters to become real

This is one thing I would definitely wish for. There are some fictional characters I love with a passion and I think would make great companions for me. I often wish I could have came up with them myself, but even if they're not my own creations, I wish they could come to life and be my companions. When I think about them, their stories are similar to the movie/T.V. show that they come from, with a few minor differences. I think it would be awesome if they existed in this world too.

It would also be nice if fictional characters that you created yourself could become real, so they existed in this world and not just inside your head.

I would rather be in the fictional world, specifically My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia so that I meet all the characters myself and have my own Quirk. I mainly want to meet Katsuki Bakugou (my personal favourite), Shoto Todoroki, Denki Kaminari, Eijiro Kirishima and Hanta Sero!

19 To eliminate the evil qualities which resides in every person on this planet

Oh wow! I'd so love to have this happen. But seriously, it wouldn't work. Imagine a world of debating where everyone agreed with each other and there were no differences of opinions... Nice idea but impractical.

If the whole world is filled with honest, caring and loving people, it would become a paradise.

If the evil qualities would be something objectively evil and truly the root to all evil.

20 Pollution never existed

I hate anyone and everyone who pollutes our planet, period.

21 Be the most popular at school

I already am so yeah

22 More genies
23 To go back in time and change past mistakes

If only... I myself have done some downright stupid things and all I want is to just go back and fix what I did. Maybe I wouldn't be so guilty all the time then...

I want to do that a lot

Change past mistakes that people will never forget about me for

24 For all the good TV shows in the world (already installed in your TV)
25 No pain or damage to your body ever

Imagine getting crushed by a boulder. You wouldn't feel any pain or be damaged at all, but no one would ever find you and you'd be doomed with almost eternal loneliness.

Said genie would be about 15 years too late on that one.

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